The First Impression

There are at least 3 person in Kajang High School who gave me first bad impression when I first met them. We did not introduce ourselves to each other, probrably thinking that we will never be friends or it’s not worth it.

There is one person from 6BE, who gave me super, super good impression but turns up to be the other way and it was disappointing. While, the 3 person in KHS who gave me bad impression, turns up to be the one who earned my trust and most of all, realizing that they are NOT as what I thought they are.


Kamal is well known as Kamal or Mr. Waterfall [a.ka. What The F**K]. Do you know why Waterfall, because he kept on using what the f**k and F**KER that Sin Yee threatens to f**k him back here if he says it again that one day, the word Waterfall was created [where is his Noble prize?!] :

Kamal: Oi F**KER! What the fu

Sin Yee: *Stares*

Kamal: What the… the… the… FALL! WHAT THE FALL!

-____- And thus, that results the word WATERFALL. It’s very useful you know, because he mumbles under his breath the word WATERFALL right beside Miss Leela because he couldn’t say the right word or else he will probably send himself to Encik Rizal’s office or somewhere else hahaha!

Let me tell you my first impression towards him. I always thought that it was sooooooooooooo annoying that both of us sleeps in class at the same time and I was caught [and sent out to wash my face] and he was not. and bear in mind, when I was sent out, he was STILL SLEEPING !!!

And I thought that he is super rajin to complete ALL his homework and WATERFALL, one fine day, he came up and ask me if I have completed my Chemistry homework [drawing all those stupid boxes and filling them up with the electrons thingy, aiya, something like that la], which I DID NOT do and WILL NEVER do [Quote Miss Heng, “Nothing will get you to work except your marks!”]. And that was when I realized that I found my gang [Gang Tidur And Tak Buat Homework, don’t contohi hor].

Not only that, he gave me the best worst impression among the 3 person that I’m going to write about because he is friendly and the only bad impression he gives is that, because I refuse to let him know my SPM result [for the fun of it] and he pestered me for it for the whole recess time [Yes Ee Jane, you are right. Scorpios take pride in knowing something that the person doesn’t want to tell ].

There was once, Kamal annoyed Wei Qi, Sin Yee, Prakash and the King Of Buku Rampaian. Because we are having a PA debate [a very stupid and lame one] and instead of standing up to say something, he said:

I tak mau cakap apa-apa. Kalau I bukak mulut, habis korang semua.

Yes and he repeated that throughout the whole debate. When we are discussing on what to bombard the next group, he is still saying that. What makes him so cool is that, he is very daring and BERANI BUAT, BERANI TANGGUNG.

Not because he use handphone in class, but because of what he did yesterday with his gay partner, yes he is a gay and I’m a lesbian, that’s why we are best friends.

This is Aliff, his gay partner, and also known as Mr. Latex because he thought that I am innocent .

And Kamal, if you are ever leaving Form 6, all the best in your future undertakings and continue saying WATERFALL and spread your Waterfall-ism and maybe, there will be no more gays =( and saying Waterfall will always, always remind me of you. And if I see any waterfall -____-, I always remember how you say WATERFALL and how we play the Nama, Negeri because we are soooo bored and you called everyone all of us a F**KER and I forgive you . Haha!

Kamal and I today. Today, may be the last day he will be in KHS.

Low Ee Hahn

You go straight, don’t belok-belok.

WAIIIIIIIIITTTTT! Low Ee Hahn is NOT related to Low Ee Jane in any way. They are NOT twins or cousins. No hubungan ah, so okay ah, don’t ask anymore thank you.

At first, I read his name tag as Low JIN HAN, I don’t know why, don’t ask me why -____-, ’cause I don’t even know why. It was later on I realized that his name was Ee Hahn and not Jin Han. So, he gave me a bad impression. Because he looks berlagak. Seriously, not those kind of I’m-so-cool-so-you-please-blah-off kind of berlagak but he is like tak-layan-orang berlagak.

REALLY!!! I smiled at him don’t know how many puluh kali and he did not respond even once that I was so fed up with him to the extend I swear to never smile at him again and to not even talk to him and yes, I am that sensitive when I want to be =| . Not only that, when I tried to talk to him [I like talking and if I don’t talk, I will be depress -________-], he is like layan tak layan. ISH!!!

Then one day, when I asked him to read my blog about the incident of Prakash and I at the Sunway Maths Quiz last year because I happen to be telling Prakash about it, he seems interested and I think, this is how we begin to talk to each other.

My impression towards him then improved and then, when I first chatted with him on MSN, he takes such a looooooooooooooooonnnng time to reply, ish! And mind you, if you don’t know him, the way he type ah, is kinda berlagak one =p [So impression turun again la! =| ] Dah lah I bosan -_- then he take such a long, long time to reply and offline out of no where and when I asked him to introduce some nice songs, he ask me to listen to Yahoo! Launch instead -___-!!!and then he proceed to offline -________-!!!

