The Moments Of 2008

Got this meme from Su Ann 🙂

The Happiest

In National Service, after playing Flying Fox [OMG OMG I JUMPED FROM 20 FEET HIGH!!! *shrieks*] and after speaking in front of the whole class and the whole camp 😀

The Saddest

1) When my whole dorm [except some people of course] misunderstood and began to shout stupid things at me because my bloody asshole ketua dorm.

2) When my teacher said something in class… =|

The Most Afraid

When I saw what I should not see and heard what I should not hear.

The Angriest

When my BLOODY ASSHOLE KETUA DORM spin up the biggest lie ever about the pail and toiletries story! Yes I know it’s bloody bloody ridiculous, like wtfall who wants to fight over pails and toiletries? Oh I do! You know why, because I will not have people using my pail when I’m soaking my clothes!

This is the whole story. After 2 days in NS, I went back for a 5 days holidays of Easter and when I’m back to the camp again, it so happen that they have rules in the dorm. Okay, fine, I’m FINE with rules as long as they are bloody reasonable [like you don’t ban pencils and rulers in a school okay].

So the rule in my dorm is that, all pails, shampoos, body bath, face cleanser stuffs and all MUST be put in the toilet. I went like wtfall, if I put it in the toilet, do you think people will not take and use? 🙂 No, I don’t mean anyone is greedy or what, but it’s just you know la, some people 🙂

So I refused, I only put my water scooper and pail in the toilet and I chuck in the rest of my stuffs into my locker [THAT’S THE USE OF A LOCKER!]. This bloody asshole ketua dorm asked me why I did not put my toiletries in the toilet. I stared at her and told her that I don’t like it. And the most wtfall thing was she asked me why I did not put my soap powder in the toilet and I told her straight that people might take and use.

Then YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID?! She went around telling the whole dorm and practically the whole camp that I was so bloody protective of my stuffs that I am so afraid that people will steal them, like wtfall. Yes, I am afraid of people taking my things but you must remember, shampoos and all are NOT CHEAP.

So about the pail. Constantly I put my bra and all in the pail to indicate DO NOT USE MY PAIL. Because I don’t bloody like people using my stuffs without permission [unless you are the best friend of course!] and I don’t like finding my bra and all in someone clothes dirty water >=( .

This bloody asshole told me that it’s teacher’s instruction so I was like oh okay. Then I didn’t bother her until I went and ask teacher and teacher said NO SUCH THING!! I confronted her again and she say the other teams tak faham bahasa and all those kind of shit and began to ignore me. In one meeting, I brought up the topic and bloody hell, she spin up a story again, like this:

Sam, saya tak cakap tak boleh letak bawah katil. Saya orang yang kemas dan tak suka tengok baldi-baldi di bawah katil. Saya tak kata kompeni [team] lain tak faham bahasa. Apalah awak ni Sam, kenapa awak asyik nak reka cerita tentang saya? Kenapa you tak suka saya sangat?? Apa yang saya telah buat terhadap awak?

AND SHE PRETENDS TO WEEP!! WTFALL, bloody asshole hypocrite.

The Most Thankfully Surprised

When people actually clap for me after the speech =O

The Most Tulan (Annoyed)

Well… I would prefer to not mention this as I am going to write about the people that I’m seeing everyday. There are three events actually. I’ll mention next year or end of this year after STPM, promise 🙂

The Most Regretted

When that guy that he was a nice guy and turns up to be one of the most bloody annoying guy ever.

The Most Stressed

The day before SPM results!! And no questions!!!

The Most Self-Satisfied

When Aliff a.k.a. Mr. Latex thinks that I’m innocent *Halo appears* 😀 And of course, miss calling Ee Hahn and Wei Qi during class and watch them jump ’cause they are asleep!! Hahahahahahahaha! 😀 😀

The Most Embarassing

The event in the canteen with Kamal -____- No, I bet he don’t remember it -_____- !! It’s like this, I was eating and Kamal came over, pestering me about my SPM results and then:

Kamal: Sam, do you think I’m handsome *muka tembok*

Me: -.-”’ Err, okay I think :)… *Stay awayyyy!! -.-”’*

Kamal: Eh tell la what you got for SPM? I got __A’s and how about you? Eh tell la don’t la so bad. Bla bla bla… Eh, am I handsome? *Muka prasan*

Me: *Wtfall* No, you are not handsome.

