Budaya-Budaya KHS

1. You walk in the school gate at 7.20am when you are supposed to be in school by 7.20am and you can walk slowly to the tapak perhimpunan because the teacher in charge will ask the whole bunch of students [relax la, you WILL NOT be the only one] to come earlier and not be late again and to be punctual bla bla bla and don’t worry la, nothing will happen to you one la .

Part of the tapak perhimpunan.

2. You can keep your necktie in your bag until they decided to have a spot check or if by any luck you do not have your necktie in your bag, then you can pray hard for your subject teacher to save you [Neh, you know those teachers who will not let anyone to take away one millisecond of their period one] by dragging your whole class out of the tapak perhimpunan because she wants to teach and nothing will ever stop her.

3. You can talk during assemblies [not too loudly], do your homework [sit behind la] and do whatever you want during assemblies because, the prefects are standing right at the back.

You can arrange your stuffs while the teacher is talking.

Or read up your teacher’s note before she decided to kill you.

Or you can choose to go up to the second floor of the building so that you can laugh at everyone hahahahahahaha, no la, actually I don’t know what are they are doing up there and I would like be there sometimes but it’s all guys there so no thank you la I tak mau kena rape la you know la I’m so sexy. Hahahaha. Kidding

From left to right: Kean Jie, Viven, Ooi Jie, King Of Buku Rampaian, Leong

Or you pak tor.

Or tell your friend that your report is the correct one and hers is the wrong one. No la , discuss report with your friend.

Or buat kerja sendiri la. [Salin homework, read newspaper or dream away or you chit chat]

Nah, because the prefects are all right at the back, standing together. So, no one will bother you. Make good use of the assembly time. Time is golden okay.

4. You can eat in class because, there’s once during assembly, the teacher said:

“Saya mendapati kebelakangan ini ramai pelajar yang makan di dalam kelas. Dan. Saya dengar, bukan pelajar biasa sahaja yang makan di dalam kelas. Pengawas pun sama.

Dan pengawas. Kamu dilantik menjadi pengawas bukan suruh kamu buka nasi lemak kamu dan makan bersama-sama dengan mereka. Mulai hari ini, semua pelajar dikehendaki pergi ke kantin dan makan. Pengawas, sila ambil tindakan.

Back in class:


Nasi lemak.

My nasi goreng. Yes, the one Meow is eating .

Or you hide candies under your table and pop them into your mouth when your teacher bores you.

Canteen ah? No thank you. That’s why it’s so clean.

5. You can offer to help your teacher to clean the whiteboard and then proceed to tell teacher that your hand is dirty and you want to wash them because 99.99% you will be allowed to and then you can take a slow stroll with your friend who is waiting for you outside for a little chat. [Hahaha!]


6. You don’t want to look at this:

Not the TEMPAT LETAK KERETA sign. The signboard above it.

7. You don’t agree with this:

Kalau guru tidak penyayang, murid ____________?

8. You don’t need to memorize the school song lyrics.

Because it’s printed out for you.

9. If you are a girl, you know where do you see this:

When someone goes into the toilet and she closes the door, you see this and I think melancap means masturbating.

10. You can take a photo of your friends from another class when their teacher is in the class.

See, that’s Meow sticking out her tongue and doing a peace sign .

Kean Jie and Sage says PEACE! Can anyone spot Ee Hahn? Hahaha!

Act cool. Haha!

And she smiles =D.

11. You can play UNO while waiting for a ceremony to start.

Even LeiKen is excited .

12. You sleep during boring long speeches given by anyone. Yes, anyone.


13. You can bring handphone to school.

This is a handphone.

You can Bluetooth during recess time. Sorry, that is not my handphone, my handphone doesn’t even have infrared -_-.

Or you make phone calls or listen to music.

13. You try to finish up your homework early in the morning.

Copying report .

Ee Hahn is doing homework, Sage and Prakash are chatting.

LeiKen is curious .

Okay. Proven .

14. You paste the school bulletin at the back of your class.

15. You wear your tie this way.

16. You use laptop in class. Because no one says no .

You play and your friends watch you play.

17. You can visit your friends’ class as and when you like during recess or if your class and their class do not have a teacher.

You can play in their class.

Or take a photo together or to chit chat. Hahaha!

18. For the girls, you can wear any hair accessories to school.

Chui San’s scrunchy.

My Malaysia flag colour ribbon because I am so patriotic .

19. You have different style of sleeping in class.

The sexy way.

Sleep on the table way.

A stylo way of sleeping.

20. You can take a photo with your teacher when she is teaching.

21. You can draw this on your hand.

High School isn’t that bad afterall .


12 responses to “Budaya-Budaya KHS

  1. go to form5 or form4 blocks, u’ll find more budaya..
    budaya rogol (act rogol),
    budaya entah apa apa nonsense lah..haha

  2. eh you write about it la! šŸ˜€

  3. Heh XD

    Nice pics *nods* and nice contengan..now that I talk about contengan, my fat brother always got contengan on his tangan, either he conteng, or his kawan tolong contengkan.

  4. Ee Jane: Thank you. Budaya KHS ma šŸ˜€

  5. Sam, saper yang conteng tangan tu??haha =D

  6. wah, ur school is so cool! =] ahahahaha, jason sedang main games izit? =p and oi, i saw my phone! XD

  7. so enter d power pt thingy again la? so dat next yer u can sleep like dem during ceremony n still get free pizza.. hahahaha!!! y do i always look downwards in ur pic?

  8. wah.. din read ur blog also dunno KHS is so good.. for these budaya only la..
    ya rite, u try n bring laptop to school n play DOTA or RO in front of Pn. Chang n see..
    hmmm… thinking back life in convent.. i was actually allowed to sleep in front of our two discipline teacher.. wuahaha..
    – cool ribbon, teruskan usaha anda! –

  9. Kean Jie: eh eleh! u sendiri conteng ur tangan la what else šŸ˜€ =p

    Ching Yin: cool leh! KHS ma hahaha, ya lah, jason is playing games šŸ˜€ ahaha, wei qi got the same hp model as u šŸ˜€

    Helen: i will enter again without ANY irresponsible people this time of course!! how i know why u always look downwards =p i snap only wor that time šŸ˜€ hehehe! šŸ˜€

    Wei Qi: meeeeeeeeow! now u know so u appreciate la šŸ˜€ not puan chang -____- later OUT YOU GO =| hahaha, then everyone also will know =| yea la tu hebat =p =p meoooowww!

  10. 0.0!! hmmm…my eyes turn like this when i saw all the picts..cool~~ at least u dun get to tie only 1 cm ribbon with blue white and black colour ribbon(back in convent)..wuakakaa..and u noe wad,my college like second convent!!T.T!! we cant use phone in lecture hall(in the rule book or some board at behind of the class) but we still use it..with silents mode and during break only~ den we hav to tie bun if not rm 5 gone case~ and they hav spot check..swt!!!and all bout money$$$ when u langgar any rules~~we can get bankrap if we suka langgar rule..and i become the same old sleeping pig during lecture..wuakakaa..my fren always poke me to wake me up cause lecturer tgh looking at me~i miss pn.lim punya kejutkan” this wong ai leng a,sleep again in class ” wuaakakkaa..

  11. Ai Leng: thats why i love KHS hahaha! we SMS anywhere we want, during assembly also can sms la ok =p šŸ˜€ langgar rules nama kena catit only, dont bother also =p

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