Sigh! Then I happen to know that he is an Aquarius just like Ee Jane then we began to talk! Okay, I like Aquarius friends because they always looks so berlagak but actually such nice and chatty friends! Weeeeeee!

And also, now, for me, Ee Hahn is a very nice and chatty guy [looks quietΒ  and berlagak only!] and he is also trustable, cool and I am still waiting for his kacau-ing mood to kick up so that I can see how well he kacau others .

So yea, do you know why I like the most about Ee Hahn. It’s his sincerity andΒ  the way he loves his girlfriend, Ivory. Everytime he talks about his girlfriend, he is always, always smiling and that made me smile as well, because, sorry la, I am very easily excited =|. And you know, I can really, really see that he really, really, really sincerely care and love his girlfriend a lot and I’ve always tell myself that Ivory is such a lucky girl .

Ivory and Ee Hahn. Photo taken from Ee Hahn’s blog.

And I wish he is in my class -_______________________-!!! Then we can talk during boring PA lessons and at least, I can have one person to ask, “Have you done your homework?” and I get no as an answer .

Tan Kean Jie

HMMPH! Tan Kean Jie gave me the worst impression of all -_- First, I thought that he looks like some kind of Japanese boy which totally suits his name and his hair is cute until he turns up with a Trojan hairstyle -_-.

See! So cute right!!

At first, he looks berlagak, muka masam -_- and unfriendly and I never wanted to talk to him and I don’t know how we started talking also actually =| =|. And also, I think that he’s a very cool guy =D As in cool cool tak layan orang one and something in me tells me that he is rude too .

BUT! After I get to know him, he is so, so, so, so, so different! He is a really cool friend and such a nice person to chat with as well [I love the friendship SMS that you sent to me! =) ] and he is absolutely NOT rude. I have been sooooooo, sooooo wrong about Kean Jie =| ! Nowadays, he always have a happy smile on his face and he looks so much better with smiling face than his muka masam you know =|.

And not only that, he is a fun person to be with and he remembers to lend me his Shin Chan comic!!! Hahaha!

He is good at acting and he is pretty famous, if not, where can get so many votes during the PT 6 meeting! And this fellow also another rebellious one like Kamal and this is his Trojan hairstyle:

See, not cute! -_-

My favourite photo of him. Hahaha!


From this, I have learnt that, we must never judge a book from it’s cover and this is what I have always been doing and ended up realizing that the people whom I thought was an angel was a devil while the one whom I thought to be a devil was the angel.

And I wonder, how many more people have I actually misunderstood. Okay, a bit emo-ish already =p. And yea, the best photo of the day:

Drinking underwater is NOT impossible – Inspired by Kean Jie.


Now, tell me what is your first impression towards me. You either choose to write it in the comment or send me an E-mail at and I will put it up on the next post [If I get enough replies la =p]. And you can be as honest as you want! =D


9 responses to “The First Impression

  1. My 1st impression of you…is that i thought you were a crybaby…coz your mata macam bengkak (= =)

    2nd impression is, u r a friend who will let me have it my way and u got lots n lots to learn and not be so tolerant

    3rd impression you have learned and mastered the way of annoyingness! but you will still let me have my way XD

    eh eh /gh

    “I’ve always tell myself that Ivory is such a lucky girl”

    So i expect you will always tell yourself that my future boyfriend shall be a very lucky boy lah XD

    And the “low ee hahn’ badge is so nostalgic, even the colour of it! i can just erase/kick off/un-sew the ‘hahn’ and put ‘jane’ there, then only you can see a perfect name =D


  2. eee WATERFALL!!haha
    now got something new,
    P.L.A.N ( Pusat Latithan Anjing Negara )
    LAUGHED LIKE HELL when Kamal told me that XD
    sam sam ..why lah didnt put the ending pic of the Gollum Of the Opera ??
    that’s best pic lahh !!hahaha ><

    wait lah, my hair will grow back =)

    sim looked SUPER funny in that pic xD

  3. Ee Jane: sometimes ah, i stare at his name tag lama lama ok T.T thank God im not a guy and he’s not a girl =p or else habislah hahaha!

