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Inter-School Maths Quiz Challenge

Do you remember that Zaharah, Syahirah and I went for the Inter-School Maths Quiz Challenge at Sunway College last year on the 6th of February?

Zaharah, Sam, Syahirah

To those who did not know the whole story, here is the diary that I wrote on the 6th of February 2007. Do you why I decided to pen it down? Because I was highly irritated and annoyed. But I thank God that I did .

Before that, do read it with an open mind and enjoy πŸ™‚

Do you know what I hate the most? >=( [One of it I mean]. I absolutely hate boys who do irritating things, for instance, flirting around with girls in the bus. I don’t call that friendly. I call that irritating with the capital I.

I went for the Inter-School Maths Quiz Challenge today with Zaharah, Syahirah and all the other Convent girls who are involved. Puan Lim told us that we will be going by High School bus and honestly, I excepted some caplang bus without air cond you know. BUT! The bus turns up to be a very, very nice bus with air cond with the High School name outside. Sigh! Why Convent doesn’t have special treatment like that =(

So, ON THE WAY to Sunway College, everyone was busy studying while I was busy eating mandarin oranges, playing with my handphone and camera and irritating Zaharah yang tengah stress and was even more stress when she saw me without a book and she gave me a book [’cause I didn’t bring any book] to study because everyone else is and she thinks that so should I so that everyone will be even more stress to see us studying but I just put the book on my lap and continue to irritate her .

-Okay, skip-

And ON THE WAY BACK to school, my bunch of gatal friends are so gatal to the extend they need boys to garukan them you know -.-”’. I mean, what the hell are Convent girls flirting around with High School boys like tak pernah jumpa lelaki/perempuan. -.-”’

-Okay, skip-

And so later on, my bottle water tertumpah air on Zaharah’s seat because she was busy playing with my bottle’s cap and when the bus brake and the water splashed on the seat =|…And Zaharah was really panic to the extend she told everyone [the Convent girls] about it and the Convent girls proceed to tell the High School boys. I heard a boy saying, “Oh my God. They dirty our bus. Disaster man.”

And that time, I didn’t have time to layan them [or else I would have them slaughtered and cook with soya sauce] because I was busy telling Zaharah to move away to the seat beside Revati. When that woman was finally knocked to her sense, she moved and I sat down. Before that, I did glance to the back to see if anything else is going on. When I was sitting, do you know what I heard?

Boy: What happen?

Anis: Tertumpah air je. Takde apa-apa punya la.

Boy: Aiyo, sudah besar mau kencing pun tak tau tahan ke?! Hahaha!

So I buat-buat tak dengar only la. Afterall, you know, it’s a waste of time talking to people who are insignificant . When we reached our school, Anis came up to me.

Anis: Sam, dua boys itu kata sorry kat awak.

Me: Kata sorry kat saya? Buat apa? Dia orang tak buat apa-apa pun.

Anis: Dia orang kata tadi awak jeling mereka. Mereka kata awak marah dengan dia orang.

Me: Mak kak oi! Sejak bila aku jeling pulak!!! TAK ADA LAH!!! I hanya glance la! Mana ada jeling ?!

Anis: Ooo, macam tu rupanya. Okay la, nanti saya SMS dia orang nanti yang you tak marah.

Me: Tak payahlah -.-”’ Kita semua tidak akan berjumpa lagi -.-”’.

And so… do you know who is one of the guys who disturbed me in the bus?

The boy on the right happens to be Prakash the noble gas -.-”’ And yes, his photo was in my PC for a year plus -___-

I happen to know that it was him because Zaharah told me so when I visited her during the holidays and passed her the photos. It was definitely a shock to know that Prakash was one of them

And I said in my diary that we will never meet each other again and now, he is my ex-class monitor, ex-classmate and current school mate.

Is this fate or something?

Therefore, in conclusion, never say never.

Edit: The diary part was heavily edited to ensure that you do not fall asleep while reading it =p Haha! =p


The Truth Is… [II]

This post, is specially for all of you.

