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Happy Belated Birthday!

Oh thanks! It’s my birthday!!! And hello! My name is Cassandra =D.

Look! That’s my cake ! Tell me that I’m sexy and I’ll give you a slice .

Eh sorry la, it’s not your birthday . GO AWAY! It’s her birthday 🙂 :

Happy belated 17th birthday Ferlynne!

17 candles.


She is my sister and she has the fairest skin, the best complexion and the prettiest among the 3 of us.

The one on the left.

She is different from me in many ways. She is hardworking and rarely misses a homework, willing to study hard, helpful [when she feels guilty about not helping that is. Hahaha! ] and easily irritated and annoyed [which is why it’s so fun to disturb her =p].

I love Physics.

I cannot stand Cassandra and Ferlynne sometimes because they don’t like Lee Hom and I don’t like their Korean boy band and they love this:

If you can read Korean.

There are so many times that I am thankful to have her in my life. She stayed up late just to help me complete the front page of my Geography project in Form 2 [the usual last minute work] and ended up writing her Chinese name instead of mine [Miss Ferlynne! Do you remember that incident!!]. She took back my uniform, school shoes and school books whenever I’m going elsewhere after school even when if her bag is super heavy.

Currently under darurat duduk rumah study .

We went to the same school and graduated from the same school in different year. In school she is the opposite of me, she is always neat , hardworking and quiet and I’m the other way round.

The same green rented graduation robes from KHS.

She flies!


Her birthday dinner:


Hmm… What cake is it ah?

Wa! White chocolate macadamia!


Great mind thinks alike. Because the T-shirt that Ferlynne is wearing used to be the same colour as Dad but then the colour faded la after a long time. Therefore, the phrase Great Mind Thinks Alike is used because if Dad happens to call her dumbo when they are both wearing the T-shirt of the same colour, he’s calling himself a dumbo as well =p.

Wiping the oil off the forehead together. Ignore Cassandra . [Proven]/[Q.E.D.]

The sunshine in my life.

Happy Belated Birthday!


Mencari Kulit Siput

The title today has nothing to do with my post today. The title today was inspired by a group of Upper 6 students. And today, it’s simply the best day of the week and the happiest day as well because I had fun and my best friend taught me something new today:

Girl: Are you prepared for exam?

Me: Oh. Ask my best friend.

Best Friend: Ever ready <— Super confident tone.

Me: !!!

Girl: Oh okay… *Walks away*

Best Friend: Ever ready to fail .


There is one particular place, where whenever I talk about it or someone talks about it or when I walk past it or think about it, I thought about the life back then in:

This is the place, where I met all my best friends and the people whom I feel like slapping them upside them [and now I’m still seeing her -.-”’], the people whom I wish they are better off elsewhere and the people that I never want to bother or even to talk to.

Convent is a school with tight discipline. Try doing everything stated here and we’ll see if you can escape. The only thing that I don’t like about Convent are the prefects [my batch and some bloody kaki bodek-s].

Prefects are perfect students in Convent, especially the Head Prefect. That’s why they are given power to squash us right down and heck, we even have to apologize for it! And to be fair, I like Convent for all its proper ways, lovely classrooms and canteen food compared to KHS.

The Classroom.

I want the doughnut.

More food.

The Beloved Nasi Goreng! ❤

And this is what I hate doing in Convent for 5 years:

Queuing up EVERY single morning and after recess to go in the class and this is what I call, a nonsense rule and I don’t see any reason for it.

And now I’ve finally understand the meaning of:

You may talk a lot for a year and don’t talk so much the following year and don’t want to the talk at all the years after that.

Because it’s happening right now.

In my life, no one is a substitute because everyone is different and unique in their very own way.

Ee Jane is bossy with all her ways that she is always correct. And the Ee Jane’s theory:

8 x 7 = 48.

Ching Yin is quiet but she will make sure that you die in her hands if you cheat her .

Ai Leng is nonsensical in all her ways that you don’t know if you want to scream at her or whack her hard on her head because:

Me: Ai Leng, later we are going to bla bla bla. *Talks for 5 minutes* AI LENG!

Ai Leng: HUH?!

