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First Of All…

30th January 2009 is indeed one the best day in January 2009 because:

Full updates next Friday because I am tired and it’s 2.40 a.m. now πŸ˜€ Goodnight! πŸ˜€


I “Love” You =)

Note: Rants ahead.

I love you.

I really, really do.


Do you know something? Do you know how when someone that you hates began to be nice to you and then you decided to give that person a chance to change and then you realized that, that person is still the same old mean person.

Don’t you feel like slapping that person upside down?


Have you ever had a teacher, whom everyone hates that particular teacher so, so much to the extend one of her ex-student wanted to kirim salam to her and ask her bila mau mati and not apa khabar?

Have you ever felt so angry with a teacher that you rather stand for 1 hour for her whole lesson and to even have the guts to walk out of her class and not enter her class at all?

Have you ever been so piss off with a teacher to the extend you dare to show your tulan face to her and roll your eyes in front of her because she is so rude to you?

Have you EVER had a teacher who wanted to FAIL her students in exam? πŸ™‚

Have you ever had a teacher who is never satisfied with everything that you do? Have you ever had a teacher who is so bloody unreasonable to the extend you feel like strangling her?

Have you ever had a teacher whom everyone hates that they don’t even feel bad when they are insulting her? πŸ™‚

6BE/2008, 6AF/2009 and Pikachu, you know who is this particular teacherΒ  :).


This post is about a teacher. A teacher of mine who had pissed off me yesterday and my friends today. Do you know why? This particular teacher, she taught me a certain subject last year for a few months and then, 6 of us transferred to another class [long story] because we really, really hate her and she is the ONLY reason why Pikachu decided to change class.

And so, the 6 of us are happy without her. Yes, life is bloody good without her. This year, she was assigned to my class *shrieks*. And do you know that, the moment our class teacher, Madam Chang announced that she was our subject teacher, the 6 of us groaned and screamed like this:

Madam Chang: And your ___ teacher is Puan ___

Ex-6BE:Β  HAH? *WTF face expression*

Madam Chang: Any problem?

Ex-6BE: No… no… *mumbles, curse and swear*

6BF: Why? What’s wrong with that teacher?!

Ex-6BE: Neh, the teacher that we hate last year ah, she very bla bla bla. REALLY WAN! YOU SEE LA LATER!!

And honestly, at that time, I wished that Pikachu was there so that I can snap down his wtf face expression. So, that teacher entered our class and she was nice, so fine, I went around telling Sin Yee and Wei Qi about her being so bloody polite to us and they both said:

Now is the beginning only~~ Later you see la~ She will tunjuk belang wan~ She where got so good wan~~ Impossible la~

Then I went and tell Kamal about she being nice to us and his respond was:

WTF you are not kidding me? Ah, you’ll see later.*The signature laugh*

-.-”’… And IT’S SO TRUE!!! Bloody bitch.


Last week, she gave us an essay. So I didn’t do it. I can’t do it. I was sick and was on medicine that sends me to sleep and everyone knows that I’m sick because I practically break the silence during assembly with my coughing and flu. So I’m a star for a week. And every single one knows that I’m sick because I have packets of tissues with me and I refuse to shake hand with anyone because I’m sick [hand got germs la from the flu].

And of course, I didn’t do her work. So yesterday, she made us seperate our tables and arrange them like we are having exam and she return the 11 essays that she received and asked them to REDO! You know why redo?! Because she say they write horribly and wanted them to redo.

I’m sure they curse and swear la. Then those who did not pass up, Leong and I, are made to stand for her whole lesson [30 minutes] and bloody hell, in NS I stood for 3 hours straight without water and let me tell you this, 30 minutes of standing is NOTHING to me compared to my 3 hours in NS.