You know why?!

I hate to tell you this actually =(

But then… yea, this is the truth because I don’t want to scam you any longer .

Remember all this photos?

So the truth is, my teacher isn’t doing any breakdance but I happen to snap the photo when he is sitting down =p.

And the bluish green chairs and pink chairs are edited inside my camera .

Okay, don’t la angry


For the question that I asked in my previous post:

Give examples of supplement products.

Here are the answers:

a) Aspirin

b) Sleeping pills

Do you know why?! Because once during PA, teacher realize that ALL OF US are sleepy and therefore, she asked each and everyone of us to given an example of any supplement product and the pro and cons of it [either one].

In a sleepy mood, Meow [Wei Qi] wrote aspirin with its side effect -> can cause bleeding in the stomach. HAHAHA!!!

And I wrote sleeping pills and the side effect -> taking too much sleeping pills can cause death.

=|… Eh, my answer was given by someone else T.T Because everyone else wrote Vitamin C and all already. Okay la, don’t laugh ah.

The Class Of 6BE

Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?

Answer the question first before reading πŸ˜€ And give a reason for your choice.


This post will be all about 6BE, a class that I’m in for 2 months and now I’m leaving 6BE. 6BE is a cool class, with cool people. We have our beloved gentle soft spoken class teacher and MUET teacher, Miss Leela, who have never raised her voice at us but is extremely concern about the class windows cleanliness recently.

Miss Leela and I on my last day in 6BE. [Eh! Look at my hair and uniform! Neat leh! Hahaha!]


And then we have our class monitor, Prakash; who is as stable as a Group 18 elements [the noble gases], you know why? Because he barely talks in class and laugh even if the joke is funny. He is soooooo quiet to the extend when everyone else is talking, he is just listening =O But then, I realize something about this stable class monitor, is that he is extremely talkative when he is excited πŸ˜€

Prakash The Noble Gas =p


And we have our assistant class monitor, Yeo LeiKen, who is studying all the time and is never seen anywhere without a book. Wherever he goes, a book will be with him and he WILL read them and study and okay la, he’s just like Zaharah. You know, he is just like Zaharah but not nice to disturb one because he just give you the blank blur stare =|.

LeiKen and his book.


Once I went to SMK Engku Husain with him for the EAK [Explorasi Alam Kerjaya] presentation, he brought along ALL his homework and books.

Me: Why you bring your books!!! =O

LeiKen: We are going to wait for at least 3 hours or more. Don’t waste time. Do some homework.

Me: Don’t need la =O Eh, you are scaring me la now!

LeiKen: You didn’t bring any books?

Me: Got. A novel. Say no to school books!!

LeiKen: Waste time. *Proceed to draw the PA graph*


The LeiKen =p


Okay, and we have one of the most talkative person in class and is well known for his bodek skills [don’t throw stones at me yet, wait la, I will explain. You sabar la] and he is the 2nd biggest size person in class and he walks slower than me [hahaha!], who needs to jog along when he walks with me because he is so slow and yea, he is Viven, our all time cleanliness leader who does his job when teacher is around.

Muka Stress Viven trying to finish up the Physics report.

Viven, if you are reading this, I just wanted to tell you that you have disappointed Puan Lee Li Cheng. Do you know why?

Puan LLC: Class! Why are you all so quiet?! Do you all understand what I’m teaching or not? *worried face*

Class: *stares*

Puan LLC: *stares back*

Viven: Teacher, we never ask any questions because your teaching is crystal clear :D…

Puan LLC: *laughs*


Puan LLC: Eh! I tell you all what! He will be the first to get a girlfriend before all of you do and I’ll see in your coming exam if my teaching is crystal clear.

