To all my dear friends on the star who are leaving today

I don’t know how to say goodbye to all of you face to face. In fact, I don’t know how will tomorrow be without all of you there. I remember last Monday; my first day of work, I remember how I came to know all this amazing people and now, they are all leaving. I know when I’m typing this, all of you are busy working and serving the customers =p and here I am, typing this piece of goodbye note to all of you.

To Kwan Yann Way, I want to thank you for trusting me with your account and because of you, I get used to the crowd and I don’t get panic easily anymore. Just want you to know, because of you, I know there is someone as crappy as me as well 😀 and I’m happy to know you! Though you refuse to give me your number and told me to just keep you in memory and I promise you, I will and hopefully, you will too :).

To Brian, thank you for being such a good listener and such a great friend. I’m sorry ’cause you have to listen to all my endless talks/rants ’cause you didn’t ask for them and just wanted you to know, that you are such a great friend and a very reliable person. And lastly, I would like to apologize if I did anything that irritates you in this short period of time.

To Alex, though we never really talk. I want to say thank you for helping me to count the credit card receipts =p Yes la, it’s 12 la, not 11 la =p. I know you are such a humorous person and a cheerful one as well and I just know yesterday that you are my sister’s best friend’s brother :D…

To Calvin, though we only had one very short conversation, but still, I find you cute and humorous in a way :D. I don’t know you well, but I’m sure, the place without all of you will never be the same again.

Though it’s not really goodbye, but still, goodbye and it’s nice knowing all of you. All the best in your SPM next year and may God bless all of you! 😀


9 responses to “Goodbye

  1. Thx Sam,its great knowing u too…..
    Sad…….to………say…….go…ooo.oood bye to u……(sniff..sniff…)
    Although i cant say good bye to u face 2 face,i will also remember u 1.
    BTW,did u noe that there’s a pair of lover birds in Bintang 2day?
    For more info ask wai mun on saturday.
    Again thx….

  2. Kira: yannnnnn waaaaaaaay =( im gonna miss all of u! =( wa, what lover birds?! now im curious !! cis cis cis! eh what’s my shift tomo ah? =S i forgot to see leh that day! =(

  3. why your frens are leaving? =(

  4. Hello ah sam!

    Pfft…your daughter more geng than you /ee she got more new entries~~ You memang lembab lah~

    This time, i’m 4th pulak. But tak apa, i no comment = = i tak kenal your kawan *peace*

  5. Ching Yin: school is starting on january. they are all form 4 😀 so gotta stop anyhow

    Ee Jane: u see how is tmnet treating me 1st. everytime fixing fixing, ever since the beginning of the month till now, FIXING FIXING. bengang liao!

  6. oh, i thought they are all form 5 this year =.=
    btw, i went to bintang today but why i didnt see you?
    went there at around 1.40pm
    my mum kept on looking for you

  7. ooo, i was at the chinese medicine part 😀 hehe! 😀 the people there are really fun to hang out with. 😀 hehe! alahhh, i wanna meet u also ! =(

  8. chinese medicine there?
    i walked there too
    but i saw two chinese girl in yellow t chirt
    tak nampak u pun =(
    miss you la

  9. Ching Yin: yeap, chinese medicine there ma. alamak, i think i walk away to another counter awhile then or i went walking around [curi tulang =p] hehe :D… are u gonna work in bintang too? 😀

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