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Updates Next Week

The internet speed is tooooo slow for words to describe so I’ll update next week! I promise! I have uploaded all the photos needed but it takes a lot of time to put them up here. So here, I tender my apologize to all of you =|… And I actually started blogging since this morning -.-”’…

Sigh. When will the internet speed be nice again -.-”’


Polar Bear + Cow = Baby Polar Bear

This post is specially dedicated to a best friend of mine. She is the one who became my best friend when we are both 17 and yet, we have been in the same school ever since year 1. Why is it that we only found each other in the final year of school? Why is it that we are only classmates in the second finally year of our school life? And why is it that she isn’t significant in my life for the past 9 years of my school life?

I still remember how I first noticed her in primary school . It was because of her red Pokemon bag! Hahaha! SEE I REMEMBER!!! Then I remember that I saw her bag because we happen to be in the same class for the some stupid end year school activities I think. And to think about it, we are never in the same class  since standard 1 till form 3! And also, I did ask her where did she buy her bag ’cause it’s so cute and then she say she don’t know -.-”’.

Her shoes back in 2007. Hello! Where are the high heels!!

I remember the first time we are classmates was in form 4. Where I heard someone saying that she is going to change stream, it didn’t hit me that she WILL be someone significant in my life. She did change stream and honestly, at that time, I was thinking, oh who cares, I’m not close to her anyway.

After one day, she came back to the class again, the reason is because I have asked her before but I forgot [Eh, why you change class ah that time!]. I still remember when she return to the class, I was also still like aiya, who cares la.

Yes, please do not disturb.

At first I thought that she was a very quiet person. But as I get to know her, I realized that she is actually still a rather quiet person who doesn’t talk much but likes to listen to what others have to say. Although she may be the youngest and smallest size among the 4 of us, but still, I think that she is the one with the greatest inner strength and the one with the cutest smile! 🙂

Always that skinny and cute. Did you actually take the 10kg of fats that I gave you! -_______-

She may not be the the top student in class or school but she is indeed one of the greatest friend ever that one could ever find. Can you believe it, when I wasn’t that close to her [just hie and bye friends] and in every exam I’m always next to her and there is this end year exam in form 4 I think, where I did not study at all for the exam and absolutely felt like dying during the History Paper 2 [Hello! All purely subjective questions!].

And I supposed that she saw that I looks like I was going to cry [HAHAHA!] and you know what she did! She wrote the answers on her ruler, pencil lead box, pieces of tiny paper and gave them to me! I was so touched and it was because of her that I did not fail the subject :).

This is not a Nike advertisement.

Among our group of friends, we find it very, very impossible to hate her! You can hate me because I am so prasan about so many things, you can hate Zaharah because she is so intelligent that she boast about her results every single time [and no one bothers her hahaha!], you can hate Ee Jane because she is always correct and must be always correct about everything and you can hate Ai Leng because she is always so blur.

You can hate her [Ching Yin] because… because… there! I can find no reason! The only reason would be because she is cute -_-…

May I ask and know why am I not in the photo!!! Michael Kuan! Where is my yam cha session [dim sum etc like those HK drama!] with you?! I am your soon-to-be mother in law okay! Okay fine, after my dreading darurat duduk rumah study .

She is the Ah Lui that I have been mentioning in this blog, the Baby Polar Bear in our group and the one who asked me for a new Daddy, because the Cow [her Daddy/Ai Leng] has someone else -.-”’.

Nah, I found this in the Cow’s bedroom. And the saddest thing is I don’t even find my photo anywhere.

Ah Lui! Your new Daddy. Pass or fail?! And NO, he’s not my boyfriend! Porkie, if you reading this, send me your Youtube link!

The New Daddy [if approved] and Ah Lui!

For the two years of great friendship and ongoing, Ching Yin was the one who resit the Add Maths paper with me because we scored unbelievable high marks [NO I’M NOT KIDDING YOU!!] and the one who emo-ed with us before SPM because its SPM la and when you are not prepared for SPM and that gives you the full privilege to emo because its SPM la.


Ching Yin and the Yang Maha Mulia.

Initially, Ee Jane, Ai Leng and I are the one having recess together in the canteen and forget about Zaharah, she’s always with her books [trust me, she doesn’t go to the toilet or even the canteen]. It was when we got closer to Ching Yin, it was when we changed from the open air sitting area to the standing by the canteen railing and to sit on the chairs when we finally have our very own recess time thanks to the exams by the way.

Nasi lemak and mihun goreng.

I just notice that girls looks very, very different when they know how to apply make up :)! Out of no where, you find yourself not recognizing your friends when they have make up on and you just go, “Oh. My. Gawd! Is that. YOU?!” or “WA!! You looks so different!!” or “OH MYYYYYYY GAWWWDD! You looks so pretty now!!!”

The one on the right :).

Always that beautiful :).

I’m selling her handphone number and MSN for RM1000 per number and Rm1500 per alphabet [And hopefully I have enough money to go Paris for shopping without looking at the horrifying price tags]. No la just kidding hahahahahahahaha! And no, you all cannot pikat her because:

She is now very much loved and is in the arms of the boy beside her in the photo, Michael Kuan and that, she is the only one among the four of us who have found her prince charming. And Michael, I tell you first ah, hold her tight before someone else grab her off and then don’t regret by then ok! But, I will be waiting for the day to receive the wedding card from both of you.

And lastly,

She will always be one of the greatest friend that I’ve ever had and most of all,

Happy 18th Birthday Darling!

