My Best Friend

This post, is about my best friend; Ee Jane.

This is Ee Jane. She is camera shy.

She is a friend that everyone would like to know but not everyone would know how to handle. In many ways, we are similar, yet, in many ways too, we are different. Like what people say, the opposite attracts.

She is the most irritating and annoying friend that I’ve ever know but also, she is my best-est and closest friend ever in the whole universe. No friend could ever replace her ’cause she’s so irreplaceable because she admits that she is bossy.

I am the boss okay?

No lah, it’s actually because she’s such a fun person to be with! We can talk for hours and hours on the phone and MSN. To the extend that teachers and parents think that we are both lesbian[Parents: In school meet already right? Come home still want to talk on the phone and chat on MSN ah?]. In school, the moment we meet, we will talk, talk and talk. They don’t allow us to talk?

NEVER MIND. We pass papers, to the extend of writing on textbooks and tables [and rub them off obviously]. It all started from our class teacher back in form 1, who allows us to sit together and then because we never listen to him then ever since, he decided that we cannot sit together.

He tried to separate us but he did not succeed. The whole school too, tried to separate us, because we talk too much. We talk when we are eating and even in the toilet doing our business. In form 4 [during the class sorting according to PMR results], they TRIED to separate us again, but again, don’t know how, we are in the same class again. [Cik Besira: And both of you? Still sticking to each other again?! Puan Ruzana: APA? Sama kelas lagi?! Ya Allah, habislah Convent! Mr. Ng: Huh! Same class?! *shakes head*]

And now, I tell you what, we are so hebat to the extend that the government wants to separate us. Because I was selected for NS and she’s not.

We both know each other back in year 5. Where she freaked me out -_- and we even fought once in year 6 -______- and she throw my bag on the floor, stamped my bag and broke my pencil box and never bother to even say sorry and even glared at me! >=( And to make things more scary, she even sits beside me during UPSR that year.

Things got even freakier when I knew that she was in the same class as me in form 1. Ah-ha, that’s when things began to change 😀 for good obviously.

See, she looks so fierce. Carry the chair until above my head somemore.

We fight a lot and then we get back together, because we learn more about each other after every fight. Every period of time we fight is known as Zaman Kegelapan. Now we have already achieved Renaissance. Well, it’s not that we cannot tahan to be friends back when we fight. It’s the people around us. ‘Cause everything is suddenly… so quiet. Like satellite rosak la okay.


One who bullshits with me about everything. From fatt hau cases to armpit hair and even bra, panties and period pads [don’t you sooooo remember how we colour a period pad with red colour pencil and throw it at Zaharah during a ceramah???].

Someone who totally understands how I feel without needing me to say a word and someone who totally cheats with me in every game [everyone knows but they never catch us. hahaha!] and someone who will always comfort me when I’m sad [Don’t mention it aymore!! Omg, how could I ever stand that smell!! 😐 ]

We didn’t cheat one okay. Eh enough la, you people are already good in Chemistry and Physics, give us a chance in games okay?!

She is one who break the school rules together with me.

Listening to music while answering Mathematics questions.

Having brilliant way of finishing our work faster than anyone else [Eg. You do the odd numbers, I do the even numbers], so that we can continue our topic about the delicious tom yam mee. And oh, did I mention that she’s also very, very prasan?


I told you -_________-. She tries to make everyone believe that she is innocent. As in SO SO SO INNOCENT.



Back in 2004, this is innocent :-/

And now, this is what she do:

Ganas okay? :-/

Photo taken when she’s really, really mad

And we try to be twins. Not the singer Twins. As in real twins, and we started it off by using the same stationaries.

Beginning 2007

Ending 2007

We do many things together. From baking to buying friend’s birthday present and to studying together for SPM and to of course, sharing food!!! 😀

Bread and butter pudding

A self compensated Pizza Hut meal

And of course, there are times that I have been horrible to her. I admit it. There, I went to the chocolate factory trip without her because we are cold war-ing that time and then she also got tuition that day so -_-…

Beryl’s Chocolate Factory trip

I even went to Metro Point opening without her because we are still fighting then.

There are many more, but you all don’t need to know so much la ’cause I also feel guilty one okay. Those who know, consider yourself as my closest friend :). When things get wet, she is willing to let me under the umbrella until the sun shines again and she is also, willing to dry her umbrella for me.

Things get wet sometimes.

Drying her umbrella.

Okay la, the ganas photos may be a turn off for all of you. No la, actually she is very nice most of the time. You see, when she’s happy:

Because she is a banana… 😀 and a mistaken ABC


And it is advisable to everyone, when she starts doing THAT FACE, you better stay away =S.

Yes, THAT FACE. It means, highly dangerous and toxic.

And of course, of all friends, she is the coolest friend to be with, because she is daring enough to strike silly poses in public and totally enjoy it because we know, what’s truly fun and that normal can be very common and boring sometimes.

Save the trees.

Please do not peep.

I love her and she loves me and we both know it! 😀

We read the same manga [or rather, she watch the anime], Death Note. And I assure you, I like Kira and she likes L. Therefore, in reality, she can be L and I can be Kira. You know why? Both of us are actually genius just like L and Kira.

L and Kira

L and Kira can be best of friends too 😀

I know what people always say. Best friends turn into enemies because of competitions. One thing that I’ve always thanked God for, is that, because both of us have different thinking about careers and we are both gifted to be good in different subjects [FYI, the subject that I’m weakest in is her best subject :)], therefore, if she scores well in exam, to be honest with you, she is one of the best Biology student in my class, see me getting upset about that? No? Why? Because we share each other happiness :). We put jealousy aside because we know that, jealousy kills.


See that? 😀 No matter how badly we may do in life, we are still best of friends 🙂

I have someone to smile with, to share the laughter with, someone to poke whenever I’m bored and someone to bengangkan when I feel like it =p and someone to share my tears and anger.

One of my favourite 😀

Definitely the greatest friend on earth

Happy Belated 18th Birthday!:D [18th February]


16 responses to “My Best Friend

  1. Haha! 1st comment!!

  2. Okay, that’s not my REAL comment, i did that to make sure nobody will rebut 1st place with me *winks*

    Thank you!! It’s a nice post (for me) and it’s funny. XD

    Too bad i don’t have candid shot of you so i can do the same, BUT just you wait till i get all my photos back, i shall try to rajin and write about you too =)

    Yeap yeap, about how the time you was sad in school~ and where do you go to~~ Yeah XD

  3. hahaha~funny~~n nice~~innocent??omg omg jane innocent??~dunia runtuh~

  4. haha. a very nice and long and touching and funny post. =) she looked really innocent for the last picture.

  5. Ee Jane: 😀 alahai, don’t la write about things like that =/

    Ai Leng: *look at the sky* yah, the dunia will runtuh if she is innocent :D… haha 😀

    Ching Yin: in reality she isn’t innocent 😀 hahaha 😀

  6. wow! the ever most longest post wo…
    a great post among mind flash back those times being with ching yin,ee jane,you, and ai leng!

  7. Winnie: 😀 me too =( suddenly, i miss school again. in a way la 😀 haha 😀

  8. wakakak……finally think of something to comment.Friends can be everything~~

  9. JW: 😀 of coz! 😀 hehe ! 😀

  10. Yes! Good luck to your NS duties. When you come back strive harder in reaching your goals.

  11. Flipper: Thank you 😀 And I will! 😀 😀

  12. opposites eh? if ee jane isnt innocent… takkan ur innocent??! omg O_O||

  13. Carson: Alamak! =p I’m so innocent =p

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