Inter-School Maths Quiz Challenge

Do you remember that Zaharah, Syahirah and I went for the Inter-School Maths Quiz Challenge at Sunway College last year on the 6th of February?

Zaharah, Sam, Syahirah

To those who did not know the whole story, here is the diary that I wrote on the 6th of February 2007. Do you why I decided to pen it down? Because I was highly irritated and annoyed. But I thank God that I did .

Before that, do read it with an open mind and enjoy πŸ™‚

Do you know what I hate the most? >=( [One of it I mean]. I absolutely hate boys who do irritating things, for instance, flirting around with girls in the bus. I don’t call that friendly. I call that irritating with the capital I.

I went for the Inter-School Maths Quiz Challenge today with Zaharah, Syahirah and all the other Convent girls who are involved. Puan Lim told us that we will be going by High School bus and honestly, I excepted some caplang bus without air cond you know. BUT! The bus turns up to be a very, very nice bus with air cond with the High School name outside. Sigh! Why Convent doesn’t have special treatment like that =(

So, ON THE WAY to Sunway College, everyone was busy studying while I was busy eating mandarin oranges, playing with my handphone and camera and irritating Zaharah yang tengah stress and was even more stress when she saw me without a book and she gave me a book [’cause I didn’t bring any book] to study because everyone else is and she thinks that so should I so that everyone will be even more stress to see us studying but I just put the book on my lap and continue to irritate her .

-Okay, skip-

And ON THE WAY BACK to school, my bunch of gatal friends are so gatal to the extend they need boys to garukan them you know -.-”’. I mean, what the hell are Convent girls flirting around with High School boys like tak pernah jumpa lelaki/perempuan. -.-”’

-Okay, skip-

And so later on, my bottle water tertumpah air on Zaharah’s seat because she was busy playing with my bottle’s cap and when the bus brake and the water splashed on the seat =|…And Zaharah was really panic to the extend she told everyone [the Convent girls] about it and the Convent girls proceed to tell the High School boys. I heard a boy saying, “Oh my God. They dirty our bus. Disaster man.”

And that time, I didn’t have time to layan them [or else I would have them slaughtered and cook with soya sauce] because I was busy telling Zaharah to move away to the seat beside Revati. When that woman was finally knocked to her sense, she moved and I sat down. Before that, I did glance to the back to see if anything else is going on. When I was sitting, do you know what I heard?

Boy: What happen?

Anis: Tertumpah air je. Takde apa-apa punya la.

Boy: Aiyo, sudah besar mau kencing pun tak tau tahan ke?! Hahaha!

So I buat-buat tak dengar only la. Afterall, you know, it’s a waste of time talking to people who are insignificant . When we reached our school, Anis came up to me.

Anis: Sam, dua boys itu kata sorry kat awak.

Me: Kata sorry kat saya? Buat apa? Dia orang tak buat apa-apa pun.

Anis: Dia orang kata tadi awak jeling mereka. Mereka kata awak marah dengan dia orang.

Me: Mak kak oi! Sejak bila aku jeling pulak!!! TAK ADA LAH!!! I hanya glance la! Mana ada jeling ?!

Anis: Ooo, macam tu rupanya. Okay la, nanti saya SMS dia orang nanti yang you tak marah.

Me: Tak payahlah -.-”’ Kita semua tidak akan berjumpa lagi -.-”’.

And so… do you know who is one of the guys who disturbed me in the bus?

The boy on the right happens to be Prakash the noble gas -.-”’ And yes, his photo was in my PC for a year plus -___-

I happen to know that it was him because Zaharah told me so when I visited her during the holidays and passed her the photos. It was definitely a shock to know that Prakash was one of them

And I said in my diary that we will never meet each other again and now, he is my ex-class monitor, ex-classmate and current school mate.

Is this fate or something?

Therefore, in conclusion, never say never.

Edit: The diary part was heavily edited to ensure that you do not fall asleep while reading it =p Haha! =p


16 responses to “Inter-School Maths Quiz Challenge

  1. LOL! Wokaayyy

  2. Ee Jane: like a drama kan =|

  3. sam.. so many happened on that day.. the day before my birthday!! xD

  4. Carson: πŸ˜€ hehehe! πŸ˜€

  5. Wakakaka!!!

  6. Wei Qi: tak sangka kan 😐 πŸ˜€

  7. hah..ada jodoh lah tu..bwahahahaha

  8. Kean Jie: haha! tell him that πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  9. OMG SAM! i still remember this story. you told me about it before. LOL. andddd, this is funny. HAHAHAHAHA. ;p but how come why they dont recognise you ah?

  10. Ching Yin: eh, actually only zaharah recognize them =p haha! coz they went tuition together πŸ˜€ tak sangka betul lah will meet back =| prakash told me that i looks different -_-

  11. Prakash : omg sam!! u grew fatter!!
    is taht wad he said? =3

  12. Carson: no la! he didnt say that. prakash say, “just different la.” eh, now im very fat is it! >=(

  13. Carson: πŸ˜€

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