So fine, then I did do the stupid essay [well, Meow, don’t say a word about it] and when I put it on her table, DO YOU KNOW WHAT DID THIS BLOODY BITCH SAID!! She said:

Bila saya bagi kerja hari ini, kamu kena hantar hari ini juga. Sekarang mereka buat pembetulan, you hantar sekarang, you tandalah sendiri. Saya tak akan tanda. *Repeats again* Saya tak akan terima kerja rumah yang dihantar lewat. *Repeats again*Bla bla bla…

I was tulan like anything ok >=( ! Fine, I am wrong for not doing her work, but, let me tell you this, the reason why I am so tulan with her is because she is using her power as a teacher to bully us, the students; or at least, she made me/us felt bullied :).

And oh, let me tell you all how she marks essays :). For example, you conclude your essay this way:

… Sains dan teknologi penting untuk perkembangan sektor pertanian.

Then your friend copied your ending, exactly the same one, like this:

…Sains dan teknologi penting untuk perkembangan sektor pertanian.

And you know what, she marks you wrong and marks your friend correct πŸ˜€ =D What a wonderful teacher.


Today, she gave another work where we must write some 50 words thingy and yes, how long is 50 words?!

So, there are a few friends in the class who shared a piece of paper [they cut it and share la] ’cause they don’t want to waste paper. When they hand in to her, right in front of everyone, she said that she will not accept tiny papers as homeworks and that a lecturer will throw the paper away la bla bla bla

Omg *jumps* you should’ve seen her bloody hell lanci face I tell you!! -.-” Then she made my friends to staple their paper on a new piece of foolscalp paper. And today is the very first time, I saw the two person sittin in front of me looking so bloody pissed off.

And oh well, after she left, you know what happen πŸ™‚

And let me tell you this, Madam Chang might be a teacher that most students do not like, but I personally respected her and liked her a lot because she is a very good teacher whom if you approach her to clear your doubts on any questions, she will answer you happily πŸ™‚

Yes, she may be the most fierce teacher that I’ve ever seen and a teacher that have scolded us the most and worst of all. But still, she doesn’t makes us hate her, in fact, she made me like her a lot :).

And phewww, I feel so much better now after ranting about that bloody teacher! πŸ˜€

The First 2 Weeks Of School

As promised, this photo will be the first photo on this post πŸ˜€

School has been great. And many people are back to Form 6 [Hurray!] except Bob, Jason and Janaki who left for college πŸ™‚ Don’t worry, we still miss you all! ❀

And do you know what do I hate the most about KHS?! I hate the assembly!! Because believe me, the male teachers talks longer than the female teachers!! *shrieks* And all they talk about is discipline [I am a model student hahahahahahahahahahaha ] And the funniest sentence that one of the discipline teacher mentioned during assembly was:

Bla bla bla...High School ada peraturan dan undang-undang…bla bla bla

And oh, he forgot to add in, tetapi tidak diamalkan.


Sigh, okay la, I’m actually sick now [and still want to blog], so… I’ll put up pictures and write something about the first 2 weeks of school @.@ Sorry if it’s boring ’cause my brain is jammed up now and I got school tomorrowwwww!! 😦 😦 !

This is Kamal the vain pot/P.L.A.N. Kamal is actually desperate for a partner, so he decided to ask the magic mirror:

Mirror mirror on my hand, tell me who is my soulmate for life.

And… he is a gay [Proven πŸ™‚ ]

And a vain pot [Q.E.D.]

This is Nils and Sage [I have no idea why he looks like one drunk fellow but rest assure he don’t looks like that in reality]. Nils is an exchange student from Belgium πŸ™‚ [Ee Hahn says: Told you come to Bio!]

This is the view from my class now. The building is my old class last year… No more taking a slow stroll to the toilet now 😦

The point of this photo is for Meow. Because Meow is finally taller than Kamal the vain pot. And Sin Yee! Why are you closing your eyes!!

Let me tell you all! This guy is from Ee Hahn’s class and he is a Mathematics book detector!! You know why! When he sees any Maths book lying around, he will pick them up and start reading them!!!

Back to school = Back to mumbo jumbo equations.

Tiam Foo says …

And he dances πŸ™‚ But refuse to let me record 😦

Student C and Madam C [Shhh! We all know why :D]

Read number 1. This is some paper that they gave us about Sekolah Selamat. This is bloody ridiculous! I mean, why would I even come to school with kenderaan yang tidak selamat!! You know what, I won’t sit a car to school with the boot on fire one you know.