Puan Lee Li Cheng

Viven oh Viven. Haih! See la, the pot is calling the kettle black. Okay, Wei Qi, Sin Yee and everyone else who knows my marks, please pretend that you all sudah lupa hor. Eh, I’m one of the top scorer la I can tell you because later if I tell out my marks ahhh, people get jealous one you know! [Quote Sin Yee, “Bullshit”. Quote Wei Qi, “YOU ARRR?!”]


Everyone class have their very own along/ceti haram. The class treasurer of 6BE is Chang Chui San, well known as Changi Airport [given by Viven], You Chang You Chui You San [In Mandarin la, in English it means the long one, the crispy one and the kind one], and the class of 6BE Pearl Milk Tea :D.

This is Chui San.

Chui San’s handwriting.

Chui San is Puan Lee Li Cheng favourite student because, Puan Lee Li Cheng told me that I must try to emulate Chui San because she is so neat and hardworking [People who have seen me being neat and hardworking in school, please hands up]. Everyday in 6BE during Maths Paper 1, sit back and relax because every single day, Puan Lee Li Cheng will definitely mention Chui San’s name, like this:

Oh where is Chui San?! I need to refer to her notes. Everytime I refer to her notes, I know where did I stop and which example I have given to all of you. You all must keep your notes well like Chui San. Her handwriting is very neat and easy to see.

To the extend, one day, when she wanted to call Sin Yee to answer a question and she called Sin Yee as Chui Yee. HAHAHAHA!!!


Do you all know that I have a new pet in class?

It’s a cat.

A female cat.

Her name is Meow.

Because she doesn’t meow back when I meow her but to woof but she’s my Meow because she sleeps on my lap during boring 3 periods [35 minutes x 3] of Chemistry lesson in the lab like a cat.

She’s Wei Qi.


Wei Qi and I have been penpals [Woman, don’t you soooooooooooo remember how you kept on chasing me to reply your E-mail =p] and Wei Qi have a new nickname now, Cili Api [given by Viven]. Do you all know why Cili Api? Because she is so cute and she carries a heavy school bag and her hands are always full with books and files. Hence, the name, kecil-kecil Cili Api.

The Don’t Call Me Cili Api, I Am Not Cili Api face =p

Wei Qi have been letting me to copy her homework [SHH!] since the first day of class and have been irritated and disturbed by me 24/7 in class and have been my friend in class when I needed someone to talk to and to comfort and Wei Qi, thank you for everything! -Hugs-

Meow wrote this on her table.

There was once during MUET, Miss Leela asked us to write about her in a piece of paper. Like she’s pretty la, sexy la etc. So yea, Wei Qi, Sin Yee, don’t you sooooooooooo remember what we wrote -_________-!!! Hahaha! πŸ˜€ Okay, at least we are honest *Pokes Wei Qi* [Creative teaching style -> Give boring homework] HAHAHA πŸ˜€




Chui Yee, eh, I mean, Sin Yee and I have been friends eversince year 1 and have been classmates and yea, did not talk to each other for more than 6 months and I did hate her actually till this year, I realize that she have actually changed. And in fact, when I was upset in school and needed someone by my side, she and Wei Qi have always been there.


Through the times the teachers gave me comments indirectly for my own good [Yah la, I think too much la =p] and through the times I feel like slapping some people upside down because they are oh so ‘nice’ and okay, Sin Yee, there’s one thing about you that you haven’t change and DON’T CHANGE THAT, because it’s sooooooooooo you [remember what I told you yesterday and what Wei Qi wrote in your paper during MUET! I won’t mention what it is :D].

The actuality, I have been dependant on Sin Yee and Wei Qi for homework and reports because, HELLO, DOES MY FACE LOOKS LIKE I’VE EVER FINISH UP ALL MY HOMEWORK AND REPORTS? -.-”’ No right πŸ˜€ That’s why la. Okay, please continue to do your homework and then I want to borrow :D… So whenever I tell you that I got no homework it’s because I have never jotted down the homework, so don’t bother phoning me for homework because I don’t keep them and most of all, don’t bother asking me what teacher said in class because 99.99% of the time, I’m dreaming away about Lee Hom [<3!!]


