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You Know You Are From The Cashiering Department On The Star II

I know la I’m supposed to blog about CNY and Ai Leng’s birthday party. But wait la, let me blog about this first okay? =p

When you are a cashier, you realize actually how similar are most customers and how irritating are the Chinese aunties [no offense here! I’m a Chinese too :)].

1. Customers selalu lupa timbang sayur dan buah-buahan

You know what ah, those customers seriously thinks that us, the cashier, know the price for every single thing in Bintang. Let’s say there’s 100 things in Bintang, customers expect us to remember every single thing that we have and know every single price and every single code.

Please la, sometimes you work in a company and your company has 100 staffs and I’m sure, you don’t know all of them as well. Customers always have this habit of ‘lupa timbang barang’ just like how we students have this habit of ‘lupa buat homework’.

a) Alamak! Saya lupa timbang sayur saya! [Alamak! I forgot to weigh my vegetables!]

Cashier: Ini belum timbang [This one haven’t weigh yet.]

Customer: Alamak! Eh sayang, lupa timbang lah. [Alamak! Eh darling, forgot to weigh la]

And obviously that customer is talking to his/her wife/husband la.

Customer: Sini tak boleh timbang ke? [Can weigh here ah?]

Cashier: Oh tak boleh, tak boleh. Sini kira jumlah saja. [Oh cannot, cannot. Here, we only count the total of your stuffs only]

Customer: Aiyo! Then, macam mana? [Aiyo! Then how?]

Cashier: Bayar dulu, lepas tu pergi belakang timbang. Nanti I bagi you bayar dulu la. [You pay first, then you go to the back and weigh. Then I let you pay first la later]

This one then never mind, at least it doesn’t irritate us the cashier. But what irritates us are this kind of customers; right after you tell them that they need to weigh the vegetables and fruits, without you needing to say more or them to say more, they RUN to the weighing counter at the back of Bintang, leaving their stuffs on your counter for you to scan.

And by the time you are done, and if they still haven’t return and you have other customers to be layan, the other customers will stare at you, wondering what the hell are you doing or thinking that you are stupid; like, oh, why can’t you do two separate receipts, then you can slowly total up his one later and layan me first -_-

I tell you what, IF WE CAN DO THAT, WE WILL.

b) One apple is 60 cents. I no cheat you one. The board there says so.

Cashier: Eh, this apple must weigh first one la

Actually, weigh so that the girl at the weighing counter will stick the code there for us to scan ’cause we cashier don’t memorize every single code unless some codes that are compulsory for us to memorize.

Customer: Hah? Need to weigh first one meh? Don’t need la! For what?! I tell you, one is for 60 cents la. Just key in 60 cents la.

Cashier: Haha. No la, no la, I want the bar code.

Customer: You just key in! One apple is 60 cents. I no cheat you one. The board there says so.

Darling, if I just need to key in the price, I don’t need the code okay. The thing is, we the cashier, we scan the bar code and then only we will know the price. We work by bar codes and not keying in the price like some sundry shops.

2. Plastic are water absorbent.

When you wipe the counter with a wet cloth, obviously some water droplets will there. And then what will be wet when you put your packet of fruits on the counter? [Note: Fruits are already in a plastic and tied up]

Do you know what will be wet?

Think la.

The plastic?



Don’t know?


Actually I don’t know one. But one customer told me so.


Dear customers, next time if one of the fruit on the banana is like going to break anytime, please inform the cashier earlier or either, choose another one.

And if you never inform the cashier in advance, please don’t go “OH MY BANANA!” ’cause what I think is, as long as your husband’s one or your one [if you happen to be a guy] didn’t break, is good enough.

4. Free gifts

Everyone thinks that the cashier keep all the free gifts at the counter and everyone thinks that the cashier know which stuffs you buy, you get free gift.

In actual fact, we don’t. So stop asking us already.

Customer: Eh! You help me see got what free gift. *puts a long, long receipt on the counter*

Cashier: *Blink* Well, I don’t know ’cause I’m not in charge with the free gift stuffs. You have to ask Customer Service, at the back there.

That is a very polite answer. A not so polite answer from the cashier will be -> Don’t know. And then this is what the customer will always tell us.

Haiyo, you what also don’t know. What you know ah? *grumbles and mumbles, showing sour face*

We know how to receive payment for goods.

In conclusion, either way they are going to blame you for don’t know anything, so just tell answer them, DON’T KNOW. Shorter and easier.

5. Card Power

Wa, some customers right, got credit card one you know. Don’t pray-pray man! Especially if they have platinum credit card or Diners card. Very geng one you know. Want to know how geng or not? Listen up. Once upon a time…

If you have a credit card, be it the normal one or platinum, you still have to queue up. It’s not like you have a platinum credit card or Diners card then we have to serve you first and give you better service. We treat every customer equally.

Stop bragging and showing off your card on your face expression like you shouldn’t be made to wait. So what if you are paying with a platinum credit card or a Diners card? I seriously don’t see any difference. It’s just that, you can afford to. That’s alright. I don’t care anyway ’cause it’s your money, NOT MINE.

But quit making faces at the customer in front of you and quit making impatient noise just because both of you come with full trolleys ’cause it makes the customer in front of you feels uncomfortable. How will you feel if you are in that customer’s position? Will you even like it?

And don’t ever throw your card on the counter for us the cashier to pick up ’cause if you are rich or some sort of Datuk or Datin or Doctor, I don’t care ’cause that’s not the way how you should behave. Be more civilized. Really.

That’s it people =p Behind the scenes of Bintang cashiering department.


Happy Birthday Ai Leng!

Dearest Ai Leng,

Happy 18th birthday :D!! Have a blessed birthday and see you soon! 😀