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The Class Of 6BF

The class of 6BF is a combination of 6BF and 6BE [my old class], the reason why some of my 6BE classmates and I were in 6BF is because 6BF have less than 15 students and therefore, some of us have to go over. The reason why I go over is because I cannot stand the PA teacher in 6BE [unreasonable freak] -_- and some other unsaid reasons.

So, in the class of 6BF, we have Mrs. Chang as our class teacher and our Chemistry teacher.

Sorry ah, I don’t have a photo of her in my camera because NO ONE will ever dare to whip out their camera just to snap her photo during her class. Basically because she is super duper extra extremely fierce [Cik Besira and Puan Nirmala to the power of infinity ] and I won’t like having my Baby Ixus being thrown out of the class.

If you don’t complete her homework, she will scream at you and will warn you, “The next time you don’t do my work. OUT YOU GO! Sigh, sampai I also do her work ok [Copy the answers from the back of the book]. Hahaha . And when she’s happy, she will smile every single moment she’s teaching and if she’s not happy with us, that’s it -___-, we are gone for good. And some of her favourite phrases:

Case I

Mrs. Chang: So what is the reason that the heat of bla bla bla is higher thanย  the heat of bla bla bla…

Student A: Lost of heat to the surrounding.

Mrs. Chang: Rubbish! Simply give an answer. That shows that you never read up before my lessons. Go and find the answer and I will ask again tomorrow. I won’t give you the answer ah. The answer is in the book. Go and find yourself.

Case II: When discussing the practical every Wednesday/Thursday

a) Show me your report.

b) Put in some effort. Show me that you did put in some effort. How? Find the full equation la. You must know what’s going on isn’t it? *Happy Smile*

c) Let me see that you have come prepared. *Adjust her spectacles*

Case III: In the lab


b) And you don’t even know where you went wrong. *Shakes head*

c) And what do I mean by come PREPARED? This is what I mean by come PREPARED la?

d) You don’t even know what you are doing!

e) You don’t think I will give you all the answers ah. Remember, this is an EXAM. Exam you can ask questions one or not?

f) I give you all time to pass up until 1.30pm. Means what? That means you all got extra half an hour to complete and polish up your report. And I don’t want to hear any teachers complaining about you all completing the report during their class. And IF I hear any teachers complaining that you are taking up their time, next time practical, I will MAKE SURE that you all hand in by 10.30am, done or not, that’s your problem already la.

And don’t try to ask your subject teachers for permission to complete your report during their lessons because if you ask, they will definitely allow you to. So, okay, the solutions today bla bla bla…

g) Don’t be greedy and take so much solution. The amount written on the board is just for guidance and estimation. Not enough? Can take somemore? Yes! But I don’t want WASTAGE. Understand?

Overall, she’s one of the best Chemistry teacher eventhough she is the most garang teacher I ever had =|.


Ong Soon Peng is my very generous class monitor . He is so, so, so generous. You know why? He always tell us that he wants to treat us to Sushi King [for real] but no one wants to go because he will only treat us with green tea and wasabi .

He is by far one of the most responsible class monitor and he has a signature style in class, The Freestyle Style. He is quiet and he is just like LeiKen. You know why? They are both so quiet but the difference is, Soon Peng is much noisier than LeiKen when the teachers are not around .

And he is one of them who will layan my camera when I asked him to smile to my camera. The others ah, sigh, I have to snap their photos when they are unaware or use a mirror or they cover their face.

This is Soon Peng. On my first day of school, I sat right in front of him as enlighten by Tiam Foo. There’s once, we are passing papers around in class with the question How Are You and we are supposed to answer it and everyone gave long winded humorous answers and Soon Peng, after reading it, he puts it aside and only replied when we asked him to. And do you know what did he reply -_-


Yes, he replied fine.



Up next, we have our class treasurer, Cheong Pui Yee, she is not one to mess with.

Overall, she is a pretty nice girl and she sits next to Chui San and Tiam Foo. Pui Yee loves my snail. You know why! Because she told me that she will keep the snail that I drew for her forever unlike Soon Seng [HMMPH!].


Up next, our cleanliness leader, Janaki.

She goes to the same church as me every single Sunday and I never know it until she told me so. She saw me once but I have never seen her anywhere before. She is one who will act lesbian with me, because, sigh, we both know how fun it is to be a lesbian and people are well convinced that we are lesbian .


Chui San sits next to me in class and is still Puan Lee Li Cheng favourite student. We both are very advanced people in the class. You know why? During Chemistry, we can’t talk at all and if we ever need to communicate, we will use our Touch Table Panel.

Chui San’s table. Her cat name is Meow Meow. The HELP! SOS! message is for teachers who keep on torturing us by stuffing too much information.

My crab name is Crab Crab.

Just touch whatever words or thoughts in your mind.

Do you know what I like the most about Chui San? I like her happy smile and the way she always try to do her best in everything.

Chui San and I pointing at the word Chemistry because We Love Chemistry.