Kamal: Apa? You say what?

Me: I mean *blush* I think you are ok! BUT I THINK I’M PRETTIER?! =D

Next table: *Stares*



The Most Shocked

My first day of school in KHS. Heellllllloooooo! When you walk in the gate you see prefects with handphones?!

The Most Confused

The love thingy at Sepang. Till now, I still would like to know the actual answer!! =(

The Most Excited

The day I pranked everyone about the Head Prefect thingy :D…

Ok. I tag:

a) Ee Jane

b) Ching Yin


d) Kean Jie

e) Ee Hahn

f) Everyone! 😀


To all January Babies:

a) Chui San

b) Helen

c) Lester

Happy Birthday!! 🙂 ❤


15 responses to “The Moments Of 2008

  1. Today miraculously….I can see every picture from the top to the bottom!!!

    And…wow, I’m tagged 0.o

    P/s = Luckily I do not know anyone like the girl you mention made you angry =P

  2. Ee Jane: good for u! 😀 eh i see u’ve regain ur throne of commenting as the 1st one 😀 haha 😀 YES U R TAGGED!! 😀

  3. Ha! I’ll remind u (if i rmbr which i usually don’t) to post de most tulan next year ;P de 3 fella u mentioned?
    wah.. dat ketua dorm.. how she survive in dis world??

  4. Wei Qi: you should know some of the fellas la haha 😀 aiya, by end of this year your head will be crammed with chemistry stuffs =p that bloody asshole is a freak, if i ever see her again i’ll just act dumb! 😀 haha

  5. I’m interested in the most afraid what you see and what you hear? can blog more?? hmmmm.
    your ketua haizzz… playing with power? lol
    or i guess she is to free find things to do. XD

  6. !@#$@%^&* your ketua dorm. such a bitch -.-
    btw, i am quite curious about THE MOST TULAN one.

    interesting tag but i’ll do it right after my exam ends. it’s not the right time for me to do it now =S sorry! teeeheee.

  7. err.. i dun think i fit in2 d bd baby category animore.. heck, my age doesnt even hav d word ‘teen’ (as in nineteen etc) in it animore!!! *slaps my forehead* i guess my real age is catching up 2 my nick fast… but den again.. u ppls r not 2 far behind… hehe

  8. n oh! whoa.. ur ketua is so anoying. if i were u i would hav publicly humiliated her den n dere.. ok not den n dere… i usually wait 4 d right moments 4 revenge.. bwahahahahahaha… so did u get back at her or juz keep it at heart?

  9. revenge? sam kan innocent.. one who forget and forgives? *halo reappears* x)

    nahhhh!! justtt kidding >=P

  10. Leon: will tell u when i see u on MSN 🙂 but i thought i’ve told you already 😀 my ketua dorm is a bloody asshole :-w

    Ching Yin: if she isnt a bitch, no one else is!!! >=( abt the most tulan 1, will tell u 1st when i meet u *since we r meetin up really soon 🙂 !* and yes! do the tag after ur exam! all the best for ur exam! *hopefully its not too late :)* !

    Helen: alahhhhh dont la mention age 😦 😦 nah, im forever 16 😀 😀 😀 hahaha 😀

    i DID get back at her later on cause it happens that there was a case again where this time she claimed that she told everyone the news and everyone said that they didn’t even saw her and i tembak her kau kau la 😀 haha! 😀

    Carson: i am memang innocent! 😀 😀 hahaha! 😀

  11. SAM!! haha… if i were u, ur ketua dorm wouldn’t have lived till today… =D she will get all the *&!(*&*^!&^!*&# from me.. hahhaha!!

  12. Pikachu: i hope u r there then :-w :-w !!

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