HAHAHAHA! OMG this is my first time seeing my best friend being so attentive in class when most of the time I see him, he practically has that boring look on his face. Now, applause :D.

Ala, the one and only prefect in the 2 Physics class πŸ˜€


Guess whose hand is that πŸ˜€

Nithia and Ai Wei. Ai Wei is a new student in our class πŸ™‚ !


Let me tell you all a story, I borrow one ofΒ  my homework from Sin Yee and copied and bragged to this best friend who was nickname Mr. FFK and he replied like this:

Then I told him that I will charge him RM50 per nanometer he copies so that I can have enough money to eat Sushi King.

So I decided to be nice to him and told him that I was just joking [and I am memang joking wan la ok =p ]

Okay, Mr. FFK is not much of a hardworking student anyway =p


And okay, I’m feeling a bit sick-ish now, so bye bye! Sorry for the short and lousy post @.@

The Moments Of 2008

Got this meme from Su Ann πŸ™‚

The Happiest

In National Service, after playing Flying Fox [OMG OMG I JUMPED FROM 20 FEET HIGH!!! *shrieks*] and after speaking in front of the whole class and the whole camp πŸ˜€

The Saddest

1) When my whole dorm [except some people of course] misunderstood and began to shout stupid things at me because my bloody asshole ketua dorm.

2) When my teacher said something in class… =|

The Most Afraid

When I saw what I should not see and heard what I should not hear.

The Angriest

When my BLOODY ASSHOLE KETUA DORM spin up the biggest lie ever about the pail and toiletries story! Yes I know it’s bloody bloody ridiculous, like wtfall who wants to fight over pails and toiletries? Oh I do! You know why, because I will not have people using my pail when I’m soaking my clothes!

This is the whole story. After 2 days in NS, I went back for a 5 days holidays of Easter and when I’m back to the camp again, it so happen that they have rules in the dorm. Okay, fine, I’m FINE with rules as long as they are bloody reasonable [like you don’t ban pencils and rulers in a school okay].

So the rule in my dorm is that, all pails, shampoos, body bath, face cleanser stuffs and all MUST be put in the toilet. I went like wtfall, if I put it in the toilet, do you think people will not take and use? πŸ™‚ No, I don’t mean anyone is greedy or what, but it’s just you know la, some people πŸ™‚

So I refused, I only put my water scooper and pail in the toilet and I chuck in the rest of my stuffs into my locker [THAT’S THE USE OF A LOCKER!]. This bloody asshole ketua dorm asked me why I did not put my toiletries in the toilet. I stared at her and told her that I don’t like it. And the most wtfall thing was she asked me why I did not put my soap powder in the toilet and I told her straight that people might take and use.

Then YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID?! She went around telling the whole dorm and practically the whole camp that I was so bloody protective of my stuffs that I am so afraid that people will steal them, like wtfall. Yes, I am afraid of people taking my things but you must remember, shampoos and all are NOT CHEAP.

So about the pail. Constantly I put my bra and all in the pail to indicate DO NOT USE MY PAIL. Because I don’t bloody like people using my stuffs without permission [unless you are the best friend of course!] and I don’t like finding my bra and all in someone clothes dirty water >=( .

This bloody asshole told me that it’s teacher’s instruction so I was like oh okay. Then I didn’t bother her until I went and ask teacher and teacher said NO SUCH THING!! I confronted her again and she say the other teams tak faham bahasa and all those kind of shit and began to ignore me. In one meeting, I brought up the topic and bloody hell, she spin up a story again, like this:

Sam, saya tak cakap tak boleh letak bawah katil. Saya orang yang kemas dan tak suka tengok baldi-baldi di bawah katil. Saya tak kata kompeni [team] lain tak faham bahasa. Apalah awak ni Sam, kenapa awak asyik nak reka cerita tentang saya? Kenapa you tak suka saya sangat?? Apa yang saya telah buat terhadap awak?

