The People On The Star

Today’s my 5th day of working and I totally enjoy it! 😀 I was a packer for 3 days and a cashier for 2 days already.

I have many friends there right now. They are all very nice and helpful to me. Here, let me tell you about my friends at my working place 🙂 [Chewah, quote Syahirah Johari: Yealah tu! Orang bekerjaya!]

1. Leong Wai Mun

Everyone calls her Hui Wen. She’s the first one who talks to me when I was sitting alone :D. She’s really friendly and she’s pretty! I like her sincerity and the way she would listen to what I want to say.

She is extremely helpful whenever I need her help and whenever I’m bored, she will always look at me and give me a smile or she will come over just to say hie, even if it means 2 seconds 🙂

I enjoy working with this young lady because she is nice and extremely gentle with her words. Of all, she’s a really nice girl :).

2. Kwan Yann Way

Orang ini, memang cakap banyak. Cuma hari ini dia tak cakap banyak sebab dia letih [tak cukup tidur la tu!]. He is one, who allows me to use his account to be a cashier [’cause I don’t have a account yet that time]. And so, he was my packer la then [ha-ha-ha!] and of course la, he’s also my sifu ’cause he taught me many things.

I enjoy working with him ’cause I don’t feel stress at all! In fact, he craps more than me [Syahirah, you tak rabun =p]. He talks to me when there is no customer [kita semua paling syiok, tak payah buat kerja la =p] and he talks to the customer about anything randomly on his mind when he is layan-ing the customer.

I tell you what, his favourite phrases are:

a) Eh, see the screen leh! Don’t syiok-syiok scan only.

b) Oh, must see the receipt. Dunno why the display siao siao wan. Don’t worry, the price is correct.

c) Card sudah expired. Boleh renew kat Customer Service. Belakang sana.

d) I only got one advice for you if you open your own counter, look at the screen.

e) Finally you remember the code for the sayur.

f) Cis! Cannot puji you one! Puji liao then do wrong already.

g) Receeeeeipppttttt!

h) Thank you.

i) Ada kad Bintang? [Please auto translate yourself to Bahasa Cina and Bahasa Inggeris]

j) See also know got 8 biji already la. Hahaha! I told you so. Wooohoo, of course la, I’m an expert you know. If not how to become your sifu. Woiyo! TENGOOKKKK SCREEEENNN!!!

Hahaha! He is my partner for posing in front of the CCTV for the fun of it and I love it when his name card is in my pocket [Ha-ha-ha! Admit that you are freaked out =p]. Lastly, he is a very nice person to crap with 😀

3. Wan Chui Sen

A very soft spoken girl and she’s really cute when she speaks in her panicky voice. Thank you for helping me yesterday and today. Without her yesterday and today, I’ll be very lost -_-… [Quote Ee Jane, you memang sesat!]

Though I don’t talk much to her, but I know, she’s a really nice person :).

4. Low Hui Sze

The first person that I met on my first day of work. She gave me a list of codes in which I will be needing them. She is friendly and she’s a pretty nice girl :).

5. Brian

Ha-ha-ha! This guy, he was stuck with me the whole night the day before yesterday ’cause I was his packer. I was busy talking and talking and believe me, you will feel very pendek standing beside him.

He is a very nice guy and a very nice person to talk to :D. He is very intelligent [I feel so and he is -_-…]. Well, sorry la ini pendek sikit, sebab he doesn’t talk much :|.

Remember to give me the link to your videos when you have uploaded them :D.

6. Yang

Sorry, I forgot his name ’cause I kept on calling him Yang [his surname]. He is very, very [to the power of infinity] helpful. Yesterday, I was having a little problem handling the whole counter by myself and thank God his counter was just beside mine 🙂 Whenever I call him, he will always answer and will help me out which makes me less panicky yesterday :D.

Yang [if you ever get to read this], I really, really appreciate your help and thank you very, very much! 😀 And thank you for the chocolate wafer too 😀 Love it!

7. Xiao Lan & Chris Tan

This two, simply makes me wanna cry =( ‘Cause Xiao Lan is a Pisces and Chris is an Aquarius and they are both best friends. Reminds me of Ee Jane [Aquarius] and I [Pisces]!

Xiao Lan is really, really helpful though I’m new and she’s a nice person to chat with as well! She is always calm and she have a very cool hairstyle! Xiao Lan have this ability to predict someone’s attitude and character by just looking at them 😀 And Chris have really lovely nails and it’s very easy to spot her around with her hairstyle :D.