    Kean Jie: apalah that kamal! what also he can think up one! hahaha! i didnt put because i dont know you mind or not ma =| hehehe πŸ˜€ im waitin for ur hair to grow back la now! πŸ˜€ and yea, he memang looks funny wei! hahaha! πŸ˜€ priceless! πŸ˜€

  4. haha.. in my school, we dont say what the f *ck, we usually say what the fun! =) [i learnt it from my swc society friends but, i wont use that words la. haha =s]

    hmm, my 1st impression towards you… is umm.. i thought that you are SOMBONG! But, i was WRONG! hahaha. because once i get to know more of you, i seriously thinks that im lucky to have you as my fren. =] andddd you really did protect me as though im your anak kandung. haha. =))

  5. Ching Yin: okay okay! must teach kamal IF he is still in form 6 ! what the fun! hahahahahahaha! now we everyday WATERFALL [budaya waterfall] πŸ˜€ miss u! -hugs-

  6. wahahaha.. my first impression towards u ar..
    ONCE UPON A TIME, (I’ll try my best to cut it short).. back to std.5 i think.. i was in 5 Ros, ur in 5 Orkid.. we’re having Moral period side by side, 1st row, beside de door.. in front of teacher’s table (my memory is good! XD.. wish i can hav good memory in studies too..)
    k k, dat time, u used to creat games in class n we play together… neh.. dat Mr. fish, Mr. Flower.. (whatever game u called dat) wah. dat time.. i was thinking.. “dis girl is very CREATIVE but won’t stop talking.. talk so fast, ANNOYING.. can’t focus on teacher” though, u gav me very a very GOOD 1st impression :D.. dat time was my naughtiest year.. scolded by teacher most of de time *kena denda stand outside, sit under table.. cause my pingat bermoral tinggi flew away.. (can’t belief me getting so naughty le.. maybe affected by u).. oh ya! u always photocopy sum Powerpuff Girls drawing n we used to trace n colour them.. if u still rmbr..
    after form5, u disappeared, i turned back to de “Murid Bermoral Tinggi WeiQi” hehe..
    then till Form 4.. we meet again.. n u still look ANNOYING to me.. tambah pula dat eejane.. haha.. both of u.. icon of de school.. then i get close to eejane through msn, tuition n dunno how, i get close to u again.. u turned up so helpful n friendly to me, yup.. dat “Clarine email” thing, 02jam, RO.. through emailing, i know ur very very HELPFUL n will do anything for a fren.. n i also know ur very very very “FaSam” for having so many wives n husbands.. HM! luckily i tak termakan ur words n accept ur lamaran! πŸ˜›
    we’re so addicted to O2Jam, went to eejane n ur house n exchange account so dat i got money to buy new clothes for my avatar.. (ok, another fact dat u n eejane are on9 GAMES ADDICT, n made me addicted too..) i also know dat ur good in Writing stories n i love reading them πŸ˜€ (i nvr read anything without pics.. u shall be proud!)eh.. i tot dat time u said u wanna teach me Piano?? see.. now busy Paktuo n pek tai me dy la..
    1st 1st in form6, i was looking for sumone who take Physics with me (dat time not very close to sim n since everyone’s going for Bio).. sim say ur taking physics too, i was lik (Thank God ur with me!).. then u became my human pillow in class cuz i know ur those who WON’T REFUSE or feel “Eewww” (btw, avin is my best pillow :P) but now no more pillow dy (sim too skinny, scare she pain.. hehe)
    Now, we get “38 38” n we LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER..
    end of story.. πŸ˜›

  7. em~~samantha!!
    Im officially in love with………………………ur blog
    really nice blog wehhh~~~
    I should bring u to the PA room upstairs and from there u can snap pictures oooooo
    Well, PA room is like our hang out place during perhimpunan time…hahaha

  8. 1st impression… lemme think.. u were intro by michelle wen i was std 6 (baru lepas upsr) n u were in std 5. 1st impression till now havent change.. u talk 2 fast as if ur excited 24/7… dats bad 4 muet speaking ok.. niway.. 4 sum unknown reason we hav kept a reasonably normal mutualistic fren-fren relationship.. i help u wif urrr…. help wif…. hmmm… i think i help u in sumway la πŸ˜› while u help me wif comp n RO (damn, its bcoz of u i WAS addicted 2 dis stupiak game). den i could still remember ur initial nickname till now… its so embarrasing i cant reveal it here (hint: sum christmas song) other den dat, 1st impression was, ani1 who can get along wif michelle wen she was younger = ppl wif a lot of patience/ sama species wif her ( skru kepala longgar).. i believe u belonged 2 d second gp… well.. it seems my 1st impression aint 2 far from warts coming from u eh?

  9. Wei Qi: i where got so bad =| i very good wan leh!!!

    Ejay: Yo apa khabar!!! πŸ˜€ thank u for the lovely compliment! πŸ˜€ and yes, you should bring me up to the PA room then I can snap more photos =p and blog more! haha! πŸ˜€

    Helen: shhhhhhh! dont tell anyone about my nickname!! =|

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