The Routine Of Lazy Students

The First Day Of School


After 1 week


After 2 weeks


After 1 month


2 weeks before the 1st monthly exam


Nah, still got 2 more weeks what.

Main dulu. Study can come later. Study only what.

Angan-angan, tidur and dengar muzik lagi best.


1 week before exam. Exam lagi dekat, lagi best.

I don’t want to fail [and still not doing anything about it].


3 days before exam.

Can anyone please tell me how come suddenly every single word in the book seems so so soooooo important? -___-


A day before exam



During exam…

You need a calculator for Biology paper 1.

Whenever your teacher goes out of the class or the teacher is not looking at you.


Times up!


Aku belum siap. Nanti hantar boleh ah?!


After exam…

When your smarter-than-you-a-little friends tells you the correct answer when you ask for it.

And you know your result even before you get them.


So you decided to make a new resolution.

I will repent! No more last minute studying!


After 1 week of making the new resolution…

Back to square.


And you can start emo-ing all over again.


23 responses to “The Routine Of Lazy Students

  1. hahhahaha… so funny sia this post. reminds me of the days when we’re hardcore studying for SPM=)
    anyway, i feel much better after reading ur blog =x
    thx ❤

  2. haha.. cute! miss convent la..
    wah.. de photos are all dated last year.. now only u blog it out..

  3. Glenn: 😀 u studied hard and its paid back. i didnt study hard and i have to pay for it =(

    Wei Qi: aiya… that time takde blog yet ma… 😀 hehehe 😀 at least got blog about it ma right 😀

  4. then dis year try hard lo ,dun try soft .lol ❤

  5. Glenn: haha 😀 i try to 😀 ❤

  6. why all pic dated 24/10..haha tipu ni..
    but nice post =) hilarious..haha

  7. Ermmm… funny but true. /ok<<(RO emo)

  8. Kean Jie: thanks! 😀 apa tipu-tipu pulak =| i mana ada tipu =p

    Leon: 😀 thank u 😀 of course its true, because im like that 😀 hahaha 😀

  9. did u ever notice that when we’re sitting for the exam paper, there are bags behind us? LOL LOL LOL. Sigh, it reminds me of last time when we’re back in 5 Zamrud =(

  10. *there is a bag behind me. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  11. Ching Yin: 😀 aiya, we are acting out only ma =p our acting are extremely good by the way! =p masuk bakul angkat diri la haha! 😀 i miss 5Z =(…

  12. hahaha. ya lah, so many people kena tipu-ed. =p
    yeah, i miss 5z too. sigh.

  13. Ching Yin: 😀 5 Zamrud is the best class ever!! 😀

  14. aha! true to a certain extent.. gosh now its my turn again.. n its stpm 0_0… i like dat muka angan2.. haha!! btw.. u said u love PA rite? good… God bless u dat u continue 2 love it until u fin sitting 4 d final stpm paper. so stop sleeping wen d sermon is going on (dun think i dunno)

  15. howcome my pic is of a worm infested bread?

  16. Helen: STPM = Sijil Tinggi Perompak Malaysia 😀 Hahaha! Yes, I love PA. In fact, I love all my school subjects *stares at the rope hanging on the ceiling*

    Eh! I don’t mean to tertidur la. But then, sometimes it’s better to tidur than seeing the couple in front of us who always NEVER fail to distract me with all their way of public display affection =D. Hehehe!

    It’s a pic of a worm infested bread because I chose the icon for non-wordpress user to be ALIENS =p Hehehe! 😀

  17. niceee oneee!! i’ll be waiting for the STPM version of this >=3

  18. =____=””

  19. JW: 😀 yes it is. haha! 😀

  20. eh eh eh….i misss that time wei..keep changing pose..hahhahaa..we really can get award from the global award~and u can see how pathetic i an in the pict~~~

  21. Ai Leng: wa u finally read my blog! =| of course we can. we are so qualified for oscar award also okay! =D hahaha! yes u looks pathetic -_____- like a cow =p mooooooooooo =p

  22. eh..aku selalu baca ur blog~cuma aku x leave comment only~wuaakaka..*evil

  23. Ai Leng: then u should read more often hahaha! 😀 ya la why never leave comment?? and update ur blog la!

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