In Convent, we have Ai Leng for Tae Kwan Doe, in KHS, we have Kwan Soon Seng. Soon Seng doesn’t like people to call him by his surname in which whenever we call him Soon Seng, he did not hear us but when we call him SAMSENG [inspired from Wei Qi], he turns back and answers us =|. Overall, he have a fierce looking face and he is the class Santa Claus because he always have sweets in his bag.

Ransacking his bag for sweets.

His signature face πŸ˜€

Soon Seng is also all the teachers’ favourite student. Do you know that for the first 2 weeks in class, we have been hearing his name every SINGLE DAY and every SINGLE PERIOD. You beh sien, we sien one okay.

You all must be like Kwan~!

You all must ask like Kwan~!

Kwan ask a lot of intelligent questions! I like it!! [I don’t know how come he can think up of that question also actually]

Every. Single. Day. You hear that three phrases from Maths Paper 1, Physics and Chemistry teacher, you don’t feel sien is it! I was sooooooo sien to the extend I passed a message to Wei Qi and Sin Yee.


Wei Qi: Why? You jealous is it. Haiya, all the teachers also like him la. Not like you. You are like the opposite of him. Kakaka

Me: I’m not jealous la. He should be jealous of us because we wear bra :D…

Wei Qi: Entah apa-apa la you -.-”’… K la… true also XD

HAHAHA!!! Kwan, sorry, Soon Seng, don’t worry, I have nothing against you :D. Oh yea, he read the message that I passed to them because I wanted him to read and that was like 3 weeks later =p. And you all know what, I shall be like himΒ  , I swear I will =p :


And next, we have Kamal, MY BEST GUY FRIEND in class who sleeps when I sleep and I was caught and he wasn’t because I was in the middle row and he was right at the corner. He is whacky, fun, funny, naughty, rebellious and most of all, CRAZY. His mulut is super berbunga [All the bad words la, his more frequently used word is F***ER] to the extend Sin Yee was sooo pissed off with him.

The tallest boy in 6BE.

Can you believe it, there was one day, we are all so bored that we played Bingo and the Nama, Negeri, Benda game -____-And not to forget, Kamal speaks super duper extra extremely good English [much better than anyone else in Convent] and he wore jeans and T-shirt to school yesterday -_-… Kamal, please don’t compete with me to see who break more school rules okay!

Kamal: Oi F***ER, faster la. Why the F*** so slow. F*** F*** F***. Oi F***ER, where are you going!! *talking to someone else* F*** la you!

Wei Qi:


Sin Yee: OI! You don’t F*** F*** F*** here ah! I F*** you back then you know!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! He’s a really nice person to be with and to chat with [just say anything!!!] and now he misses me. Eh don’t la miss me so much, nanti Cili Api awak tu jealous [Kamal minat Cili Api]. HAHAHAHA. Okay. *Runs and hide from Wei Qi* [Reminder to Wei Qi: You have a week time to sharpen your parang to murder me in KHS Holiday ma right].

All time loyal kaki tidur


In 6BE, we have Michael The Towel Man. You know why?! Because he carries a towel around with him all the time. He uses the towel to wipe his face, his neck and to hold his pen/pencil and yea, his towel is his baby. Take away his baby and he’ll be lost =O.

Michael is a super quiet boy in class but a nice boy to poke at. Okay la, I don’t know him that well =|.



And we have a King in the class. The King who claims the KHS sistem hierarki [however you spell it] as para pelajar at the top of the pyramid and at the bottom are the prefects . He is Chin Wai King, the King Of All Buku Rampaian. If you ever wonder what’s a buku rampaian, it’s an exercise book. K la, I was the one who call him the King Of Buku Rampaian randomly.


Chin Wai King love to call Camilla [from 6BH] PIG for I don’t know what reason and he is a very intelligent boy in class, who gets spaghetti from Puan Parames and who pays attention in PA class for the very first time this week when he usually reads Chemistry during PA.

