I “Love” You =)

Note: Rants ahead.

I love you.

I really, really do.


Do you know something? Do you know how when someone that you hates began to be nice to you and then you decided to give that person a chance to change and then you realized that, that person is still the same old mean person.

Don’t you feel like slapping that person upside down?


Have you ever had a teacher, whom everyone hates that particular teacher so, so much to the extend one of her ex-student wanted to kirim salam to her and ask her bila mau mati and not apa khabar?

Have you ever felt so angry with a teacher that you rather stand for 1 hour for her whole lesson and to even have the guts to walk out of her class and not enter her class at all?

Have you ever been so piss off with a teacher to the extend you dare to show your tulan face to her and roll your eyes in front of her because she is so rude to you?

Have you EVER had a teacher who wanted to FAIL her students in exam? πŸ™‚

Have you ever had a teacher who is never satisfied with everything that you do? Have you ever had a teacher who is so bloody unreasonable to the extend you feel like strangling her?

Have you ever had a teacher whom everyone hates that they don’t even feel bad when they are insulting her? πŸ™‚

6BE/2008, 6AF/2009 and Pikachu, you know who is this particular teacherΒ  :).


This post is about a teacher. A teacher of mine who had pissed off me yesterday and my friends today. Do you know why? This particular teacher, she taught me a certain subject last year for a few months and then, 6 of us transferred to another class [long story] because we really, really hate her and she is the ONLY reason why Pikachu decided to change class.

And so, the 6 of us are happy without her. Yes, life is bloody good without her. This year, she was assigned to my class *shrieks*. And do you know that, the moment our class teacher, Madam Chang announced that she was our subject teacher, the 6 of us groaned and screamed like this:

Madam Chang: And your ___ teacher is Puan ___

Ex-6BE:Β  HAH? *WTF face expression*

Madam Chang: Any problem?

Ex-6BE: No… no… *mumbles, curse and swear*

6BF: Why? What’s wrong with that teacher?!

Ex-6BE: Neh, the teacher that we hate last year ah, she very bla bla bla. REALLY WAN! YOU SEE LA LATER!!

And honestly, at that time, I wished that Pikachu was there so that I can snap down his wtf face expression. So, that teacher entered our class and she was nice, so fine, I went around telling Sin Yee and Wei Qi about her being so bloody polite to us and they both said:

Now is the beginning only~~ Later you see la~ She will tunjuk belang wan~ She where got so good wan~~ Impossible la~

Then I went and tell Kamal about she being nice to us and his respond was:

WTF you are not kidding me? Ah, you’ll see later.*The signature laugh*

-.-”’… And IT’S SO TRUE!!! Bloody bitch.


Last week, she gave us an essay. So I didn’t do it. I can’t do it. I was sick and was on medicine that sends me to sleep and everyone knows that I’m sick because I practically break the silence during assembly with my coughing and flu. So I’m a star for a week. And every single one knows that I’m sick because I have packets of tissues with me and I refuse to shake hand with anyone because I’m sick [hand got germs la from the flu].

And of course, I didn’t do her work. So yesterday, she made us seperate our tables and arrange them like we are having exam and she return the 11 essays that she received and asked them to REDO! You know why redo?! Because she say they write horribly and wanted them to redo.

I’m sure they curse and swear la. Then those who did not pass up, Leong and I, are made to stand for her whole lesson [30 minutes] and bloody hell, in NS I stood for 3 hours straight without water and let me tell you this, 30 minutes of standing is NOTHING to me compared to my 3 hours in NS.

So fine, then I did do the stupid essay [well, Meow, don’t say a word about it] and when I put it on her table, DO YOU KNOW WHAT DID THIS BLOODY BITCH SAID!! She said:

Bila saya bagi kerja hari ini, kamu kena hantar hari ini juga. Sekarang mereka buat pembetulan, you hantar sekarang, you tandalah sendiri. Saya tak akan tanda. *Repeats again* Saya tak akan terima kerja rumah yang dihantar lewat. *Repeats again*Bla bla bla…

I was tulan like anything ok >=( ! Fine, I am wrong for not doing her work, but, let me tell you this, the reason why I am so tulan with her is because she is using her power as a teacher to bully us, the students; or at least, she made me/us felt bullied :).

And oh, let me tell you all how she marks essays :). For example, you conclude your essay this way:

… Sains dan teknologi penting untuk perkembangan sektor pertanian.

Then your friend copied your ending, exactly the same one, like this:

…Sains dan teknologi penting untuk perkembangan sektor pertanian.

And you know what, she marks you wrong and marks your friend correct πŸ˜€ =D What a wonderful teacher.


Today, she gave another work where we must write some 50 words thingy and yes, how long is 50 words?!