The Last 2 Weeks Of School

There is something, that you all MUST NOT buy. And that thing is, UNO cards. You know why?! Because you only get to play them at the end of the year . So for the last 2 weeks of school, we played UNO while having lessons in between and during lessons, your heart is still with UNO.

I brought my UNO cards which I have since I was 12 and my cards floated from 6BF to 6BE to 6BG and back to 6BF hahaha! I mean, the UNO craze is like everywhere and you can actually see the child in everyone when they are playing games than their usual serious face and two good examples will be LeiKen and Soon Peng, serious looking but deep down, they are playful.

6BF clockwise: Chui San, Pui Yee, Tiam Foo, Wei Siang, Soon Seng, Soon Peng

6BE clockwise: Viven, Michael, LeiKen, Meow, Sin Yee, Ooi Jie, Prakash

And you may be wondering, why there are less than 10 person in a class. The answer is, the rest sudah ponteng, so don’t ask anymore ah. And Low Ee Hahn a.k.a Mr. Half FFK, we will continue our UNO championship competition next year. I still remember the result, 1-1.


The best thing about playing UNO is, pakat-ing with all your friends to draw one person and laugh loudly when that person have to draw at least 20 cards and that is BEST .

BEST! And try to count how many UNO cards you can see .

Ooi Jie’s phone for listening to music and oh, that’s his precious Little Nemo .

Michael The Pengerusi PAT6 said, “HEY! What are you doing?” So I told him that I wanted a photo of his cards to put on my blog.

He told me that then I will go and show Wei Qi and Sin Yee. Then Itold him that I don’t find a point to show it to them [HAHAHA!]. Because then it was Michael Vs Wei Qi Vs Sin Yee.

Finally, PAT6 said, “Okay, you can take a photo of my cards.” And I show the picture to Sin Yee and Wei Qi . Sorry la, girls must help girls, RIGHT?


If you think studying is stressful, playing UNO is also stressful. Really. I’m not kidding you.

Look at Meow face! Hahaha!

Ini ialah stress yang happy .

A game of UNO with audience.

Tiam Foo is stress ’cause he wanted his friend to win hahaha!

Wei Siang is stressing for his next move.

Chui San is wondering who is the winner! 😀

Pui Yee is stressing while waiting for her turn.

Soon Seng is stressing ’cause he was drawed at least 20 cards hahaha!

Proven. And he is proud of it .

Soon Peng. Okay, Soon Seng and Soon Peng are not related in any way.

And lastly,

Sim Ooi Jie and Sim Sin Yee and yes, they are cousins! 😀 And the winner is… well, why not you have a say? 🙂 😀

Where Rainbows End

As promised, today I will blog about a book that I’ve read recently. This book does not belongs to me, but it belongs to my sister’s friend, Christina :).

This story is about two person, Rosie and Alex. Wait! Here is the sypnosis that is written behind the book:

Since childhood, Rosie and Alex have stuck by each other through thick and thin. But, they are suddenly separated when Alex and his family move from Dublin to America. Rosie is lost without him. Then, just as she is about to join Alex in Boston, she gets life-changing news… News that will keep her at home in Ireland.

Their magical connection remains but can their friendship survive the years and miles as well as new relationships? And always at the back of Rosie’s mind is whether they were meant to be more than just good friends all along.

Misunderstandings, circumstances and sheer bad luck have kept them apart until now. But, will they gamble everything, including their friendship on true love? And what twists and surprises does fate have in store for them this time?

Alex and Rosie, Best Friends Or Soulmates?


For the last question, you have to read the book and get the answer by youself! 🙂 I can’t spoil the story for you that is! Anyway, this book is about Rosie and Alex. This whole story made me laugh, cry and smile! 🙂

Simply because it reminds me of many, many things that I’ve done in school! For example, Rosie and Alex love writing notes to each other during class! HAHAHA! Sounds like who?! JUST LIKE EE JANE AND I!!! HAHAHA! Oi woman! Remember or not how we pass notes behind Cik Wong and then she just … ask what are we doing when she’s not even looking at us! -_-

And then they got caught and it’s really, really funny!! Okay, let me tell you all first, it’s NOT funny when you are the one being caught. I knew it, because we are caught before -_-…

So anyway, the story then goes on about birthday parties that Alex is throwing but he doesn’t invites Rosie because he doesn’t wants people to know that his best friend is a girl [typical 10 year old boy?] and OMG! Imagine the horror if I have a birthday party and I don’t invite Ee Jane! Hahaha! And no, I don’t throw birthday parties .

In this story, there are many, many unexpected events and surprises that happens! And at many times, I was really angry! I mean, I don’t find it FAIR for the certain characters on why that kind of unfortunate event have to happen to them .

So when you read this book, prepare some tissues and boxing gloves [yes you will need it] and don’t ask why boxing gloves, you will know it later :). And to Zaharah, if you are ever doing to read it, I would highly recommend you to prepare high blood pressure pills and heart attack pills.

But of course! 🙂 Certain unexpected events are good! I mean, they spice up the whole story. But in my opinion, sometimes too much spices just spoil the whole thing, yea, you get what I mean :).

Anyway, to conclude it all, this story is indeedlike a circle. Yes, a circle! Read it and you will know why! And NO, I’m telling you the circle meaning is a good one or a bad one! Hahaha!

Of all, this book, I would certainly rate it a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 :).

P/S: And continue voting in the previous post for the next topic next week! Of course la you don’t vote for this topic again right?!