This is Tiam Foo. He doesn’t allow me to take his photo with the excuse he is not used to it. And quote Soon Seng, “Aiya, first first I’m also not used to it. After she took a few photos of me, I’m used to it already.”

Tiam Foo is one, who is punished the most during MUET. Not because he did not do his homework but because during MUET lessons, we can only speak English and whoever is caught speaking other language will be fine 20 cents. So, whenever everyone else is speaking Mandarin, everyone else was not caught. But the moment Tiam Foo speaks less than 5 words in Mandarin, he was fined. Hahahaha, because he made it obvious .

Cute right! .


All I can say is, he is very quiet in class and he poses for my camera!

Nithia the very soft spoken girl.

Satia [How to spell his name?! =| ]




Kee Yow. He is always well prepared for Chemistry practical.


Adorable Jason and I! =D

F4. Hahaha!

Ahh, that reminds me, let me tell you all a real story. Pui Yee, Tiam Foo and Chui San were asking Soon Peng about Chinese songs. Sigh, Soon Peng is just so cute. You know why? When they told him the song titles, he told them that the singers are as follow:

a) Wo Hen Chou Ke Shi Wo Hen Wen Rou- Zhang Hui Mei

b) Dou Jiang You Tiao- One of the Malaysia DJ

c) Yue Liang Dai Biaa Wo De Xin- Cyndi Wang

d) Kiss Goodbye- F4

And Soon Seng said, “Aiyo, Wu Niang song ah, is sung by Jay Chou you know. Hahahahahaha!”

So, that makes up the 15 of us in the class of 6BF


And I found a piece of paper in my pencil case the other day and it made me smile ๐Ÿ™‚

Ee Jane, Ching Yin and Ai Leng, we all know why :).


Happy Birthday Fun Fun! ๐Ÿ˜€

May All Your Dreams Come True! ๐Ÿ˜€


Happy Birthday!!!

Dearest Meow [Wei Qi], Wei Sy and Glenn [HMMPH!!!]



Meow and I today =p

Happy Birthday! =D

The Ee Jane And The Zaharah Drama 2007

This is what actually happened last year .

And the sensitive and forbidden word is…

And all this photos are taken live .

The Routine Of Lazy Students

The First Day Of School


After 1 week


After 2 weeks


After 1 month


2 weeks before the 1st monthly exam


Nah, still got 2 more weeks what.

Main dulu. Study can come later. Study only what.

Angan-angan, tidur and dengar muzik lagi best.


1 week before exam. Exam lagi dekat, lagi best.

I don’t want to fail [and still not doing anything about it].


3 days before exam.

Can anyone please tell me how come suddenly every single word in the book seems so so soooooo important? -___-


A day before exam



During exam…

You need a calculator for Biology paper 1.

Whenever your teacher goes out of the class or the teacher is not looking at you.


Times up!


Aku belum siap. Nanti hantar boleh ah?!


After exam…

When your smarter-than-you-a-little friends tells you the correct answer when you ask for it.

And you know your result even before you get them.


So you decided to make a new resolution.

I will repent! No more last minute studying!


After 1 week of making the new resolution…

Back to square.


And you can start emo-ing all over again.

Tujuh, Seven, ไธƒ

According to Ee Jane [Yang Selalu Betul] and I changed some of the answers because I think that they are too personal .

7 Things Known About Me

1. I love shopping

2. I’m lazy [And I don’t do my homework so don’t ask me for any homework okay because I don’t even jot them down]

3. I walk very, very, very fast and eat very, very, very fast.

4. I talk a lot. Because if I don’t talk, I will get depress. When I’m depress, nothing else is right and fun.

5. Hopelessly romantic [Hahahahahaha! No comment!]

6. A penyakai that makes people super crazy and sesat-ed [Eh, mana ada!]

7. I don’t reply miss calls and SMS-es unless they are important.ย 

7 Things Less Known About Me

1. People will never take the time to know me because they think that I’m so insignificant.

2. I love reading and writing

3. I am actually a very neat person. [Eh, really la! Believe me la!]

4. I love shopping for presents! Be it a present for a normal friend or a best friend!

5. I don’t litter or spit around. [Eww -_____-]

6. I like people who are interesting, outgoing, fun, cheerful and yea, open minded.

7. I love Add Maths and Sejarah [HAHAHAHAHA! Because I got A1 for this 2 subjects! Ching Yin, don’t you so remember how we read the book until our mata nak buta already? -______-]

Top 7 Must Have Things In My Bag

1. My huge mirror [Yes, the famous red one]

2. The sexy black comb [Because it’s skinnier than me]

3. Baby Ixus

4. Baby Sony

5. Handphone

6. Tissue paper

7. Period pad [Because I’m so practical you know].

I don’t keep money in my bag and I don’t bring my IC out because I believe that I looks 100% like a Malaysian and no, I don’t litter.

There. Updated. There will be a better update when I’m inspired.