Me: *Stares* I’m talking to you.

Ai Leng: Oh. What did you say??

Zaharah is the best person to talk about sex to [HAHAHA!] and she’ll proceed to get heart attack. She claims herself to be a princess and that no one else is more royal like than she is.

If anyone remember how she claims that she will be the Miss Universe on a ship waving her Miss Universe wave to everyone with Tom Cruise on the ship! Hahaha!


The four person mentioned above are the friends who have played the biggest part in my schooling life. Albeit we may not be in the same school now or even to talk to each other as often as we use to and to even see each other or even to understand what the other party is trying to say or to laugh at the same inside joke, we will always keep the memories that used to keep our friendship alive, strong and ongoing:

From left to right: Ching Yin, Ai Leng, Sam, Ee Jane

We graduated from the same school and studied in the same school eversince year 1 and only got closer to each other in secondary school.

We attend the same birthday parties together and had a sleepover as well, sharing our money together so that we can buy the birthday girl a better present :).

Waking up Ai Leng during lessons and exams and TRUST ME, she sleeps during exam -_- and she haven’t even completed answering all the questions!!

Trying to ignore the smarties in class who always get the right answer and claim that they don’t even study so we in return do not find the need to tell them that we did study or we did not [and we did not -.-”’]

Sleep in the class every morning before we need to line up outside the class.

This is the day where Ching Yin and I have to resit for Add Maths Paper 2 because we did too well and no, I’m NOT kidding.

We all have our fatt hau moments .

HAHAHAHA! This photo cracks me up everytime I view it! We [Sin Yee, Zaharah, Anis, Syahirah and I] went for the water rocket competition last year and then there was this Malay guy [beside the Chinese guy in the photo] whom one of my friend wanted his photo and thus, we tried to snap a photo of him by zooming the camera to the maximum and as a result, we got a photo of the Chinese boy instead of the Malay boy hahahahahahahahaha!

The always after recess class comment by the prefects.

Nasi goreng at the usual place. 20 minutes of recess is NOT enough!!

They love the wallpaper.

And I Love Chemistry!!

Sama-sama don’t pay attention in class.

And this is what we do during Biology experiment [The osmosis or whatever la, neh, use the potatoes one! ]

This photo was taken during the SPM year and it means that:

Time is running out. No A1, we are dead for good.

Yes, something like that . I feel so proud that we are actually that creative =p.

The pink motorbike that we saw on our way to the ribbon shop.

Our 2007 obsession :).

This photo was taken when Sin Yee, Zaharah and I went for a trip to the palm oil dunno what company and when the kononnya Miss Universe is posing like this:

-_-… Counting her money -.-”’ She’s damn kaya by the way =p

And now, spot Ee Jane in every photo [Don’t worry, sure can spot her one. She is NOT that tiny okay. She always looks tiny because she always stands next to me. Hahaha]:

The last day of SPM [Sijil Perompak Malaysia]. WOOHOOO!! I remember the last paper was Biology and I was almost late somemore [eh not my fault ok] and until today, I still couldn’t believe it that we battled through SPM and WON! Hahaha =D ! Just look at our super tired face and eyes! =p

She is the reason why we menghadirkan diri on Hari Ko-kurikulum.

I remember how worried we are when she’s breaking that thing -.-”.

Ah Pa and Ah Lui .

Wong Ai Leng! May I know what happened to all these?? -____-

Homework addict. Hahaha!




Two of my favourite photos of Ee Jane and I:

I want back my super looooooooonggggggggg beautiful haaaaaaaaaaaiirrr!! =(


It has been a long time eversince we last talk to each other and though now we have our new groups of friends outside. You may think that I have forgotten about you or not have much topic to talk about anymore with you anymore or that I’m too busy in my life or we don’t laugh together anymore, but just to let you know here, that in my heart and life, there is always a room for four of you.

As times goes on, we will distance away and this is something that I don’t like. Sometimes, I find it sad; that now we only get to know about each other through our blogs when we used to see each other everyday and laugh about everything together and stress about exams together and do everything together. Things are so different nowadays, time goes on and people change and I supposed, it’s all for the good and for the bad :).

