Tujuh, Seven, 七

According to Ee Jane [Yang Selalu Betul] and I changed some of the answers because I think that they are too personal .

7 Things Known About Me

1. I love shopping

2. I’m lazy [And I don’t do my homework so don’t ask me for any homework okay because I don’t even jot them down]

3. I walk very, very, very fast and eat very, very, very fast.

4. I talk a lot. Because if I don’t talk, I will get depress. When I’m depress, nothing else is right and fun.

5. Hopelessly romantic [Hahahahahaha! No comment!]

6. A penyakai that makes people super crazy and sesat-ed [Eh, mana ada!]

7. I don’t reply miss calls and SMS-es unless they are important. 

7 Things Less Known About Me

1. People will never take the time to know me because they think that I’m so insignificant.

2. I love reading and writing

3. I am actually a very neat person. [Eh, really la! Believe me la!]

4. I love shopping for presents! Be it a present for a normal friend or a best friend!

5. I don’t litter or spit around. [Eww -_____-]

6. I like people who are interesting, outgoing, fun, cheerful and yea, open minded.

7. I love Add Maths and Sejarah [HAHAHAHAHA! Because I got A1 for this 2 subjects! Ching Yin, don’t you so remember how we read the book until our mata nak buta already? -______-]

Top 7 Must Have Things In My Bag

1. My huge mirror [Yes, the famous red one]

2. The sexy black comb [Because it’s skinnier than me]

3. Baby Ixus

4. Baby Sony

5. Handphone

6. Tissue paper

7. Period pad [Because I’m so practical you know].

I don’t keep money in my bag and I don’t bring my IC out because I believe that I looks 100% like a Malaysian and no, I don’t litter.

There. Updated. There will be a better update when I’m inspired.


16 responses to “Tujuh, Seven, 七

  1. …..i want a plate. a silver plate. and your head on it.

  2. WTF period pad. and WTF to you, A1 for fucking add maths & history. WTF!

  3. but nevamind, i got A1 for my chemistry *smug* all hail carbon compounds =D

  4. Ee Jane: 😀

    Joe: A1 for add maths and history *smug*

  5. of cos i remember! i almost got crazy at that time. duh -.- i have bought myself a big mirror too. =) and yeah, u r a very neat person. i trust you! 🙂

  6. once you ironed your shirt, i’ll believe you..haha

  7. Ching Yin: thank u cy! 😀 see or not kean jie! :-w

    Kean Jie: u wait la, tonight I WILL! >=( >=) hahaha! 😀

  8. a few things i knew about sam
    a few things i found out about sam
    a few things to try to believe on about sam

  9. okay u ironed your shirt..haha =)
    but i think u look nicer with baju kurung =) seriously…make it a trademark of sam.. baju kurung with big blue ribbon..heh heh =) cheers!

  10. Carson: :-/!! trust me la!

    Kean Jie: hohoho! 😀 yes, baju kurung this friday 😀 cheers! 😀 hahaha 😀

  11. with malaysia ribbon..haha =) cool .

  12. Kean Jie: thank u 😀

  13. u seriously get A1 for history n addmath?? *big big claps.. (sungguh tak sangka..)
    haha.. i can’t even get A2 for Sej…

  14. Wei Qi: 😀 thank u thank u! 😀 yah la i get A1 for history n add maths. ching yin, ee jane and i baca for 3 days until mata pun nak buta already. eh, at least ur science subjects got A ok =(. apa tak sangka! :-w i memang very rajin wan ok. hahaha 😀

  15. Glenn: 😀

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