Only In KHS

Before I go into the topic today about things that you find Only In KHS, I have something to confess. Or more or less most of you already know or guessed what it is . It’s that, *inhale* I’m not the Head Prefect *exhale*! Hahaha! I made the name tag [for some purpose of course!] and the necktie belongs to Low Ee Hahn . Hehehe! Okay la, don’t la marah =p.

Anyway, when most of you saw the previous post especially the part about I becoming a Head Prefect, most of you telephoned me to clarify to know if it’s true or just a prank =p. And here are some funny conversation that I had 🙂 :

Conversation 1: Zaharah.


Me: What? =| [I was in the bus, wet from the rain, shivering from the cold and she didn’t even say hello and just shouted on the phone =p ]


Me: What??! *Confuse* Say la what you want to say!! =| Don’t keep on calling my name I know la I’m so sexy WAHAHAHAHA!

Zaharah: Oh. My. Gawddd! Don’t pretend!

Me: Pretend? About what?! -.-”’


Me: *Lagi confuse* What la?? I know la you didn’t phone me for weeks already and I didn’t SMS you, but you should know what that DiGi to Maxis mahal okay? And we are both on exams what! So what is your problem now?

Zaharah: What is my problem??! OH MY GOD! You stupid, stupid, stupid.. ! *Inhale, exhale* I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT!

Me: You want your ears boxing! Am I supposed to know what you are talking about when the whole time you are just practically screaming oh my gaaaawwdd into my ears!

Zaharah: *Probably knocked back to Earth* SAMANTHA QUEK! YOU BECAME THE HEAD PREFECT! AND … AND.. !


Zaharah: And YOU DIDN’T BOTHER TO TELL ME! HAVE YOU JUST FORGOTTEN ABOUT ME AFTER COMING TO MY HOUSE DURING RAYA?! I told you everything about the student committee in my college and the procecess and you know what, I really, really hate you!

Me: Why do you even want to hate me -.-”’ That’s the last thing ever on Earth that will happen .

Zaharah: At one moment you told me that you hate KHS and NOW YOU ARE THE HEAD PREFECT??Oh my God… you… you… HAIYA I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY LA!

Me: Chill~ Let me explain

Zaharah: *Ignores what I said* You call this best friend huh?! You told me I’m your BEST FRIEND and I, SITI ZAHARAH ABDUL JALIL TAKE YOU AS MY BEST FRIEND and you couldn’t even be bothered to tell me about that and DON’T come and tell me it’s all sooooo sudden!

Me: Eh, I SAID LET ME EXPLAIN! -______-

Zaharah: Ok, go on! *Inhale, exhale*

Me: It’s a joke actually ! I made the nametag bla bla bla…

Zaharah: You know what, I was so terharu actually that you became the Head Prefect and I was gawking at the screen you know until I saw the tutup mulut tu sentence. OMG I HATE YOU! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

She was so terharu because she thought that I ubah sikap. HAHAHAHA!

Conversation 2: Ee Jane

Ee Jane: Hello.

Me: Hello.


Me: Say something. Ask me something! I know you have something to ask me!

Ee Jane: Err… *Not knowing how to start I supposed* I err… Just read your blog?!

Me: Uh huh. *Act dumb =p*

Ee Jane: And…

Me: *Realizing that I better tell her the truth before she kills me =p* It’s just a joke actually I made the nametag bla bla bla…

Ee Jane: HAH I KNEW IT! You know what! When I first saw it and the first thing in my mind was since when you are ever close to Encik Rizal or the pengetua or even to bodek people! Then I thought if it’s real then I give some discouraging comment then it wouldn’t sounds nice so I decided to be NICE! And I thought you are desperate for co-curiculum marks! SEE I KNEW IT !!!

=|… Well, it’s NOT EASY to prank her .

Conversation 3: Joe


Me: Hello! Say la hello!

Joe: F**K! Congrats for being the Head Prefect! =)

Me: Oh… why………… THANKS !

Joe: So when are we going out for a drink?? Gawddd, I was betting with everyone else that you are saying the truth and NOW I WIN!!!

Me: How much did you bet? [I was worried that Joe is gonna bet RM100 or what and I’m gonna feel so guilty =| ]

Joe: One packet of nasi lemak each HAHAHAHA! Now I’m going to have a hard time finishing 5 packet of nasi lemak! Come and join me!

