Only In KHS

This is the third week I’m in my new school and let me tell you the difference between KHS and my old school, Convent.

1) Handphone

In Convent, we try our best to hide our handphones and we are soooooo afraid to bring them to school ’cause it might be consficated and you will only get it back at the end of the year. In Convent, whenever they have a spotcheck, woohoo, look, people start looking for places to hide their handphones and they are actually very creative and desperate to the extend of hiding their handphone under the cupboard, inside the projector box and yea, we know where :D…

But in KHS, they use it openly and freely in class, canteen, toilet and along the corridoors. And this is what happen when the teacher saw them with their handphone:

Student: Hi cikgu!!! *waves*

Teacher: Eh! Apa nombor telefon awak? Bagi cikgu, senang sikit cikgu nak contact awak.

Why doesn’t this happen in Convent -____-!!! And in the canteen, they freely switch on their handphone music and listen to it and it’s a tool to communicate around as you WILL be lazy to walk from the canteen back to your class just to see if your friend is there. All around the school, you CAN ALWAYS spot students [which include prefects] with their handphones and with music playing as well =|. And I can never imagine this happening to Convent =|.

Oh yes, what’s so cool about this school is that students can also walk into the class while SMS-ing =O

2) You Can Eat In Class

Yes, during recess, you can sit and eat in class or even to SMS in class. The prefects will NOT bother you for any reasons because you just CAN eat in the class =O

3) Toilet

The toilet doesn’t stink at all but hello! Give me back my 5 star toilet!!!

4) Assembly

In Convent, if you don’t sing the songs loud enough, you sing them again until you get them right. And you will never get to talk during assemblies and you will never, never get to sit with your friends from other class during assemblies because the rules of the assembly says so.

In KHS, during assembly, this is what happen:


Students: *BLAH BLAH BLAH*


Students: *BLAH BLAH BLAH*

Prefects: -.-… Masuk baris, mana-mana saja. Cepat, cepat.

Students: *Drag their feet, looking for their friends*


Student B: !@#$%^&* HERE LA! THEY ALL HERE!!!


Students: *BLAH BLAH BLAH and still finding for a place to stand*

Teacher: Dah bagi command baris sedia tu senyap lah.

Students: *BLAH BLAH BLAH*

Student C: HERE HOR?!

-.-… During the national anthem, state anthem and the school song, you CANNOT hear anyone singing and when you are allowed to sit, you may talk all you want because the prefects are righhhhhht at the back and they will NOT interfere you. =D And that’s why prefects are students’ best friend in KHS.


11 responses to “Only In KHS

  1. It sounds bit like my school……
    But our school rules and regulations are tighter compare to what you describe in there….

  2. JW: you mean your old school? =p hehe, i just know that you old school allow girls to wear tight fitting pinafore =p

  3. White Clovers

    o.o~~y like that geh??no disclipin at allllll weih…. u can even sms where ever u go??even entering the classroom???omg omg..soo geng~so did u bring ur handphone to class??

    *i remember last time in convent we use to wrap the phone with present wrapper so no one will suspect~!n we hav to curi curi makan in classroom n kena point pulak tu~
    *omg omg ur new school really GENG!!!salute!! man~~
    *ya our pink colour 5 stars toilet which got fans n HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE mirrors..wei qi told me the toilet got 4 only~2 cannot flush n the door cannot lock~
    *in convent we at least we got strings but i heard from them khs dun even hav strings~
    *the teachers dun mind wan meh???n they ask for ur number oso??geng geng~~~our college the discipline quite tight!

  4. Wish I’m there with you XP

  5. ahh, my dream skul. hahahahaha : so so so cool ey. but i still love convent. LOL

  6. Ai Leng: yes, yes. while going in the classroom/school compound just TAKE OUT your hp whenever u feel the urge to SMS and no one will bother u. the prefects are just the same :D…

    not sit while singing Negaraku la. i mean after that la =/… cool leh that school 😀 the toilet sucks but yea, the other school rules will make up for the sucky toilet i supposed 😀

    Ee Jane: same here =( im like, aih! why can’t you be here and we will have lotsa chat during assemblies.

    CY: hahaha! its my dream school too! =p and yea, we can eat during assemblies too =p =p and that’s ME! 😀 haha! 😀 i love convent ’cause it’s mini =p from my class to the canteen, it takes AT LEAST 5 minutes -____-!!!

  7. =.=”
    now oni u know my school nice ka??
    =P hahaha!!
    but then u don show ur phone to the PK1 and PK HEM la… sure kena kau kau!
    hahaha~ girls nowadays ah…..
    ish ish ish… play hp in in class.. sleep in class…
    *tidak boleh diselamatkan lagi*

  8. LoNePriNcE: kau itu!!! jason is it?! 😀 boys nowadays ah… ish ish ish… scare off innocent and cute girls from convent in class [like me :D]..main laptop in class.. gay-ing around *oops! :D* *shakes head* *tidak boleh diselamatkan lagi*

  9. haihz.. how i missed my old days schooling in convent.. =(

  10. Carson: you are from convent meh? :-/

  11. im not from convent? hmm? O_o
    hmm? o_O

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