The First Impression Part 2

Here, I’ve compiled all the first impression of my dearest friends towards me. I have to admit that most of them are shocking !! So, here is it:

Low Ee Jane says:

She first thought that I was a crybaby because my eyes looks swollen and my face looks puffy.

My White Blood Cells [WBC] says: I am not a crybaby!!! *Defensive mode on*. Must be tak cukup tidur la okay. Yah yah I’m sure of that I have not enough sleep!!! Have anyone seen my eyes when I have enough sleep? They looks very beautiful one okay =(…My face is not puffy laaaaa! Just… chubby :D…

*White blood cells [WBC] is a defence system in our body- Inspired by Ee Jane.

Yeo Ching Yin says:

She thought that I am sombong. T.T… Ah Lui, how cannnnnnn yoooouuuu =( !!! And then she realize that she is wrong . Because she feels lucky to have a friend like me and a mum like me =D.

My WBC says: I am not sombong!! HEYYY! Sejak bila I sombong pulak!!! =( Fitnah fitnah! Haha 😀

The Cat [Meow a.k.a. Wei Qi] says:

She reminded me of so many things back in my primary school life that I have forgotten =p.

She said back in year 5, I used to create games and then we always play together and she thinks that I am a creative girl but can’t stop talking and talks too fast. And she even thought that I am annoying -_-… So I gave her a good impression :D.

And she claims that I always photocopy some PPG [Powerpuff Girls] drawings to colour. Not only that, she even claims that she is very naughty that year and her hypothesis is that, she might be affected by me.

Then in Form 4, she said that I still looks annoying to her -.-”’…Then she realized that I am actually very friendly and helpful to the extend that I will do anything for a friend . And then she even say that I am Fa Sam [Eh eh, inside story! Keep it to yourself and continue meow-ing 😀 :D!!]

Out of no where, she libatkan Ee Jane sekali. Saying that because Ee Jane and I are game addicts [more like technology slave], thus, we influenced her to be addicted to games as well [HAHAHAHAHA! ]. Then she also say that I am good at writing stories [Weeeee!] and she enjoys reading them =D. And then now she say I pak tor and piet tai her -_-…

And now I am her human pillow and we can 38 38 and live happily ever after.

My WBC says: I don’t remember creating games woman =| =| !!! I memang can’t stop talking one la so please forgive me la =p =p And why am I even annoying?! I am annoying and yet gave you a good impression =p  Hahaha! Not bad =p

And, let me prove your hypothesis wrong :

Saya pun Murid Bermoral Tinggi okay .

Helen says:

Helen and Michelle- Photo taken from Helen’s Friendster =p

She says that I talk too fast as if I’m excited 24/7 and claims that it was because of me she is addicted to RO =|… And don’t mention my initial nickname [Inside story, keep it to yourself =p Go study for STPM :D].

And that anyone who can gets along with Michelle when she was young must be someone with a lot of patience or skru kepala longgar and she is sure that I belonged to the second group and I agree too =|.

My WBC says: I can’t say anything :D… It’s err… true! =|

Tan Kean Jie says:

He was thinking which sesat girl who comes to school and doesn’t iron her uniform -____- and even thinks that I’m kaypoh in some way =|…

My WBC says: Eh eh I tak kaypoh! I’m just friendly =|…

Joe says:

Waliao weh, let me tell you all la, she looks gentle only. But after you know her wtf, talks too much, craps too much, and make up dirty jokes which… I enjoy [shaddap la]. Kind enough to scan in the Chemistry stuffs that I need the other day. That’s all… Oh, not to forget, uberly special and sexy. HAHAHA!

My WBC says: Thank you Joe for writing. I waited all day and you tell me expect an essay from you. Yes, this is an essay =\. Forget about his last sentence.

Low Ee Hahn says:

At first he thought that I am a freak because I don’t comb my hair and iron my uniform =| But after he know me well then he saw the good side of me 😀 Ahaha.

My WBC says: I am not a freak =(… I malas nak iron uniform only =(…


Ah… Seems like I’m not a bad person afterall 😀

The First Impression

There are at least 3 person in Kajang High School who gave me first bad impression when I first met them. We did not introduce ourselves to each other, probrably thinking that we will never be friends or it’s not worth it.

