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Actually, I Kid :D Again :D

Because… I’m back again 😀 For the second time unexpectedly by most of you 😀

So this time, I pranked a total of 35 friends. That’s the maximum I will prank ’cause I’m also very lazy to retell the same story over and over again :|. And this time, the story is:

I’m back for my Form 6 next month. I decided to come back early because I can’t stand that place anymore.

It’s a short story I know, but the part to answer the questions like how you did it and all are repetitive =p That’s why I am lazy to prank people already =p.

Anyway, as usual, here are the statistics:

Respondents who totally believe my story without a single doubt: 32

Respondents who knows that I’m just kidding and decided to play along: 3

Respondents who are pranked the last time I came back unexpectedly and now pranked by me again: 30

Respondents who are confused: 28

Respondents who called me a scammer =p: 25


The Best Answer: Heng Carson

The Cutest Answer: Yeo Ching Yin

The Most Interesting Answer: Jeremy Tan

The Most Speechless Respondent: Derek

The 3 Respondents Who Knows That I’m Just Kidding And Decided To Play Along: Ee Jane, Greg, Ivan

Awarded Answers:

Carson: Where’s part 2 of my advertisement XD?

Me: Ooooo, coming soon, coming soon!

Carson: And how come you boleh online? Swt

Me: -Bla bla bla-

Carson: -Ask for more details and talks about where he is going to study-

Me: Kidding 😀

Carson: Kidding about what?

Me: The Pre-U thing.

Carson: Swt =.=|| I kena scammed again -.-|| Scammer!!! Sam scam!!!!!

Ching Yin: Are you Samantha?

Me: Obviously my dearest Ah Lui. Did you miss Mama?
Ching Yin: Har? How come you balik again? Haha, of course I got miss you =).

Me: -Bla bla bla on reasons why I’m back again-

Ching Yin: -Ask for more details- Swtz, this is so mafan leh.

Me: Kidding =p =p

Ching Yin: What kidding again?

Me: Derek baru kena tipu =p

Ching Yin: OMG! All also kena tipu again! With the same story?

Me: Yes 😀 The same story as I told you :D.

Jeremy: WT*? Why are you back again? Don’t tell me that you are KICKED OUT AGAIN and I swear I will slaughter you and cook you for my dinner. And I, Jeremy Tan, WILL NOT fall for any of your tricks AGAIN.

Me: Eh, how can you say that!? 😦 Didn’t you read the news?! I’m back for my Pre-U studies!!

Jeremy: Oh sorry, sorry.

Me: -Bla bla bla- And that’s my plan for now. Sigh, I’m so sad ’cause I have to leave you know.

Jeremy: Yes, I feel your pain 😦

Me: Actually, I kid. AGAIN =p


Derek: Man… You really do come back unexpectedly… Can’t really expect to see you online so sudden…

Me: 😀

Hahaha 😀