AND SHE PRETENDS TO WEEP!! WTFALL, bloody asshole hypocrite.

The Most Thankfully Surprised

When people actually clap for me after the speech =O

The Most Tulan (Annoyed)

Well… I would prefer to not mention this as I am going to write about the people that I’m seeing everyday. There are three events actually. I’ll mention next year or end of this year after STPM, promise πŸ™‚

The Most Regretted

When that guy that he was a nice guy and turns up to be one of the most bloody annoying guy ever.

The Most Stressed

The day before SPM results!! And no questions!!!

The Most Self-Satisfied

When Aliff a.k.a. Mr. Latex thinks that I’m innocent *Halo appears* πŸ˜€ And of course, miss calling Ee Hahn and Wei Qi during class and watch them jump ’cause they are asleep!! Hahahahahahahaha! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

The Most Embarassing

The event in the canteen with Kamal -____- No, I bet he don’t remember it -_____- !! It’s like this, I was eating and Kamal came over, pestering me about my SPM results and then:

Kamal: Sam, do you think I’m handsome *muka tembok*

Me: -.-”’ Err, okay I think :)… *Stay awayyyy!! -.-”’*

Kamal: Eh tell la what you got for SPM? I got __A’s and how about you? Eh tell la don’t la so bad. Bla bla bla… Eh, am I handsome? *Muka prasan*

Me: *Wtfall* No, you are not handsome.

Kamal: Apa? You say what?

Me: I mean *blush* I think you are ok! BUT I THINK I’M PRETTIER?! =D

Next table: *Stares*



The Most Shocked

My first day of school in KHS. Heellllllloooooo! When you walk in the gate you see prefects with handphones?!

The Most Confused

The love thingy at Sepang. Till now, I still would like to know the actual answer!! =(

The Most Excited

The day I pranked everyone about the Head Prefect thingy :D…

Ok. I tag:

a) Ee Jane

b) Ching Yin


d) Kean Jie

e) Ee Hahn

f) Everyone! πŸ˜€


To all January Babies:

a) Chui San

b) Helen

c) Lester

Happy Birthday!! πŸ™‚ ❀

The Greatest Experience Part 2

This is a continuation from here.Β  As I’ve said, National Service has been one of the greatest experience that I ever had because of many events that happen in my life in just 3 months time in camp and often, it made me wonder, on how and why I DID NOT actually realized the most important person in my life.

But now, I could just… thank God that I do πŸ™‚ ! Because I realized who do I talk about all the time in camp, who is the one whom I miss the most, the one whom I first think of when I broke down and cried because I was so sad and most of all, the friends whom I have been thinking about. It amazed and surprised me in so many way on how, some friends that I wasn’t even close to or used to be close to, came into my mind :).


The question that was commonly asked to me after knowing that I went for National Service was, “OH! How was it?!” And my answer is and will always be:

Great. It was one of the greatest experience in my whole lifetime. No doubt! I would encourage you to go for it if you are selected!

And NO, the answer of mine was not out of hypocrisy, in fact it is from my heart. I kept a diary when I was in camp for 3 months and I wrote down the every single day activities and happenings of my life. I just read it back a few days ago and haha, I was laughing and at some point, I could feel my anger building up again [and will elaborate more later πŸ™‚ promise!].

I promised my close friends to allow them to read it [in front of me that is] before I left for National Service and none of them have actually read it now. And now, do sit back and enjoy reading this post about my life in National Service for 3 months.

The blue pen ink stain.


So what exactly do we do in camp? I know what’s on your mind! This one:

Yes, we have marching. But to be very honest, I’ve only marched as much as twice or thrice. Haha! Except for those who are selected for the inter-company marching competition of course :D.

In National Service, we attend classes. Specifically, Character BuildingΒ  [CB Class] classes and Kenegaraan [what do you call them in English?!] [KN Class]. I prefer Character Building over Kenegaraan anytime.

A teacher on a student’s lap πŸ™‚

In CB class, they taught us about ourselves and the people around us. They taught us how to bring out the best in ourselves and the best in others. In this class, you will find another side of yourself. This is when you realized that, what would you do when you do not have your family, friends and the people whom you know with you.

