Happy Birthday!!!

Dearest Meow [Wei Qi], Wei Sy and Glenn [HMMPH!!!]



Meow and I today =p

Happy Birthday! =D


8 responses to “Happy Birthday!!!

  1. happy birthday~~! and wtf, is your ribbon pink!

  2. haha.. thanx wei! so terharu.. *sob sob..

  3. Joe: haha yes it is pink! 😀

    Wei Qi: just now at MSN you don’t sounds terharu also =(

  4. happy birthday to wei qi and qei sy =) u can use pink ribbon in ur school? -.-

  5. *wei sy

  6. Ching Yin: Cannot wan. But since they allow gadgets, so pink ribbons must be very acceptable 😀 Hahaha 😀 Cute right! 😀

  7. Thanks Sam n Ching Yin =D

  8. Wei Sy & Wei Qi: You are both very very welcomed! 😀

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