First Of All…

30th January 2009 is indeed one the best day in January 2009 because:

Full updates next Friday because I am tired and it’s 2.40 a.m. now 😀 Goodnight! 😀


11 responses to “First Of All…

  1. the button from where?nampak cam horny jer..haha

  2. ai leng’s panty button. LOL

  3. wads a buttan doing on a panty? O_o

  4. im carson btw =P

  5. Kean Jie: hehehe! tak horny la hahaha 😀 dont fikir benda benda kotor =p

    Ching Yin: hahaha nice answer !! 😀

    ksaboy: a butang on a panty for decoration la hahaha! sexy ma 😀 😀 hahahahahahahaha!! 😀

  6. I have read, and commented, I am…the SIXTH! =P

  7. panty got button wan meh?haha

  8. the fridge is full wif FOODS!!!
    is dat urs? haha

  9. Ee Jane: and u used to be the first … haha 😀

    Kean Jie: got. new fashion ma haha! 😀

    Brian: no leh. its not my frigde XD haha! if its mine i will be fatter than now =p haha 😀

  10. oooh..then i must go check it out..haha lols.

  11. Kean Jie: go go go! 😀

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