And most of all, it has brought out the best in ME and I have yet to bring out the best in others :), could someone just tell me if I did?

Cikgu Chong with Yee Ling and I.

In CB class, we have around 30+ students [depending on the number of people in the camp] and in the class, we are separated into a few groups. And every day, we will select a new leader for the group, so that each and everyone of us will have a chance to speak up in class.

And not only that, if you refuse to speak up, they will make sure that YOU DO :D. Haha! And I was one of them. It’s not that I don’t want to speak up la, but I actually had phobia of speaking in front people whom I do not know! I’m also afraid of saying stupid things you know.

I still remember the very first time I was called out in class by Cikgu Shah 1 in CB 4 to express my opinion about the class. I was so shock that I took a more than 30 seconds to stand up. When I was at the front, I was so nervous. I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY!!! *Shrieks!*

My first favourite teacher, Cikgu Shah 1 and I on the last day of CB 4Β  πŸ˜€

Finally, I said whatever that came to my mind and I was expecting people to giggle and all [boring faces and yawns?], but surprisingly, they all clapped their hands and I was even told that I can speak very, very well! πŸ˜€ Hahaha!

So, what I’ve learnt from it is that, things are not as bad as it seems sometimes :).


Do you know how in school where you are trying to explain yourself and your teacher just cut you off and will not let you say a single word anymore? Do you know how does that feels? And NO, I’m not kidding about this, but it has happened to me before.

When I was in Convent, I was not given a chance to speak up, to participate in any or whatever freaking competitions [Uhh have I?! Other than the Maths Quiz and the water rocket thingy?] and I was always shut down in Convent and I was ALWAYS the WRONG one :).

I didn’t know what are my abilities until I went for National Service. And NO, I’m not kidding you :).

In camp, we are taught to stand up for ourself, to be firm on what we believe and most of all, knowing when to be deaf to opinions. At least in camp, I know that I was not shut down and most of all, the teachers there showed us that each and everyone of us can speak up and have showed us the hidden talent in everyone of us :).

Saiful and I, emcee of the Malam Citra Puisi.


As for Kenegaraan class, I won’t be writing about it too much as I don’t really like it =\. In fact, it’s really, reallyyyyyyyyy boringggg! -_____- The only fun part is the community service and it was a sad thing that we did not have the chance to visit the old folks home 😦 Sigh!

But, the best thing is that they brought us to the Sepang International Circuit [SIC][I’ve never been there before haha!], Jabatan Pertahanan and all, ok, don’t remember so much! =| But it was not too bad la overall :D.

L-R: Vinnie, Choo Sien, Me, Even

That’s us at SIC and do you know how much are the seats that we are sitting on! They cost RM500 per day for a seat!!! And I feel so lucky because I can sit on this RM500 per day seat for free hahaha! Somemore that day got this don’t know what motorbike performance, not bad .

Behind us was actually the rooms where VIP-s sit and watch the whole performance for RM1000Β  per day -.-”’ Tell you what, I would rather watch it on my black and white TV and use the RM1000 for shopping and I can buy at least 2 Guess handbags ok!


This is Putrajaya πŸ™‚ ! I didn’t know that Putrajaya was that beautiful! Haha! They brought us to Putrajaya to watch this rakit competition which was REALLY boring but heck, the place is nice and we can chit chat and get free cakes somemore, so we don’t really mind the boredom and KENNETH KUAN, MAY I KNOW WHY ARE YOU SITTING SO FAR AWAY FROM ME!

After my dreading darurat I wanna come here and take photos! Ee Jane, Ai Leng, Ching Yin and Porkie! MAKE TIME FOR IT!!

The cream colour one is nice.


We went camping too and I tried to help them to set up the tents but in the end they realized that I couldn’t set up a tent because I have NEVER went camping before and all of them had [Hahahahaha! I told you I avoided camps my whole life!!] and in the end, they appointed me as the AJK Makanan & Minuman and to snap photos =| Well, that’sΒ  much better I tell you haha! πŸ˜€

No, I don’t know anything about camping so don’t ask me =|.

