The Greatest Experience Ever Part 1

WHAT?! I am selected for National Service?! =O !!

The world is psycho.

I am dreaming.

OH MY GOD? ME?! =O !!!

This is sooooooooo not happening.


Yes, the above statements shows how I feel when I knew that I was selected for National Service. I was shock, that’s all; because I never expect myself to be selected. Especially when I got the news from Ee Jane through SMS when I was napping. Honestly, at that point of time, I was like OMGGGGGGGGG DON’T KIIIDDDD MEEEEEE!!! And I just know that everyone is going at laugh at me -_-. And here are the friends’ reactions when I told them that I’m selected for National Service.

Ching Yin: HAH?! What? You are selected?!

Ai Leng: WHYYYY?! I wanna gooooooooooo!


Andy: Are you kidding?

Leon: Good… Good… Last time you laugh at me when I was selected for NS la, hahaha, now you kena balik. Hahaha.


Quinny: Not bad ma… Got free food lurh…. But you can survive there ah? Got no MSN wor.

Kay: *Points and laugh* Die la you! Kakaka, no Internet wei =p

Ivan: YOU? Don’t kid me.

Greg: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Buy maggi in boxes la you… Or else you will die wei :D.


-________- The reason why everyone laughed at me is because, everyone who knows me, knows that I can’t live without my computer, music and shopping malls. Going to National Service simply means leaving behind my computer, music and shopping mall. Honestly, at first, I didn’t know that if I could live without them and yea, my bolster and I’ve never been away for such a long time from my family. I didn’t know what to do but to just accept the fact that I’m 1 out of 110, 000 who was selected and I better be this lucky and luckier when I’m going for any interview/competition.

And everyone who knows Samantha, knows that if there’s any camp organized in school or anywhere else, she WILL NOT go and if she have to, she will send in a letter stating that she can’t attend. Yea, and she WILL NOT join any outdoor activities and she WILL NOT stand under the hot sun for more than 10 minutes. Everyone knows that she can’t survive without Internet, her bolster and her shopping mall. And now, she have to leave everything behind for 3 months.


So on the 18th of March 2008, I left for my National Service. Yan Yee, my ex-classmate and schoolmate [ex and current] was with me in the bus. Well, at least I have someone that I know or else I’ll be very sesat [Quote Ee Jane: I confirm you  memang sesat!].

This is Yan Yee. [Still single but taken by Ai Leng]

In the bus, I slept throughout the whole journey and all I knew was the road was lingkang-pukang till I had headache when I woke up =|… And I remembering telling Yan Yee what a kampung place is that camp and then I heard some people claiming that they saw cows and monkeys around -.-”’.On the very first day, we saw a squirrel and maklumlah, being orang yang tak pernah nampak squirrel running around, we went and said TUPAI until the person in charge was like ish, ish, ish, tak pernah tengok tupai ke.

So, I was placed in Delta company and Dorm 7. I went in the dorm and the moment I step in the dorm, I was greeted by some very friendly Malay girls and I was happy :). Before I came, I expect the toilet to be super  duper disgusting and the dorm to be like err, a place where you don’t wanna live in! =| But then it all turns up to be the other way round and I was shocked!

The toilet.

This is where we wash our clothes.

My alternative place to bathe.

This is where I bathe everyday in camp.

The Toilet bowl [Hahahahahahaha!]

My dorm [Dorm 7]

My first friend ever in camp is Sook Yee [Ven] and woman, don’t you so remember the first 2 nights we spent together in camp!!! 😀 She is very nice to bully because she is very innocent and blur just like Zaharah 😀 Hahaha! 😀

This is Sook Yee and I. I called her Bao Bei all the time and all the time she’ll reply- bu yao jiao wo bao bei! [Hahaha!]

Liu Kee [Honey!!!]. Sam. Sook Yee [Bao Bei!!!]. The three of us are Pisces =p.

Fiza and Rain [Quote Rain: HAH! BETUL TU!!! MACAM MANA U TAU!] Okay, both of them are Scorpio =|.

Lee Mee, Yin Lin [Miss you woman! =( ], Sook Yee and I. 😀

In camp, I have the coolest trainers and teachers ever! You know why? Because they understand us and will listen to us [unlike the teachers in school who never give you a chance to explain yourself or even to let you finish up your explaination and then proceed to scream at you and jump straight into conclusion that you are wrong though you are not]. Not only that, my trainers and teachers let us do the coolest thing ever, to treat them like they are our siblings :).

