Polar Bear + Cow = Baby Polar Bear

This post is specially dedicated to a best friend of mine. She is the one who became my best friend when we are both 17 and yet, we have been in the same school ever since year 1. Why is it that we only found each other in the final year of school? Why is it that we are only classmates in the second finally year of our school life? And why is it that she isn’t significant in my life for the past 9 years of my school life?

I still remember how I first noticed her in primary school . It was because of her red Pokemon bag! Hahaha! SEE I REMEMBER!!! Then I remember that I saw her bag because we happen to be in the same class for the some stupid end year school activities I think. And to think about it, we are never in the same classΒ  since standard 1 till form 3! And also, I did ask her where did she buy her bag ’cause it’s so cute and then she say she don’t know -.-”’.

Her shoes back in 2007. Hello! Where are the high heels!!

I remember the first time we are classmates was in form 4. Where I heard someone saying that she is going to change stream, it didn’t hit me that she WILL be someone significant in my life. She did change stream and honestly, at that time, I was thinking, oh who cares, I’m not close to her anyway.

After one day, she came back to the class again, the reason is because I have asked her before but I forgot [Eh, why you change class ah that time!]. I still remember when she return to the class, I was also still like aiya, who cares la.

Yes, please do not disturb.

At first I thought that she was a very quiet person. But as I get to know her, I realized that she is actually still a rather quiet person who doesn’t talk much but likes to listen to what others have to say. Although she may be the youngest and smallest size among the 4 of us, but still, I think that she is the one with the greatest inner strength and the one with the cutest smile! πŸ™‚

Always that skinny and cute. Did you actually take the 10kg of fats that I gave you! -_______-

She may not be the the top student in class or school but she is indeed one of the greatest friend ever that one could ever find. Can you believe it, when I wasn’t that close to her [just hie and bye friends] and in every exam I’m always next to her and there is this end year exam in form 4 I think, where I did not study at all for the exam and absolutely felt like dying during the History Paper 2 [Hello! All purely subjective questions!].

And I supposed that she saw that I looks like I was going to cry [HAHAHA!] and you know what she did! She wrote the answers on her ruler, pencil lead box, pieces of tiny paper and gave them to me! I was so touched and it was because of her that I did not fail the subject :).

This is not a Nike advertisement.

Among our group of friends, we find it very, very impossible to hate her! You can hate me because I am so prasan about so many things, you can hate Zaharah because she is so intelligent that she boast about her results every single time [and no one bothers her hahaha!], you can hate Ee Jane because she is always correct and must be always correct about everything and you can hate Ai Leng because she is always so blur.

You can hate her [Ching Yin] because… because… there! I can find no reason! The only reason would be because she is cute -_-…

May I ask and know why am I not in the photo!!! Michael Kuan! Where is my yam cha session [dim sum etc like those HK drama!] with you?! I am your soon-to-be mother in law okay! Okay fine, after my dreading darurat duduk rumah study .

She is the Ah Lui that I have been mentioning in this blog, the Baby Polar Bear in our group and the one who asked me for a new Daddy, because the Cow [her Daddy/Ai Leng] has someone else -.-”’.

Nah, I found this in the Cow’s bedroom. And the saddest thing is I don’t even find my photo anywhere.

Ah Lui! Your new Daddy. Pass or fail?! And NO, he’s not my boyfriend! Porkie, if you reading this, send me your Youtube link!

The New Daddy [if approved] and Ah Lui!

For the two years of great friendship and ongoing, Ching Yin was the one who resit the Add Maths paper with me because we scored unbelievable high marks [NO I’M NOT KIDDING YOU!!] and the one who emo-ed with us before SPM because its SPM la and when you are not prepared for SPM and that gives you the full privilege to emo because its SPM la.


Ching Yin and the Yang Maha Mulia.

Initially, Ee Jane, Ai Leng and I are the one having recess together in the canteen and forget about Zaharah, she’s always with her books [trust me, she doesn’t go to the toilet or even the canteen]. It was when we got closer to Ching Yin, it was when we changed from the open air sitting area to the standing by the canteen railing and to sit on the chairs when we finally have our very own recess time thanks to the exams by the way.