But I helped to make lemang! It was my first time and it’s fun actually haha! πŸ˜€


Nasi pulut, santan milk.

Close up of the nasi pulut πŸ˜€

Cooking the lemang.

Ta-daaaaa! πŸ˜€ Lemang = BEST!

I like this picture a lot! πŸ™‚ Taken by Michael Mok! πŸ˜€

I NEVER like camping and had never went for one as well and avoided it as much as I could. I hated camping!! =| You know why, because WHY SLEEP OUTDOORS WHEN YOU HAVE A SOFT BED INDOORS!!! >=(

And so, I kept on telling myself that I’m going to have backache, neck-ache and all when I woke up after sleeping in the tent and it turns up to be the other way round! πŸ™‚ I feel more refreshed instead haha! πŸ˜€ Sleeping outdoors was a whole new experience but still, I prefer sleeping on my bed =p.


In camp, we have 4 teams, the A [Alpha], B [Bravo], C [Charlie] and D [Delta] team. I was in the Delta team and you see, even in camp I love Add Maths!! πŸ˜€ And for each team, we have our own motto, tepuk-tepuk sorakan [the best one of all!] and our very own flag to represent our team identity. And mind you, if you ever lost your team’s flag [misplacing the flag], you will definitely need to be very well prepared for the consequences.

The Alpha flag with the name Bahtera πŸ™‚

Bravo’s flag with the name Kesatria πŸ™‚ I love their flag the most of all! You should see when they are doing the presentation and the audience just WOW-ed the whole time πŸ™‚ They won the first place for the presentation anyway and they totally deserved it! πŸ™‚

Charlie’s team flag with the name Kesatria as well! Haha πŸ˜€

Delta’s flag with the name Sembilu. And it’s ugly. Yes it’s so ugly and don’t come and tell me that it’s nice. I know it’s my team’s flag but what the heck, it’s still ugly! -.-” And later on someone told me that Sembilu means dalam kesakitan like what the fall la wei -.-”’

Well, whoever idea was that of course :).

You will not like to see this situation. A flag missing simply means that a team is late or they lost their flag =|…

The pangkat-s emblem that the trainees with such rank have to wear on their shoulders and it means, the more lines you have on your emblem, the heavier is the responsiblity on your shoulder πŸ™‚ Rankings in the camp among the trainees:

Rank 1: Penghulu, Penghuluwati [Something like Head Prefect la]

Rank 2: Penolong Penghulu, Penolong Penghuluwati

Rank 3: IC Kompeni [Team Leader]

Rank 4: Penolong IC Kompeni

Rank 5: Ketua Dorm [Without an emblem πŸ™‚ ]


We are also given a chance to join the RMAF Marathon Run and it was fun though I was running alone. NOOOOOO, actually I was with my friends and then there are too many people and then I walked too fast and was talking as well so I didn’t notice what’s going on la you know.

I only know that I’ve lost my friends when people are looking at me wondering why am I talking to myself while laughing -.-”’ So, now you know why my blog’s theme is Syiok Sendiri, because I happen to be just like that.

The starting point before I lost my friends =|.

After I err… lost them =|… And oh! We are running along the aircraft track by the way! πŸ™‚

So all the way I ran without my friends and I kept on walking/running while snapping photos [everyone was looking at me ’cause I still have time and mood for photos] and looking for people whom I know. And I met Kenneth the best friend and in the end I think either he ran faster than me or vice versa, don’t remember la =|

I tell you what, I was soooo excited when I saw the Mid Valley City signboard, I was thinking about running towards Mid Valley to walk around and then take the KTM home and… okay I’m just kidding :D…

BUT I JUST WISHED THAT I COULD SEE MID VALLEY!! =| And I know Kenneth loves Mid Valley cause he stays 5 minutes away from Mid Valley HAHAHA! πŸ˜€

Sponges, plastic bottles, paper cups.

