Updates Next Week

The internet speed is tooooo slow for words to describe so I’ll update next week! I promise! I have uploaded all the photos needed but it takes a lot of time to put them up here. So here, I tender my apologize to all of you =|… And I actually started blogging since this morning -.-”’…

Sigh. When will the internet speed be nice again -.-”’


14 responses to “Updates Next Week

  1. my internet is always slow as long as my sis is torrent-ing T_T

  2. Only my download speed is slow now (= =)

  3. d speed will b nice again….when u live in america..

  4. Carson: oo u have a sister! i didnt knw that! hw old is she! 😀

    Ee Jane: same la 😦

    Helen: lets go paris 😦

  5. i have THREE sisters… and they were all from convent =.=|| dont think u’ll know them, 4 years elder, 7 years elder and 9 years elder than me xP
    my 3rd sis shud be in form 5 when we’re form 1 =O

  6. hello, i share my internet line with 9 peoples okeh. -.-

  7. Carson: =| what’s ur 3rd sis name? lets see if i can find her in the sch mag 😀 😀 !

    CY: =| im so sorry to hear that =| =| -hugs!-

  8. heng sher wi~ 9 ppl one connection?!! poor thing =(

  9. Carson: eh was ur sis in tennis club or something?? ur house number is 87379***? =|…

  10. WTH?!! i dunno if shes in such club, but that LOOKS like my hse number!! try calling lar =P

  11. Carson: Ok fine, I shall call and ask to speak to you and if they ask who I am, I shall say I’m your girlfriend 😀 Fair? 😀

  12. errrr… wad if i pick up the fone 1st? O_o
    most probably they’ll just pass the fone to me without asking anything, THEN come and ask me LOL!

  13. woooooooooo…..quiet a long post you have here. nice 🙂

  14. Carson: if they ask u, tell them im a leng lui!! 😀 😀 HAHAHA! 😀 😀 😀

    Tyris Dawn: Hello there! 😀 Thanks for dropping a comment!! 😀 And thanks a lot for the lovely compliment!! -Hugs!- 😀 😀 😀

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