The Truth Is…

Note: You may not understand this post unless you know me personally. This post content might be a little confusing as I want avoid certain people to know about my whereabouts now.

Dearest friends 😀

I’m back temporary as some of you may know. Just temporary =D but I’m pretty sure that all of you miss me very, very much! Haha 😀 Glad to have me back temporary?! =p

Anyway, when I’m on my way home yesterday, I planned a story carefully in my mind to prank my close friends or just, whoever who decided to talk to me on MSN [Sorry guys =p]. And here’s how the story goes, if anyone who asks me why am I online at this time, this is what they will get [Just the story outline :D]:

I met a guy on the bus. And then we talked throughout the whole journey and in the bus, he told me that he likes me and I told him that everyone likes me because I’m so likable. And so, we became best friends. When we reach our destination, again, he told me that he likes me and again I gave him the same answers.

After unpacking our stuffs, we went to the canteen alone and decided to talk. After talking for 2 hours plus, the security guard then came and told us that girls and boys cannot sit alone together and heck, we got the FIRST warning.

Later that evening, we decided to talk openly at the basketball court, and again, we are caught. So there comes the SECOND warning. Later that night, when I was refilling my bottle water at the water cooler, he came [‘cause he asked me in SMS what am I doing]. He hold my hand this time and told me that he likes me. And I gave him the same answer again while trying to pull his hand away. And then, someone saw us and yea, we got the THIRD warning [Note: Third warning = kick out].


And so, I have a total of 35 respondents =p and I would like to award four friends for:

The Most Interesting Answer: Heng Carson, Derek

The Cutest Answer Of All: Yeo Ching Yin

The Funniest Reply: Atty


Respondents who believed my story:35

Respondents who know that something is fishy and yet they still believe me: 16

Respondents who thinks that there is a computer and Internet service at that place: 15

Respondents who requested me to webcam: 7

Respondents who asked me personal details for confirmation: 5

Respondents who are confused: 35 !! Hahaha! 😀

Respondents who are very, very shock: 23

Respondents who give very, very boring answers: 5

Respondents who hesitated to say hie to me: 11

Respondents who thinks that someone else is using my account:13

Respondents who thinks that I killed someone with a gun:3

And therefore went and check the news: 1

Respondents who asked me out for a drink: 1

Respondents who selamba-ly answer me on the phone initially and then proceed to HAR!! and WHATTT?! later on :10

Respondents who believe that I’m going for a court case because of this: 5

There some people who give extremely boring answers as well -_- But let’s not mention them! Here are parts of the best answers that I love the most:

Me: Here’s the truth. -on webcam-

Ee Jane: EH?!?!?! Err… What are you doing at home?

Wei Qi: Hihi?

Me: Hie!

Wei Qi: I thought you left already?

Me: Did I???

Wei Qi: In your blog?

James: WTH are you doing here?!


James: WT*? –sword emoticon- Show yourself!

Andrew: WT*?

Me: 😀 ??

Andrew: Umm? Coffee later?

Awarded Answers:

Me: I was kicked out la what else…

Ching Yin: HAH?! What happen? How come can kena kick out one?!

Me: -Bla bla bla-

Ching Yin: YOR! THEN HOW?!

Carson: Ehh??? I though you left??

Me: Don’t mention it anymore. Damn malu nak cakap.

Carson: It’s okay lor. You don’t have to tell if you don’t wanna :D. But I still want to know T_T

Me: =( Sure… Since you are so nice to me… -bla bla bla- Then he’s not so good looking but very nice to bully just like you

Carson: <_<|| Excuse me.

Me: Sorry, please excuse me =( I’m damn emo now.

Carson: You can emo-ly continue now =’(

Derek: I take it as you are not Samantha right?

Me: I am.

Derek: Eh? I thought you are in your hostel now? How you manage to online one?

Me: Handphone.

Derek: Ooooo. No wonder. Your phone?

Me: Yea.

Atty: ?? There got Internet ke?

Me: Yea. They finally improved leh.

Atty: Well… I’m surprised!!!

Me: Yes, yes, you should be surprised!! 😀 No la, actually I was kicked out =(

Atty: You use gun to kill people ke? =O

After I told him that I kid [I told him fake stories =p] for two times, he finally said, YOU KID SOMEMORE I DON’T WANT TO TALK LIAO!



15 responses to “The Truth Is…


  2. WTF? WHERE CAN CHOP PLACE LIKE THAT WAN? and where’s my name??!

  3. Joe: =p Kiasu-ism =p =p Your name?? Who ask you to DOTA when I wanna prank u! :-w

  4. Yeah, here’s the proper comment XD

    I saw her on9 /ee, i didn’t bother to say ‘hie’ because i thought it was someone else.

    Then she says hie. I proceed to question her those secret question, and she answered correctly XD

    I ask her there got computer and internet meh at first, she answered yes , and i said ‘got live messenger sommor..’ (because live messenger stores ur present dp) and she answers quite canggih leh.

    At that same time, she was pranking wei qi/sy. I also join in la. Later she tells me that~ Her friend got hp that can on webcam, then suddenly she say shes using her hp to on9, although model is older than mine, but quite canggih also…. (her dp…) so i said “i thought just now u said got computer”, den she says “type salah” (her msn got dp….)

    (= =)

    I bugged her a bit, and she says “let me ask you a question, what is my religion?”

    My answer is “oh..the what what prophet birthday!”

    But actually she said it was easter and good friday.

    Though ai leng believe me when i said Samantha bluff her, easter is not in march. HAHA! Is easter really in march? 0.O?

    Whose comment will beat mine??? Mine is the longest right? right? right?

    Okay…let me extend…

  5. Ee Jane: 😀 yea la, longest comment!! 😀 hahaha 😀 and the prophet birthday has nothing to do with me!!! i bukan islam la *slaps forehead* kawan baik apa ni =\ Easter tak semestinya must be in the month of March. it depends 😀

  6. Haha, this is so funny ! omg, i was awarded for the most cutest answer?! *bangga* haha. anyway, i know something is not right and yet i still believe you when you say you wanna miss call my hp with your house phone =S luckily im not the only one who believe you.

  7. Ching Yin: ooo, don’t worry!! 😀 got somemore wan! nanti i update =p

  8. cepat update! include today’s one! =)

  9. Ching Yin: updated 😀

  10. wahhh!!! i was innocently tipu-ed!! T_T

  11. Carson: Eh-eleh, you are innocent? -.-”’

  12. im i not? =\

  13. ehhh! now only i know i kena tipu for de easter thing too! wat la u…
    then u say u fight with eejane summore.. made me so bersalah..!! so scary to see u 2 fight..
    ish ish ish!! jaga u!
    pakat with eejane to bluff me? arghh!!!
    haha.. funniest blog… looking at those responds.. laugh till can’t stop.. lik dis line.. “Eh? I thought you are in your hostel now?”

  14. Carson: You are NOT innocent 😀

    Wei Qi: Ei ei ei =p don’t la like that! -mwahhhh- =p

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