So, there are a few friends in the class who shared a piece of paper [they cut it and share la] ’cause they don’t want to waste paper. When they hand in to her, right in front of everyone, she said that she will not accept tiny papers as homeworks and that a lecturer will throw the paper away la bla bla bla

Omg *jumps* you should’ve seen her bloody hell lanci face I tell you!! -.-” Then she made my friends to staple their paper on a new piece of foolscalp paper. And today is the very first time, I saw the two person sittin in front of me looking so bloody pissed off.

And oh well, after she left, you know what happen πŸ™‚

And let me tell you this, Madam Chang might be a teacher that most students do not like, but I personally respected her and liked her a lot because she is a very good teacher whom if you approach her to clear your doubts on any questions, she will answer you happily πŸ™‚

Yes, she may be the most fierce teacher that I’ve ever seen and a teacher that have scolded us the most and worst of all. But still, she doesn’t makes us hate her, in fact, she made me like her a lot :).

And phewww, I feel so much better now after ranting about that bloody teacher! πŸ˜€


21 responses to “I “Love” You =)

  1. You should just tear you home work and throw it at her face.

  2. Ee Jane: i wish i did >=(

  3. Haha… Sam you still have a long way to go~~
    there is much more lc teachers, lecture etc out there.

  4. Haha… Sam you still have a long way to go~~
    there is much more lc teachers, lecture etc out there. Good luck

  5. dis bloody F*** B****** S*** teacher! ask her go die lar!! If i were der,i definitely wil screw her 1st before i walk out! give me 1/20 for essay last year n herself is the one who are not giving the answers for the question,not relevant at all! stupid LCLY useless piece of shyt punya teacher! She use her power to bully?? don forget, our school hierachy Student is higher ranked than teachers! =D always wan to tunjuk lagak! wrong d don1 to admit.she doesn’t deserve to be teacher at all! ask me to stand in the class for a stupid reason.dat’s y i rather walk out than seeing her monkey’s backside face!
    PS: I definitely agree with u,she is worse than pn chang.i don like pn chang,but not hate. dis **** PA teacher i totally HATE her to the max! That’s y i rather face pn chang than her! arrrghhhh!!!

    F******************* her!

  6. i dunno but i think she freaked out wif d fact dat khs hav a bad record of discipline so she is using her power 2 so call scare d students bfor dey dare step on her.. but id say, she needs 2 know wat shes doing bfor she can scare d others.. im suggesting.. tho i discourage: complain 2 other teachers.. it had happen bfore dat a teacher was complained about (relevant complain) n d class was given another teacher. it mite take sum time, n ull hav 2 come up wif a reasonable excuse as 2 y u want another teacher for dat sub… dats if ur willing 2 take d trouble.. all d best.. n hopefully u wont get a worse teacher.. haha XD

  7. This teacher has not teach me before but from what I hear you people complain about her I also got a bit dislike her but I would like to see her in action in order to understand how you people feel.

  8. x pernah aku jumpa this teacher =S

  9. Leon: sigh, hopefully i dont meet anymore lc teachers :-w

    Pikachu: thats why i hope u are in the class la! >=( i freaking hate her i tell u! >=( AND I LOVE UR COMMENT!!! =( !!

    Ee Hahn: i should go to ur class and u come to my class for PA and perhaps i’ll get the joke on why is ur class always laughing during PA !! πŸ˜€

    Kean Jie: then u r lucky and pity us 😦 !

  10. sigh..pity u gotto face her for another year.. we’re so happy when we know our PA teacher changed! AT LEAST better than urs! tried to run from her, mana tau get her back.. sigh x2.. i support writing a compliant letter!!

  11. i have heard something from pikachu abou this teacher, and i can see that she is really irritating and unreasonable!!

  12. Wei Qi: yea pity us la kena face that bloody bitch for one whole year *shrieks*


    To All: Happy Chinese New Year!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ -Hugs!-

  13. gong hei fatt choi!

  14. Ching Yin: Same to you too my dear! πŸ˜€ -Hugs-

  15. samantha~~~Happy CNY…
    hem…regarding to this teacher…I think I know this teacher…she USED TO BE one of the PA teachers i think….or not~~
    anyway….dun give a damn shit about her and just do ur usual face when u’re in her class….ur tulan face la…hahaha…

  16. its okkkk its okkkkkkkk
    show herrr some affectionnnnnnn!!

    then look into a mirror and see a fool!! xD

  17. Ejay: Happy Chinese New Year to you too! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I am so tulan with her that everytime i see her also i feel tulan okay. but im not gonna do anything in her class haha πŸ˜€

    Carson: You show her some affection la haha! πŸ˜€

  18. i dont know her <_<|| maybe next time x)

  19. ksaboy: i’ll be waiting then haha! πŸ˜€

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