There is one person from 6BE, who gave me super, super good impression but turns up to be the other way and it was disappointing. While, the 3 person in KHS who gave me bad impression, turns up to be the one who earned my trust and most of all, realizing that they are NOT as what I thought they are.


Kamal is well known as Kamal or Mr. Waterfall [a.ka. What The F**K]. Do you know why Waterfall, because he kept on using what the f**k and F**KER that Sin Yee threatens to f**k him back here if he says it again that one day, the word Waterfall was created [where is his Noble prize?!] :

Kamal: Oi F**KER! What the fu

Sin Yee: *Stares*

Kamal: What the… the… the… FALL! WHAT THE FALL!

-____- And thus, that results the word WATERFALL. It’s very useful you know, because he mumbles under his breath the word WATERFALL right beside Miss Leela because he couldn’t say the right word or else he will probably send himself to Encik Rizal’s office or somewhere else hahaha!

Let me tell you my first impression towards him. I always thought that it was sooooooooooooo annoying that both of us sleeps in class at the same time and I was caught [and sent out to wash my face] and he was not. and bear in mind, when I was sent out, he was STILL SLEEPING !!!

And I thought that he is super rajin to complete ALL his homework and WATERFALL, one fine day, he came up and ask me if I have completed my Chemistry homework [drawing all those stupid boxes and filling them up with the electrons thingy, aiya, something like that la], which I DID NOT do and WILL NEVER do [Quote Miss Heng, “Nothing will get you to work except your marks!”]. And that was when I realized that I found my gang [Gang Tidur And Tak Buat Homework, don’t contohi hor].

Not only that, he gave me the best worst impression among the 3 person that I’m going to write about because he is friendly and the only bad impression he gives is that, because I refuse to let him know my SPM result [for the fun of it] and he pestered me for it for the whole recess time [Yes Ee Jane, you are right. Scorpios take pride in knowing something that the person doesn’t want to tell ].

There was once, Kamal annoyed Wei Qi, Sin Yee, Prakash and the King Of Buku Rampaian. Because we are having a PA debate [a very stupid and lame one] and instead of standing up to say something, he said:

I tak mau cakap apa-apa. Kalau I bukak mulut, habis korang semua.

Yes and he repeated that throughout the whole debate. When we are discussing on what to bombard the next group, he is still saying that. What makes him so cool is that, he is very daring and BERANI BUAT, BERANI TANGGUNG.

Not because he use handphone in class, but because of what he did yesterday with his gay partner, yes he is a gay and I’m a lesbian, that’s why we are best friends.

This is Aliff, his gay partner, and also known as Mr. Latex because he thought that I am innocent .

And Kamal, if you are ever leaving Form 6, all the best in your future undertakings and continue saying WATERFALL and spread your Waterfall-ism and maybe, there will be no more gays =( and saying Waterfall will always, always remind me of you. And if I see any waterfall -____-, I always remember how you say WATERFALL and how we play the Nama, Negeri because we are soooo bored and you called everyone all of us a F**KER and I forgive you . Haha!

Kamal and I today. Today, may be the last day he will be in KHS.

Low Ee Hahn

You go straight, don’t belok-belok.

WAIIIIIIIIITTTTT! Low Ee Hahn is NOT related to Low Ee Jane in any way. They are NOT twins or cousins. No hubungan ah, so okay ah, don’t ask anymore thank you.

At first, I read his name tag as Low JIN HAN, I don’t know why, don’t ask me why -____-, ’cause I don’t even know why. It was later on I realized that his name was Ee Hahn and not Jin Han. So, he gave me a bad impression. Because he looks berlagak. Seriously, not those kind of I’m-so-cool-so-you-please-blah-off kind of berlagak but he is like tak-layan-orang berlagak.

REALLY!!! I smiled at him don’t know how many puluh kali and he did not respond even once that I was so fed up with him to the extend I swear to never smile at him again and to not even talk to him and yes, I am that sensitive when I want to be =| . Not only that, when I tried to talk to him [I like talking and if I don’t talk, I will be depress -________-], he is like layan tak layan. ISH!!!