Cikgu Shawn, Cikgu Shah 1, Cikgu Shah 2. Three of them are my favourite teachers! 😀

Cikgu Zua.

And my supermodel teacher, Cikgu Pet 😀

Pose #1

Pose #2

Pose #3

Breakdance 😀 😀

Other than having cool trainers and teachers, we also have good food 😀

Every Friday morning breakfast :), roti canai kosong.

Everyday Sunday western style breakfast. Sorry, halfway eaten already =p.

My snack box.

Ah yes! We also have cool chairs for different occasions 😀

Bluish chairs for watching performances.

Pink chairs for normal days.

And okay, to everyone who saw me online when I was in camp, this is where I surf the net and send E-mails [HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Greg, don’t you just loveeeee my E-mail 😀 Can I please publish that E-mail?!]

Nah. Got PC and Internet one okay.

In camp, I was given many chance to do things that I’ve never did/never wanted to try outside.

Kayak-ing with Jessamine 😀

RMAF Marathon Run and that my camp commandant.

And I got number 113 and I even got a medal!!! 😀 Hehehe! Only top 225 get a medal okay! 😀 And I am number 113 out of thousand over participants =p

Jessamine and I making lemang. It was fun!!!

Emcee for Malam Citra Puisi 🙂 Thank you Even, for holding my camera when I was busy 😀

Speaking in front of 400+ people 🙂 Thank you Fiza for taking a photo of me unexpectedly! 😀

Last but not least, I’m still that crazy. So, don’t worry 😀

The things that we do in dorm when we are bored 😀

Happy Sunday afternoon 😀




Bollywood dancers wannabe.

Last but not least, I miss the rising sun that I see every morning without fail.


13 responses to “The Greatest Experience Ever Part 1

  1. Kakaka! Ai leng should just see this and be so green-eyed XD

    Anyway, 1st to comment!!!

    Nice pictures, and certainly looks very very fun XD

  2. Ee Jane: 😀 thank u! its memang fun! 😀 ask that woman to read!!! hahaha! 😀

  3. wow… impressive still remember what i said lol.
    i hope you have a nice experience.

  4. sigh.. susah payah i find a way to get in msn.. ur not on9ing dy or u din on9 at all..? (1.08a.m.) ok, at least i came here..
    eh.. not bad le dat place.. clean toilet (a lot better than KHS).. got internet summore.. which gave u a chance to fool ppl around.. ish ish ish..
    eh eh.. got improvement!.. another blog with pictures.. good job!!

  5. Leon: of course i remember la! i have a very good memory okay =p

    Wei Qi: aiyo! i sleep already la!!! next day got church ma. i sayang back lo *sayang-sayang* 😀 of course better than KHS la, KHS is like ISH ISH ISH!

    internet is important… to prank people ma. hahaha 😀 okay la, see u tomorrow and im gonna laugh at u because u went to school for gotong royong while im sleepin at home =p =p till then, miss me! -mwah mwah mwahhhhhhhh-

  6. sam sammm~~ xO
    i bet u gained weight!! xD

  7. Carson: siapa cakap?

  8. MOMMA! looks like u r having loads of fun in the camp. i can see that you’re really happy in the pictures. hahahaha. and woah! you can run very fast. *big round of applause!*

  9. dont u dare 2 publish the email and my reply -.-”’ anyway, looks like u didnt nid the maggi :D… apa bollywood bollywood? u tak layak la.

    and how come ur dorm n toilet looks so nice 1? i see my friend’s 1 like damn laukiap n buruk leh. u bluff wan is it. ceh, i ALSO know how to breakdance la -.-”’ ish ish ish… benda kecil pun nak bising bising.

    perempuan! ISH!

    aiya cy, she run very slow wan, those ppl must be super slow la i tell u, if not arrhh, mana she dapat the medal. kekeke. >.<

  10. CY: thank u thank u! i didnt exactly run =p more like speed walking =p hehehe! 😀 yea! it was a great camp and 1 of the greatest experience ever!!! 😀

    Greg: oi, talk more abit and i’ll publish it! =p

    of coz la nice, MY camp okay. not any caplang camp leh. who say i run slow?! one day we compete la! hahaha 😀

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