Eh, don’t take!



Ee Jane, do you remember how we have always been in our own world back in Convent? I never knew how it once looks like in other people’s point of view. But now I do. Because in 6BE, we have Eng Chee Yang and Ng Kok Yaw, both of them, are sitting right at the back of the class and they are always in their own world, dreaming away, copying homework and pretend like they are listening and copying notes when they are not -_- Okay woman, during your holiday, come to KHS and create a temporary Pluto -____-

Damn cekap right?


To all whom I did not mention here, your photos will be here. Yah la, who ask you all to be so quiet!


Li Suet and I on my last day in 6BE.

Alagendran, the only calon pengawas in 6BE.

Emo-ing Ooi Jie =p

Some of the classmates and I

Chee Yang and I. I’ve never seen him smiling before =/

An essence of 6BE.

Leong! πŸ˜€

Pebaraj, he’s damn selamba one I tell you!


The calon pengawas.

Wei Siang πŸ˜€

Die lo so many homework!!!

My favourite phrase on this board is; We Are A Family.

And the best photo of the day

The sexy sleeping Ooi Jie and Kean Jie [From 6BG]

And so, that makes up the 21 of us in 6BE. 6BE is definitely one of the best class ever πŸ™‚ I miss all of you and all the essence of 6BE.


Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi question.

The answer is… Meow [Wei Qi] says that she prefers Pepsi because Coke is not healthy .

Next question: Give examples of supplement products.

The Greatest Experience Ever Part 1

WHAT?! I am selected for National Service?! =O !!

The world is psycho.

I am dreaming.

OH MY GOD? ME?! =O !!!

This is sooooooooo not happening.


Yes, the above statements shows how I feel when I knew that I was selected for National Service. I was shock, that’s all; because I never expect myself to be selected. Especially when I got the news from Ee Jane through SMS when I was napping. Honestly, at that point of time, I was like OMGGGGGGGGG DON’T KIIIDDDD MEEEEEE!!! And I just know that everyone is going at laugh at me -_-. And here are the friends’ reactions when I told them that I’m selected for National Service.

Ching Yin: HAH?! What? You are selected?!

Ai Leng: WHYYYY?! I wanna gooooooooooo!


Andy: Are you kidding?

Leon: Good… Good… Last time you laugh at me when I was selected for NS la, hahaha, now you kena balik. Hahaha.


Quinny: Not bad ma… Got free food lurh…. But you can survive there ah? Got no MSN wor.

Kay: *Points and laugh* Die la you! Kakaka, no Internet wei =p

Ivan: YOU? Don’t kid me.

Greg: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Buy maggi in boxes la you… Or else you will die wei :D.


-________- The reason why everyone laughed at me is because, everyone who knows me, knows that I can’t live without my computer, music and shopping malls. Going to National Service simply means leaving behind my computer, music and shopping mall. Honestly, at first, I didn’t know that if I could live without them and yea, my bolster and I’ve never been away for such a long time from my family. I didn’t know what to do but to just accept the fact that I’m 1 out of 110, 000 who was selected and I better be this lucky and luckier when I’m going for any interview/competition.

And everyone who knows Samantha, knows that if there’s any camp organized in school or anywhere else, she WILL NOT go and if she have to, she will send in a letter stating that she can’t attend. Yea, and she WILL NOT join any outdoor activities and she WILL NOT stand under the hot sun for more than 10 minutes. Everyone knows that she can’t survive without Internet, her bolster and her shopping mall. And now, she have to leave everything behind for 3 months.


So on the 18th of March 2008, I left for my National Service. Yan Yee, my ex-classmate and schoolmate [ex and current] was with me in the bus. Well, at least I have someone that I know or else I’ll be very sesat [Quote Ee Jane: I confirm youΒ  memang sesat!].

