The First Impression Part 2

Here, I’ve compiled all the first impression of my dearest friends towards me. I have to admit that most of them are shocking !! So, here is it:

Low Ee Jane says:

She first thought that I was a crybaby because my eyes looks swollen and my face looks puffy.

My White Blood Cells [WBC] says: I am not a crybaby!!! *Defensive mode on*. Must be tak cukup tidur la okay. Yah yah I’m sure of that I have not enough sleep!!! Have anyone seen my eyes when I have enough sleep? They looks very beautiful one okay =(…My face is not puffy laaaaa! Just… chubby :D…

*White blood cells [WBC] is a defence system in our body- Inspired by Ee Jane.

Yeo Ching Yin says:

She thought that I am sombong. T.T… Ah Lui, how cannnnnnn yoooouuuu =( !!! And then she realize that she is wrong . Because she feels lucky to have a friend like me and a mum like me =D.

My WBC says: I am not sombong!! HEYYY! Sejak bila I sombong pulak!!! =( Fitnah fitnah! Haha 😀

The Cat [Meow a.k.a. Wei Qi] says:

She reminded me of so many things back in my primary school life that I have forgotten =p.

She said back in year 5, I used to create games and then we always play together and she thinks that I am a creative girl but can’t stop talking and talks too fast. And she even thought that I am annoying -_-… So I gave her a good impression :D.

And she claims that I always photocopy some PPG [Powerpuff Girls] drawings to colour. Not only that, she even claims that she is very naughty that year and her hypothesis is that, she might be affected by me.

Then in Form 4, she said that I still looks annoying to her -.-”’…Then she realized that I am actually very friendly and helpful to the extend that I will do anything for a friend . And then she even say that I am Fa Sam [Eh eh, inside story! Keep it to yourself and continue meow-ing 😀 :D!!]

Out of no where, she libatkan Ee Jane sekali. Saying that because Ee Jane and I are game addicts [more like technology slave], thus, we influenced her to be addicted to games as well [HAHAHAHAHA! ]. Then she also say that I am good at writing stories [Weeeee!] and she enjoys reading them =D. And then now she say I pak tor and piet tai her -_-…

And now I am her human pillow and we can 38 38 and live happily ever after.

My WBC says: I don’t remember creating games woman =| =| !!! I memang can’t stop talking one la so please forgive me la =p =p And why am I even annoying?! I am annoying and yet gave you a good impression =p  Hahaha! Not bad =p

And, let me prove your hypothesis wrong :

Saya pun Murid Bermoral Tinggi okay .

Helen says:

Helen and Michelle- Photo taken from Helen’s Friendster =p

She says that I talk too fast as if I’m excited 24/7 and claims that it was because of me she is addicted to RO =|… And don’t mention my initial nickname [Inside story, keep it to yourself =p Go study for STPM :D].

And that anyone who can gets along with Michelle when she was young must be someone with a lot of patience or skru kepala longgar and she is sure that I belonged to the second group and I agree too =|.

My WBC says: I can’t say anything :D… It’s err… true! =|

Tan Kean Jie says:

He was thinking which sesat girl who comes to school and doesn’t iron her uniform -____- and even thinks that I’m kaypoh in some way =|…

My WBC says: Eh eh I tak kaypoh! I’m just friendly =|…

Joe says:

Waliao weh, let me tell you all la, she looks gentle only. But after you know her wtf, talks too much, craps too much, and make up dirty jokes which… I enjoy [shaddap la]. Kind enough to scan in the Chemistry stuffs that I need the other day. That’s all… Oh, not to forget, uberly special and sexy. HAHAHA!

My WBC says: Thank you Joe for writing. I waited all day and you tell me expect an essay from you. Yes, this is an essay =\. Forget about his last sentence.

Low Ee Hahn says:

At first he thought that I am a freak because I don’t comb my hair and iron my uniform =| But after he know me well then he saw the good side of me 😀 Ahaha.

My WBC says: I am not a freak =(… I malas nak iron uniform only =(…


Ah… Seems like I’m not a bad person afterall 😀


15 responses to “The First Impression Part 2

  1. No.1…what big ears she have…
    No.2…I vote for myself~ AHAHAHAHA!!

  2. P/s my 1st impression of you is EARLIER than year 5, because I thought I saw you in year 1 (= =)

  3. Ee Jane: fake wan la the ears =p ya i know la u sure vote for urself wan 😀 ahaha


  5. gambar aku -.- HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  6. thank God i hav braces now.. eh.. u WERE bermoral back in yer 1999.. not animore now…

  7. Murid bermoral tinggi seen’s 1999. After that? XD

  8. Joe: Apa! Better than u ok! 😀

    Ching Yin: Cute leh 😀 !

    Helen: =( where gottttttttt! =(

    Leon: After that im also Murid Bermoral Tinggi 😀

  9. see.. show off with ur murid bermoral tinggi la (1999 summore).. got proof ppl also don’t belief.. must teliti diri dy.. wakakaaaa!
    u should change to “saya pun murid bermoral tinggi ONCE..”

  10. Wei Qi: apa show off! its a bukti okay!! 😀 what dont believe!! my name is there !!! apa once hah! its forever n always =p 😀 hahaha! 😀

  11. Everybody should vote for me =D

  12. Ee Jane: 😀

  13. mana aku punya!!!!!!haihz hiahz..hati sudah tawar~

  14. YES I WiN! 4VOTES!

  15. Ai Leng: =\

    Kean Jie: Hahaha! Congrats! 😀

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