The Ee Jane And The Zaharah Drama 2007

This is what actually happened last year .

And the sensitive and forbidden word is…

And all this photos are taken live .


10 responses to “The Ee Jane And The Zaharah Drama 2007

  1. hei i still remember u..
    u kan my darling mase f2 how can i 4get..
    heheh btw i dh link u 2 =)

  2. Jazmin: ahhh kau ingat tu! 😀 hahaha! 😀 thank u 😀

  3. wtf. are u sure it’s live?

  4. Joe: yes i am sure it is live! 😀

  5. Wah izzit real?
    Scaryyy. (Run and hide) XD

  6. LOL. how come i dunno about this. hahahaha. funny =)

  7. and now i know.. itu forbidden word… >=D




  8. Leon: Yes, it is real! 😀

    Ching Yin: Err, im not so sure. it happened during the science club meeting =p i think we told u before, ee jane slam the table with her blue file, remember? =p

    Carson: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh … 😀

  9. OI! Whats all this behind my back when my butt isn’t around?

    I was hungry that time mah~ Can’t blame me ><

  10. Ee Jane: apa behind ur back… u tak balik ma. 😀 u ah macam budak kecik, hungry then fatt pei hei =p

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