This is Yan Yee. [Still single but taken by Ai Leng]

In the bus, I slept throughout the whole journey and all I knew was the road was lingkang-pukang till I had headache when I woke up =|… And I remembering telling Yan Yee what a kampung place is that camp and then I heard some people claiming that they saw cows and monkeys around -.-”’.On the very first day, we saw a squirrel and maklumlah, being orang yang tak pernah nampak squirrel running around, we went and said TUPAI until the person in charge was like ish, ish, ish, tak pernah tengok tupai ke.

So, I was placed in Delta company and Dorm 7. I went in the dorm and the moment I step in the dorm, I was greeted by some very friendly Malay girls and I was happy :). Before I came, I expect the toilet to be superΒ  duper disgusting and the dorm to be like err, a place where you don’t wanna live in! =| But then it all turns up to be the other way round and I was shocked!

The toilet.

This is where we wash our clothes.

My alternative place to bathe.

This is where I bathe everyday in camp.

The Toilet bowl [Hahahahahahaha!]

My dorm [Dorm 7]

My first friend ever in camp is Sook Yee [Ven] and woman, don’t you so remember the first 2 nights we spent together in camp!!! πŸ˜€ She is very nice to bully because she is very innocent and blur just like Zaharah πŸ˜€ Hahaha! πŸ˜€

This is Sook Yee and I. I called her Bao Bei all the time and all the time she’ll reply- bu yao jiao wo bao bei! [Hahaha!]

Liu Kee [Honey!!!]. Sam. Sook Yee [Bao Bei!!!]. The three of us are Pisces =p.

Fiza and Rain [Quote Rain: HAH! BETUL TU!!! MACAM MANA U TAU!] Okay, both of them are Scorpio =|.

Lee Mee, Yin Lin [Miss you woman! =( ], Sook Yee and I. πŸ˜€

In camp, I have the coolest trainers and teachers ever! You know why? Because they understand us and will listen to us [unlike the teachers in school who never give you a chance to explain yourself or even to let you finish up your explaination and then proceed to scream at you and jump straight into conclusion that you are wrong though you are not]. Not only that, my trainers and teachers let us do the coolest thing ever, to treat them like they are our siblings :).

Cikgu Shawn, Cikgu Shah 1, Cikgu Shah 2. Three of them are my favourite teachers! πŸ˜€

Cikgu Zua.

And my supermodel teacher, Cikgu Pet πŸ˜€

Pose #1

Pose #2

Pose #3

Breakdance πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Other than having cool trainers and teachers, we also have good food πŸ˜€

Every Friday morning breakfast :), roti canai kosong.

Everyday Sunday western style breakfast. Sorry, halfway eaten already =p.

My snack box.

Ah yes! We also have cool chairs for different occasions πŸ˜€

Bluish chairs for watching performances.

Pink chairs for normal days.

And okay, to everyone who saw me online when I was in camp, this is where I surf the net and send E-mails [HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Greg, don’t you just loveeeee my E-mail πŸ˜€ Can I please publish that E-mail?!]

Nah. Got PC and Internet one okay.

In camp, I was given many chance to do things that I’ve never did/never wanted to try outside.

Kayak-ing with Jessamine πŸ˜€

RMAF Marathon Run and that my camp commandant.

And I got number 113 and I even got a medal!!! πŸ˜€ Hehehe! Only top 225 get a medal okay! πŸ˜€ And I am number 113 out of thousand over participants =p

Jessamine and I making lemang. It was fun!!!

Emcee for Malam Citra Puisi πŸ™‚ Thank you Even, for holding my camera when I was busy πŸ˜€

Speaking in front of 400+ people πŸ™‚ Thank you Fiza for taking a photo of me unexpectedly! πŸ˜€

Last but not least, I’m still that crazy. So, don’t worry πŸ˜€

The things that we do in dorm when we are bored πŸ˜€

Happy Sunday afternoon πŸ˜€




Bollywood dancers wannabe.

Last but not least, I miss the rising sun that I see every morning without fail.