Then one day, when I asked him to read my blog about the incident of Prakash and I at the Sunway Maths Quiz last year because I happen to be telling Prakash about it, he seems interested and I think, this is how we begin to talk to each other.

My impression towards him then improved and then, when I first chatted with him on MSN, he takes such a looooooooooooooooonnnng time to reply, ish! And mind you, if you don’t know him, the way he type ah, is kinda berlagak one =p [So impression turun again la! =| ] Dah lah I bosan -_- then he take such a long, long time to reply and offline out of no where and when I asked him to introduce some nice songs, he ask me to listen to Yahoo! Launch instead -___-!!!and then he proceed to offline -________-!!!

Sigh! Then I happen to know that he is an Aquarius just like Ee Jane then we began to talk! Okay, I like Aquarius friends because they always looks so berlagak but actually such nice and chatty friends! Weeeeeee!

And also, now, for me, Ee Hahn is a very nice and chatty guy [looks quiet  and berlagak only!] and he is also trustable, cool and I am still waiting for his kacau-ing mood to kick up so that I can see how well he kacau others .

So yea, do you know why I like the most about Ee Hahn. It’s his sincerity and  the way he loves his girlfriend, Ivory. Everytime he talks about his girlfriend, he is always, always smiling and that made me smile as well, because, sorry la, I am very easily excited =|. And you know, I can really, really see that he really, really, really sincerely care and love his girlfriend a lot and I’ve always tell myself that Ivory is such a lucky girl .

Ivory and Ee Hahn. Photo taken from Ee Hahn’s blog.

And I wish he is in my class -_______________________-!!! Then we can talk during boring PA lessons and at least, I can have one person to ask, “Have you done your homework?” and I get no as an answer .

Tan Kean Jie

HMMPH! Tan Kean Jie gave me the worst impression of all -_- First, I thought that he looks like some kind of Japanese boy which totally suits his name and his hair is cute until he turns up with a Trojan hairstyle -_-.

See! So cute right!!

At first, he looks berlagak, muka masam -_- and unfriendly and I never wanted to talk to him and I don’t know how we started talking also actually =| =|. And also, I think that he’s a very cool guy =D As in cool cool tak layan orang one and something in me tells me that he is rude too .

BUT! After I get to know him, he is so, so, so, so, so different! He is a really cool friend and such a nice person to chat with as well [I love the friendship SMS that you sent to me! =) ] and he is absolutely NOT rude. I have been sooooooo, sooooo wrong about Kean Jie =| ! Nowadays, he always have a happy smile on his face and he looks so much better with smiling face than his muka masam you know =|.

And not only that, he is a fun person to be with and he remembers to lend me his Shin Chan comic!!! Hahaha!

He is good at acting and he is pretty famous, if not, where can get so many votes during the PT 6 meeting! And this fellow also another rebellious one like Kamal and this is his Trojan hairstyle:

See, not cute! -_-

My favourite photo of him. Hahaha!


From this, I have learnt that, we must never judge a book from it’s cover and this is what I have always been doing and ended up realizing that the people whom I thought was an angel was a devil while the one whom I thought to be a devil was the angel.

And I wonder, how many more people have I actually misunderstood. Okay, a bit emo-ish already =p. And yea, the best photo of the day:

Drinking underwater is NOT impossible – Inspired by Kean Jie.


Now, tell me what is your first impression towards me. You either choose to write it in the comment or send me an E-mail at and I will put it up on the next post [If I get enough replies la =p]. And you can be as honest as you want! =D

Budaya-Budaya KHS

1. You walk in the school gate at 7.20am when you are supposed to be in school by 7.20am and you can walk slowly to the tapak perhimpunan because the teacher in charge will ask the whole bunch of students [relax la, you WILL NOT be the only one] to come earlier and not be late again and to be punctual bla bla bla and don’t worry la, nothing will happen to you one la .

Part of the tapak perhimpunan.