WHEN I SAW THIS SIGN, I ALMOST FAINTED I TELL YOU! Because I remember that I heard that my category run was 10 km and when I saw this sign, I went like what the fall, 18 km!! Only to realize that it’s for another category =|

And I got number 113 out of thousands of participants in my category πŸ™‚ ! My friends whom I’ve lost reached 30 minutes later =p

MY MEDAL!!! Only top 225 get okay! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ !!! And it’s my first marathon run in my whole life!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ !!!

My precioussssssss! πŸ˜€


We are given a chance to vote in the camp pilihan raya as well πŸ˜€ Trust me, it was fun and exciting! πŸ™‚ Haha! They put up a show everywhere with this orang gila [Seri!!] walking around, chasing after teachers [Oh goodness, anyone saw Cikgu Pet, Cikgu OUUTT and Cikgu Shah 1 running away! Hahaha!], gangsters and all, it was FUN! πŸ™‚



GAYS! πŸ˜€ Hahaha! πŸ˜€


The first time I saw this banner I was actually screaming in my heart! LOOK AT THE WORD PUISI!!! I was just like oh my gawd, PUISI?! KOMSAS? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!*Bawls* I’m here for a holiday vacation, not another shitty komsas session -_________-!!!

This is what everyone is doing when they have ceramah in the hall and the day where people actually recite puisi, sajak etc. It’s boring la ok. Sorry if this offended anyone of you =|.

But then, this puisi thingy that we expected to be shit boring turns up to be bloody hell of fun! πŸ˜€ You see, we are all seperated into groups and I ran out of my group to join the urus setia so that I don’t need to recite any puisi haha! πŸ˜€

Kenneth Kuan who is busy designing cards :). That’s how Kenneth and I started talking actually πŸ˜€ And he is the only friend whom I speak English to after Benjamin, Alloysius and Dinesh left :(.

His artwork :).

Kenneth and his masterpiece πŸ˜€

Close up of his masterpiece πŸ˜€

The 2nd masterpiece πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ !

We have the Malam Citra Puisi event in conjuction of this puisi-puisi thingy and the thing is, THIS EVENT IS FUN AND GREAT! The trainees were trained to perform the sajak πŸ™‚ And most of all, it shows the talent of many in acting, reciting sajak/puisi and the talent of all to work together and to make it happen πŸ™‚

Salim reciting the puisi/sajak πŸ™‚

Yin Lin during a practice. Yin Lin is a very beautiful and intelligent girl πŸ™‚ and probably one of the nicest and friendliest girl I’ve ever known πŸ˜€

Gays! πŸ˜€

Saiful and I as the emcee πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ It’s my first time as well haha! πŸ˜€

Some of my best friends: Li Mei, Yin Lin, Sook Yee [Bao Bei!! :D] and I πŸ˜€

Fiza, one of my best friend as well and I πŸ˜€

Shu Ping [Shopping] with her cute head band πŸ˜€ And she is SUPER SKINNY, yes skinnier than Ching Yin!!

3 of my favourite teachers who turned up that day: Cikgu Shawn, Cikgu Shah 1 and Cikgu Shah 2 and they are all not older than 25 years old πŸ˜€

Overall, it was a great and interesting event and it was not boring at all πŸ™‚ :D.


Let me tell you what we dread the most, we dread marching and having our handphones collected back =| Every Saturday 5 pm, we are given back our handphone and the following day, at 9 pm, we have to hand in our phone =|

Yana, my team IC collecting the handphones.

Last minute phone calls. Still got 2 minutes to 9 pm what!