Nasi lemak and mihun goreng.

I just notice that girls looks very, very different when they know how to apply make up :)! Out of no where, you find yourself not recognizing your friends when they have make up on and you just go, “Oh. My. Gawd! Is that. YOU?!” or “WA!! You looks so different!!” or “OH MYYYYYYY GAWWWDD! You looks so pretty now!!!”

The one on the right :).

Always that beautiful :).

I’m selling her handphone number and MSN for RM1000 per number and Rm1500 per alphabet [And hopefully I have enough money to go Paris for shopping without looking at the horrifying price tags]. No la just kidding hahahahahahahaha! And no, you all cannot pikat her because:

She is now very much loved and is in the arms of the boy beside her in the photo, Michael Kuan and that, she is the only one among the four of us who have found her prince charming. And Michael, I tell you first ah, hold her tight before someone else grab her off and then don’t regret by then ok! But, I will be waiting for the day to receive the wedding card from both of you.

And lastly,

She will always be one of the greatest friend that I’ve ever had and most of all,

Happy 18th Birthday Darling!


18 responses to “Polar Bear + Cow = Baby Polar Bear

  1. FIRST! :p

    happy birthday ching yin!

  2. yo yo whats up?! < CQ

  3. Happy Birthday, Ching Yin!!!

  4. Ferlynne: Yes first. Please complete your comment here -> https://caelestis.wordpress.com/2008/08/15/the-class-of-6be/#comments

    CQ: Get your own ID la ish ish! =| And Christmas is up πŸ˜€

    Wei Qi: Meooow! πŸ˜€

  5. ahem. thank you very much for the link!
    *evil laughs*
    you are going back to ur nest and study tomo!!!
    merry christmassss.
    *sings 12th days of christmas* ( i have christmas in africaaaaa~)

  6. Happy Birthday CY~~~
    Sam can i buy the number XD (jk)
    hmmm….. the power of make up X_X

  7. Ferlynne: Oi diamlah.

    Leon: Not for sale =p Hahaha! Yes the power of make up! Now go put some! πŸ˜€

  8. Happy Birthday CY!!! =D
    Big girl dy lah, don’t sesat jalan and remember to brush teeth ah =D

  9. Ee Jane: How about mandi hahaha! πŸ˜€

  10. from d previous post; no i din miss u.. i miss my frens from d lawatan n i miss d ulat oso.. hehehehe.. u poor gal.. id b shoppin without u .. till next yer la.. hehe

  11. sam, u made me cry! =) =) thank you so much for the lovely post! -hugs!- and thanks everyone. =]

  12. and yesh! porkie is my new daddy! *winks*

  13. ee jane : omg ee jane, how come u know that i didnt mandi for 2 days dy! LOL!

  14. Hah? I don’t know (= =) It’s samantha =P

  15. i see.. an sms at 2.42am telling me that im suddenly a father of someone… i like!! lol~

    oh btw, touching post indeed ;'(
    and elo my new ah lui~ x)
    link to my vids or to my channel? have this anyway =P

    tee hee!~

  16. Helen: 😦 ok next year then 😦 😦 !! i wanna gooooo tooooo the lawataaaaannnn toooooooo!! T.T =(

    Ching Yin: Aww! Don’t cry! πŸ˜€ And say hie to your new daddy! hahahahaha! go ask him for a chanel bag!! πŸ˜€

    Ee Jane: Sebab aku hebat hahahahahahaha πŸ˜€ !

    Carson: :D… you should be proud ok! πŸ˜€

  17. carson : hello pap! =) buy me an ice cream!! =)

    ee jane : o.0 i tersalah tengok. HAHAHA.

    samantha : you know what, i think i’ve inherited something from you.. which is uhm.. having my hair not wash for a week. HEHEHE. cool or not? =)

  18. Ching Yin: πŸ˜€ hehehe cool! πŸ˜€ *thumbs up* =p hahaha πŸ˜€

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