2. You can keep your necktie in your bag until they decided to have a spot check or if by any luck you do not have your necktie in your bag, then you can pray hard for your subject teacher to save you [Neh, you know those teachers who will not let anyone to take away one millisecond of their period one] by dragging your whole class out of the tapak perhimpunan because she wants to teach and nothing will ever stop her.

3. You can talk during assemblies [not too loudly], do your homework [sit behind la] and do whatever you want during assemblies because, the prefects are standing right at the back.

You can arrange your stuffs while the teacher is talking.

Or read up your teacher’s note before she decided to kill you.

Or you can choose to go up to the second floor of the building so that you can laugh at everyone hahahahahahaha, no la, actually I don’t know what are they are doing up there and I would like be there sometimes but it’s all guys there so no thank you la I tak mau kena rape la you know la I’m so sexy. Hahahaha. Kidding

From left to right: Kean Jie, Viven, Ooi Jie, King Of Buku Rampaian, Leong

Or you pak tor.

Or tell your friend that your report is the correct one and hers is the wrong one. No la , discuss report with your friend.

Or buat kerja sendiri la. [Salin homework, read newspaper or dream away or you chit chat]

Nah, because the prefects are all right at the back, standing together. So, no one will bother you. Make good use of the assembly time. Time is golden okay.

4. You can eat in class because, there’s once during assembly, the teacher said:

“Saya mendapati kebelakangan ini ramai pelajar yang makan di dalam kelas. Dan. Saya dengar, bukan pelajar biasa sahaja yang makan di dalam kelas. Pengawas pun sama.

Dan pengawas. Kamu dilantik menjadi pengawas bukan suruh kamu buka nasi lemak kamu dan makan bersama-sama dengan mereka. Mulai hari ini, semua pelajar dikehendaki pergi ke kantin dan makan. Pengawas, sila ambil tindakan.

Back in class:


Nasi lemak.

My nasi goreng. Yes, the one Meow is eating .

Or you hide candies under your table and pop them into your mouth when your teacher bores you.

Canteen ah? No thank you. That’s why it’s so clean.

5. You can offer to help your teacher to clean the whiteboard and then proceed to tell teacher that your hand is dirty and you want to wash them because 99.99% you will be allowed to and then you can take a slow stroll with your friend who is waiting for you outside for a little chat. [Hahaha!]


6. You don’t want to look at this:

Not the TEMPAT LETAK KERETA sign. The signboard above it.

7. You don’t agree with this:

Kalau guru tidak penyayang, murid ____________?

8. You don’t need to memorize the school song lyrics.

Because it’s printed out for you.

9. If you are a girl, you know where do you see this:

When someone goes into the toilet and she closes the door, you see this and I think melancap means masturbating.

10. You can take a photo of your friends from another class when their teacher is in the class.

See, that’s Meow sticking out her tongue and doing a peace sign .

Kean Jie and Sage says PEACE! Can anyone spot Ee Hahn? Hahaha!

Act cool. Haha!

And she smiles =D.

11. You can play UNO while waiting for a ceremony to start.

Even LeiKen is excited .

12. You sleep during boring long speeches given by anyone. Yes, anyone.


13. You can bring handphone to school.

This is a handphone.

You can Bluetooth during recess time. Sorry, that is not my handphone, my handphone doesn’t even have infrared -_-.

Or you make phone calls or listen to music.

13. You try to finish up your homework early in the morning.

Copying report .

Ee Hahn is doing homework, Sage and Prakash are chatting.

LeiKen is curious .

Okay. Proven .

14. You paste the school bulletin at the back of your class.

15. You wear your tie this way.

16. You use laptop in class. Because no one says no .

You play and your friends watch you play.

17. You can visit your friends’ class as and when you like during recess or if your class and their class do not have a teacher.

You can play in their class.

Or take a photo together or to chit chat. Hahaha!

18. For the girls, you can wear any hair accessories to school.

Chui San’s scrunchy.

My Malaysia flag colour ribbon because I am so patriotic .

19. You have different style of sleeping in class.

The sexy way.

Sleep on the table way.

A stylo way of sleeping.

20. You can take a photo with your teacher when she is teaching.

21. You can draw this on your hand.

High School isn’t that bad afterall .