Mencari Kulit Siput

The title today has nothing to do with my post today. The title today was inspired by a group of Upper 6 students. And today, it’s simply the best day of the week and the happiest day as well because I had fun and my best friend taught me something new today:

Girl: Are you prepared for exam?

Me: Oh. Ask my best friend.

Best Friend: Ever ready <— Super confident tone.

Me: !!!

Girl: Oh okay… *Walks away*

Best Friend: Ever ready to fail .


There is one particular place, where whenever I talk about it or someone talks about it or when I walk past it or think about it, I thought about the life back then in:

This is the place, where I met all my best friends and the people whom I feel like slapping them upside them [and now I’m still seeing her -.-”’], the people whom I wish they are better off elsewhere and the people that I never want to bother or even to talk to.

Convent is a school with tight discipline. Try doing everything stated here and we’ll see if you can escape. The only thing that I don’t like about Convent are the prefects [my batch and some bloody kaki bodek-s].

Prefects are perfect students in Convent, especially the Head Prefect. That’s why they are given power to squash us right down and heck, we even have to apologize for it! And to be fair, I like Convent for all its proper ways, lovely classrooms and canteen food compared to KHS.

The Classroom.

I want the doughnut.

More food.

The Beloved Nasi Goreng! โค

And this is what I hate doing in Convent for 5 years:

Queuing up EVERY single morning and after recess to go in the class and this is what I call, a nonsense rule and I don’t see any reason for it.

And now I’ve finally understand the meaning of:

You may talk a lot for a year and don’t talk so much the following year and don’t want to the talk at all the years after that.

Because it’s happening right now.

In my life, no one is a substitute because everyone is different and unique in their very own way.

Ee Jane is bossy with all her ways that she is always correct. And the Ee Jane’s theory:

8 x 7 = 48.

Ching Yin is quiet but she will make sure that you die in her hands if you cheat her .

Ai Leng is nonsensical in all her ways that you don’t know if you want to scream at her or whack her hard on her head because:

Me: Ai Leng, later we are going to bla bla bla. *Talks for 5 minutes* AI LENG!

Ai Leng: HUH?!

Me: *Stares* I’m talking to you.

Ai Leng: Oh. What did you say??

Zaharah is the best person to talk about sex to [HAHAHA!] and she’ll proceed to get heart attack. She claims herself to be a princess and that no one else is more royal like than she is.

If anyone remember how she claims that she will be the Miss Universe on a ship waving her Miss Universe wave to everyone with Tom Cruise on the ship! Hahaha!


The four person mentioned above are the friends who have played the biggest part in my schooling life. Albeit we may not be in the same school now or even to talk to each other as often as we use to and to even see each other or even to understand what the other party is trying to say or to laugh at the same inside joke, we will always keep the memories that used to keep our friendship alive, strong and ongoing:

From left to right: Ching Yin, Ai Leng, Sam, Ee Jane

We graduated from the same school and studied in the same school eversince year 1 and only got closer to each other in secondary school.

We attend the same birthday parties together and had a sleepover as well, sharing our money together so that we can buy the birthday girl a better present :).

Waking up Ai Leng during lessons and exams and TRUST ME, she sleeps during exam -_- and she haven’t even completed answering all the questions!!

Trying to ignore the smarties in class who always get the right answer and claim that they don’t even study so we in return do not find the need to tell them that we did study or we did not [and we did not -.-”’]

Sleep in the class every morning before we need to line up outside the class.

This is the day where Ching Yin and I have to resit for Add Maths Paper 2 because we did too well and no, I’m NOT kidding.

We all have our fatt hau moments .

HAHAHAHA! This photo cracks me up everytime I view it! We [Sin Yee, Zaharah, Anis, Syahirah and I] went for the water rocket competition last year and then there was this Malay guy [beside the Chinese guy in the photo] whom one of my friend wanted his photo and thus, we tried to snap a photo of him by zooming the camera to the maximum and as a result, we got a photo of the Chinese boy instead of the Malay boy hahahahahahahahaha!

The always after recess class comment by the prefects.

Nasi goreng at the usual place. 20 minutes of recess is NOT enough!!

They love the wallpaper.

And I Love Chemistry!!

Sama-sama don’t pay attention in class.

And this is what we do during Biology experiment [The osmosis or whatever la, neh, use the potatoes one! ]

This photo was taken during the SPM year and it means that:

Time is running out. No A1, we are dead for good.

Yes, something like that . I feel so proud that we are actually that creative =p.

The pink motorbike that we saw on our way to the ribbon shop.

Our 2007 obsession :).

This photo was taken when Sin Yee, Zaharah and I went for a trip to the palm oil dunno what company and when the kononnya Miss Universe is posing like this:

-_-… Counting her money -.-”’ She’s damn kaya by the way =p

And now, spot Ee Jane in every photo [Don’t worry, sure can spot her one. She is NOT that tiny okay. She always looks tiny because she always stands next to me. Hahaha]:

The last day of SPM [Sijil Perompak Malaysia]. WOOHOOO!! I remember the last paper was Biology and I was almost late somemore [eh not my fault ok] and until today, I still couldn’t believe it that we battled through SPM and WON! Hahaha =D ! Just look at our super tired face and eyes! =p

She is the reason why we menghadirkan diri on Hari Ko-kurikulum.