The handphones in the box. Can anyone spot my handphone strap?! No, NOT the blue colour Mickey Mouse one πŸ˜€


They bring us to church and the temple every week according to your religion and one Wesak day, I went to the temple together with some other Christians because, there is food and our friends are going along, so why not πŸ˜€

The vegetarian food at the temple πŸ˜€ I love! ❀ πŸ˜€

The Buddhist and some sesat-ed Christians πŸ˜€

When we first reach the temple, they gave all of us colok and air bunga, Jessamine and I [two of the sesat-ed Christians] told them that we’ve already put the colok and taken the air bunga we are Christians =| and proceed to run away so that no one come thrusting yellow strings, colok-s and air bunga into our hands =|

We are very much relieved when CD told the person in charge that we are Christians -_- Aiyo, say la earlier then we don’t need to keep on rejecting their gifts =| We don’t mean it ah, sorry =|

The secret that we will keep for life :)…


Now, some random photos with my friends and my camp πŸ˜€

This is Benjamin and I. Benjamin is one of the straight A’s scorer for SPM in our camp and he is a really lucky guy!! Let me tell you why! He was selected for JPA scholarship, UPU and even got the offer for matriculation! Sigh, he reminds me of Zaharah who was selected for everything as well [WOMAN! I HATE YOU!! 😦 ]

I just wish that… we had more conversations.

The decoration on our dorm wall πŸ˜€

Ice-cream on a hot sunny day πŸ™‚

Fiza’s hand and the can of Coca-cola with Cikgu Pet at the back πŸ˜€ Haha! Perfect! πŸ™‚

Cikgu Pet [another favourite teacher of mine! :D] and I after canoeing :D.

Jessamine and I πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

Jessamine, my first friend from Bintulu, Sarawak πŸ™‚ I will never forget how you phone me when I was writing my diary because you left your towel in the dorm haha! πŸ˜€

Morning jog πŸ˜€

The Tesco πŸ˜€ Haha, no la, koperasi but we all call it Tesco πŸ˜€

Dinner/Lunch!! πŸ˜€ Ayam masak merah, nasi tomato, acar, oranges! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ! Best food ever!!! πŸ˜€

When you have nothing better to do πŸ˜€

My dorm mates and I πŸ˜€ And till today, when I read back my diary, I can still feel some anger [as mentioned earlier on] because I remember how this story spinner in the dorm spins up so many stories about my friends and myself and how she spins so many stories in order to gain sympathy from teachers [Oh for heaven sake!] and how she fatt hau in front of the guys *pukes* and yea, no one likes her.

This is Roza! πŸ˜€ She is a really sweet girl with an amazing voice! πŸ™‚ She is extremely polite as well. Trust me, even when she’s angry, she’ll never shout at that person but to discuss the problem in a nice way that you simply cannot be angry with her at all! πŸ™‚

Lapangan sasar πŸ˜€ !

So, that’s all about my National Service experience! πŸ˜€ I hope you all didn’t fall asleep la *.* =D

National Service is indeed and has been one in a lifetime experience for me :), therefore, go with an open heart and mind and be sure to enjoy it πŸ™‚ :D.


And this part of the post, is about the Christmas Eve meeting with my friends and we exchanged presents. You know what, we exchange presents by picking numbers and Ai Leng and I tertukar hadiah. Haiyo Ah Lui, see la, after cerai already only got FATE haha! πŸ˜€

Ai Leng and I wrapped each other present in the car in front of each other =|

Thank you Ai Leng for the lovely photo frame, I will definitely make good use of it by putting my prettiest photo πŸ˜€

And Meow, this is what I got πŸ˜€


Ah Lui, this part of the post is for you! πŸ˜€ Since your new Ah Pa is Porkie, therefore, you MIGHT have a little bit of his characteristics =|.

Actually Porkie’s real name is Carson. The name Porkie was given by Ee Jane I think. Because Carson sounds like Parkson, then sounds like Pork San [God of Pork], then it was shorten to Porkie =|. That’s how he was called Porkie till now la.

If you want to know why you are easily stressed up, remember, you got the gene from him.

If you ever wonder why are you such a computer/internet addict and sit until so unlady like, remember, you INHERITED the gene from your new Daddy! =|

If you ever wonder why are you so vain that each time you saw a mirror, you must whip out your camera to snap a photo of yourself, remember, you got it from it from himΒ 

If you are wondering why are you such a procrastinator, nah, look at him, you got it from him .

And if you ever wonder why do you love sleeping so much, nah, this photo is the answer to it .


And lastly, Happy New Year to everyone! πŸ˜€ Hope this isn’t too late eh? πŸ˜€ Haha !!