Me: Joe! I’m sorry but… I KID!


Me: It’s more like what the fall is wrong with you Joe! You fall for my prank every single time HAHAHAHA!


Back to the topic! Here are the things that you find, ONLY IN KHS 🙂

1. Broken Doors

LeiKen calls this a kitchen door where you order char kueh teow and Viven say it’s a cowboy door.

And I call this a rosak door!

2. Artwork

3. Ooi Jie doing err, I don’t know what it’s called ! =| =p But I think it’s pretty cool 🙂

Ta-da! 🙂 And it’s a classroom without any doors and NO, this is our temporary classroom because ours was used for SPM :).

4. You get to see beautiful view.

Wait! I see something. Wait ah, I zoom in for you all to see

Tengok, pak tor with 2 girls =|

Kaki lepak-s =D

5. You can sit at the balcony and enjoy the view and breeze of air.

That’s me!!

Or you emo like Aliff. Kamal, this is all your fault for not turning up in school =/.

View #1: Sampah.

View #2: Trees and Bukit Mewah 🙂

View #3: Potential kaki ponteng.

Seriously, I think this is the best place to sit [recommended to KHS guru disiplin =p] ’cause you can just see everything from here and yea, if you see anyone walking across the field or towards to ponteng way *AHEM!* you can just use a loudspeaker and shout, “OI MAU PERGI MANA!” Hahaha!

6. Or take photos of your friends studying next door from their class broken window when you are at the balcony.

And then you zoom in and snap a photo of them and show it to them and they will go, “EH! Who is this?? EH SINCE WHEN YOU TAKE MY PHOTO! I don’t remember you taking my photo also =|”

7. You can walk to your class by the stairs way or the forest way. Stairs way don’t need to show la ’cause it’s so common. I’ll show you the forest of KHS 🙂

Very forest-y right? You can actually take different turnings and end up at some housing area you know. I haven’t try yet la but that’s what I heard .

8. You get free whack on your birthday.

This free whack is not so chi kik as the one Kamal got. Haha! This is because Prakash did not tell them his birthday [12th November] but they realized it the next day [13th November]. So they decided to free whack Prakash eventhough there are not enough people .

9. You can use the male’s toilet.

That’s me going in the male’s toilet- Video and voice by Ee Hahn


Overall, in KHS, I had lots of fun and realized that it’s fun to break rules with your friends! Hahaha! I get to do things that I WILL NEVER get to do in Convent and I get to say whatever I want without bothering some freaks going around spreading rumours and of all, I will definitely return to KHS next year for more fun :).

Hope to see you guys next year in KHS as well.


8 responses to “Only In KHS

  1. Nice doors =D

    Eh eleh, that sim oi jie show off lah~
    Reminds me of my adik paling kecil only (= =)

  2. hehehe! 😀 nvm la, boys ma hahaha! 😀

  3. oh my gawdddddd. teruknya the door. hahahaha. btw, i tot you are really the khs head prefect -____________-

  4. WAh…… never see those doors b4, unique.
    Hahaha… head prefect lucky didn’t believe u.:P
    I wonder what will happen if you really become head prefect of the school :/ “Cold Shivers” XD

  5. hate you sam..
    no i dont really hate you..
    sayang sam..haha
    head prefect..hmph..haha

  6. =.=!!haha the door~i tot i only can see it in tv~wuakakaka geng geng the pintu u can just *peel it off hahaha…eh u masuk toilet lelaki~got lelaki masuk a when u inside?

  7. if got lelaki in thr, she wont come out d..haha mayb?

  8. Ching Yin: hahaha! u fall for it too! =p hahaha! 😀 the door is teruk but its all the essence of KHS i supposed 😀

    Leon: unique leh! thats why i say only in KHS! 😀 are u sure you didnt believe me?! AND LEON CHONG HAN LIANG, IF I AM THE HEAD PREFECT, i will ensure that we all get to use handphones during exam hahahaha! not to exchange answers, as an alternative calculator hahaha! 😀

    Kean Jie: of course you sayang me! i also sayang you! ❤ 😀 =p got lelaki also keluar la okay! 😀

    Ai Leng: what only on tv! KHS also got! hehehe! 😀 surprisingly, no guys are in the toilet! =|

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