I remember how worried we are when she’s breaking that thing -.-”.

Ah Pa and Ah Lui .

Wong Ai Leng! May I know what happened to all these?? -____-

Homework addict. Hahaha!




Two of my favourite photos of Ee Jane and I:

I want back my super looooooooonggggggggg beautiful haaaaaaaaaaaiirrr!! =(


It has been a long time eversince we last talk to each other and though now we have our new groups of friends outside. You may think that I have forgotten about you or not have much topic to talk about anymore with you anymore or that I’m too busy in my life or we don’t laugh together anymore, but just to let you know here, that in my heart and life, there is always a room for four of you.

As times goes on, we will distance away and this is something that I don’t like. Sometimes, I find it sad; that now we only get to know about each other through our blogs when we used to see each other everyday and laugh about everything together and stress about exams together and do everything together. Things are so different nowadays, time goes on and people change and I supposed, it’s all for the good and for the bad :).


17 responses to “Mencari Kulit Siput

  1. My hair makes me feel like a witch (= =)

    I agree with the last 2 paragraph, it is as if the balance is tipped. And this feel like telepathy cause this morning my personal msg is about change, keke.

    I’m missing the doughnuts!!!!!!!!

  2. Ee Jane: Hahaha! Witch pulak! *High 10 for telepathy* ๐Ÿ˜€ i miss the doughnut chocolate around your lips when you mess them up hahaha! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. i miss the nasi goreng so much man! =(

  4. Ching Yin: *High 10*

  5. yaya.. miss de foods! i love nasi goreng with potatoes salad! n it’s only RM 1 !!! +50cents for salad.. de makcik used to giv extra
    *promoting ๐Ÿ˜€
    sigh.. everyone’s missing their life back in secondary school…
    love de last 2 photos!

  6. Wei Qi: Meeeeeeeeeeeow! ๐Ÿ˜€ ya la last year they stop the salad, dunno for what, damn stupid la i tell u =( of course u love the last 2 photos =p u love me ma hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€ meeeeeeeeow!

  7. i could still remember wen i went in2 d canteen n shout ‘nasi goreng sudah basi mak cik!!!’ d faces of d mak cik canteen n other students r priceless.. HAHAHAHAHA!!! no comments bout ketua pengawas over in ck nor in khs. yeah, d magnitude is gone wen we move out of ck.. we upper 6 oso miss our ck days.. but 2 a certain degree, we r oso thankful we left ck. i guess it depends eh?

  8. Helen: u did that on purpose is it! hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€ memang depends la =( eh i went for evening mass today =p so tomorrow u wont see me so u should miss me =p ahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Ha? Don’t phrase it like that lah (= =)

  10. ahhh.. i knew u lazy pig will go 4 mass on a sat wen a sun hav no catechism.. on purpose, yeah.. but it was for real still ok.. d nasi goreng i got is aledi bad… saying it loudly was juz 4 d heck of it :P.. dey cant sue me could dey?

  11. Ee Jane: itu hakikatnya ๐Ÿ˜€ hehehe ๐Ÿ˜€

    Helen: =p i never get before bad nasi goreng hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€ and of course they cant sue u =p but i would like to see u doing that ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. eh.. super perasan la u.. i love eejane in de last 2 photo /tt

  13. dah jumpa kulit siput blum?

  14. Wei Qi: ceh! =|

    Kean Jie: dah ๐Ÿ˜€ haha! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. aku baru baca since i din online long time ady~~eh…perkara yang malu x yah cakap..keep in heart sudah lar~malu ler…always kena wake up call by pn.lim..wuakakakaka…and u all will never tired waking me up half way thru exam~wuakakaka…i still remember how ching yin shake my table and wake me up and i sleep back minutes later~y i cant see other pict~load lama kut…eh my mum just brought me a armani green sunglasses~wuakakakaka..for my nex year birthday..erm she say my aunty brought it for me!!!weeeeee….original armani sun glasses..and i kena warning to keep that properly cause it cost alot~~~since i soo kasar..guess wad,,u may dun believe..i PREFER our class last time den my new class…i hate some of themm and jane noes who…the only girl i complain to jane~~she memang is those type like suka bertanding even i din bertanding with her..when i get higher mark den her she will say”yer…u get higher mark again~” den when i haven get my marks..cause i sudah ada balik penyakit result pun sudah tidur.she will say”aahh need to see aileng punya result oso now she wil get highest mark again~i told her i din study cause everyone in my class got eye see im sleeping in clas again..she wan say like that summore..some times i feel like slapping her for some reason..dah la masa lunch she walk fast and tinggal me behind~lucky my other fren wait for me!i miss last time in smk

  16. eh bout that words..i’ve completed it and cari masa keluar give u all..and cakap mau print t shirt..akhirnye jadi habuk

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