8. Chee Seng

A very quiet boy but very nice to disturb! 😀 He started work on the same day as me and until today, I still don’t know his age -_-… Thanks for the umbrella yesterday! 🙂

So that’s all people about my friends at my working place. Don’t worry, I’m doing fine and having fun! 😀 Tomorrow’s a weekend and I’m sure we are all gonna be very busy busy busy! 😀


P/S: TMNET belum repair my Internet lagi. Cisssss! There will be lots of photo as soon as my Internet is okay again! Till then, goodbye! 😀


29 responses to “The People On The Star

  1. wah….so fast get a job already.working in bintang huh? per day how much wo??

  2. 1 hour RM3.80 for cashier and RM3.00 for sales assistant [SA]. 😀 yeap, working in bintang! 😀

  3. saaaaaaaaaaaaaaam! i miss you =)
    its good that u have many good frens thr.
    at least tak kena bully =)
    gt so worried about u ken bully or neglected =(
    but after i saw ur post den i fong sam a bit. haha
    faster upload photos ya =)


    cyyeo =)

  4. yeah…yeah….i’m worried tooo
    after reading the post then the worriness gone away..
    so do take care all the time ya..
    i’m so boring in the house=.=
    looking the 4 wall everyday and no money in my pocket
    but just hoping my books can sell out fast.
    eh…i also got miss you so much….but not much as ur ah lui=D

  5. Ching Yin: Hellooooo!!! I miss u badly tooooo =( !! dont worry dont worry! tak dibuli 😀 hehe *big wet eyes* im so touched that u all r concerned n worried abt me >.< i thought u all will just like go shopping and forgot abt me =( ! hope to have our outing as soon as possible!! 😀 -hugs!- miss u! 🙂

    Winnie: Waaaa, go and work and earn some moolah! 😀 like me! haha! 😀 i miss u too! -hugs!- 😀

  6. eh…the Yang izit a bit black tone skin and tall tall de??
    Izit yang keat siang??
    hohoho……next time belanja makan o!!!!

  7. Jong Wei: yeap! that’s him! wa, same school rite? 😀

  8. not juz same school…..can kira my best friend..wakaka

  9. man..
    yann way’s part is my favourite..! haha
    oh ya.. im a bit wat…? talk bad bout me huh… zzzz, bully u if u be my packer next time.. XP
    chris is sook foong ah..? ooo, cool name she got there.. haha
    yea agreed, cool nail for chris and cool hair for lil’ blue.. haha

  10. Jong Wei: wa best friend somemore ah! okay, okay! tomorrow when i c him, i’ll tell him how much you love me. hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! 😀

    Brian: mana ada mengumpat?! 😐 i praise u leh! 😀 why la wanna bully me =( im so young and you are even younger -_-… haha! yeap. chris is sook foong. agreeee lehhhh 😀 hahaha! thanks for leaving a comment! 😀 see u tomo!

  11. WOOOO!!! I’M LATEEEE!!!!! OMG OMG!! I’m like the…ELEVENTH?!!!!!!! *FAINTS*

    Samantha, you memang kejam, i noe jw always win, but thats only 1st or 2nd place, ni aku dapat tempat ke SEBELAS!!! *sulks*

    @@…chinese names @@ So cepat dapat like *counts* 8 kawan baru!!! = = Cih! Takpa~ fine fine~

  12. haha.. I’m sure I’m de 1st to read dis blog 😛 *claps*
    though not de 1st to leave a comment.. ~ur wife is so angry ;)~
    glad dat u get to know so many new frens!
    Eh, u say wanna come my house to teach me all de RO thing!
    mungkir janji!!
    but nvm la.. since i’m so clever, i can learn in de game^^
    thanx for playing RO with me n made me a hunter within 4hours playing??
    wow.. fast! wuahaha.. dat’s cuz i’m a fast learner 😛
    One more thing.. now u start working dy rite? when u wanna belanja us makan?
    i’m waiting..
    half equation – words–>blog
    overall equation – words+pictures –> nice blog!
    put la pics uf ur new frens here..
    hehe.. see u on graduation day!

  13. HI 😀
    happy la working now,
    earning money for the things that you want, not you need 😛
    hehe.. see you when you are back from work and don’t sleep so late la.
    panda eyes also there already.
    okie.. thats all for now, bye bye 😀

    p/s ntg much to say as i can talk to you anytime i want.. well except when you are not home of course 😛

  14. Ee Jane: actually more than 8 friends =p. tau pun lewat! :-w !!! alahaiiii, janganlah jealousssssss!!! 😀 -sayang balik :D-

    Wei Qi: i say im comin when i got leave maaa! i got no leave also now =( ! elehhhh!! prasan betul budak ni!!! that is also because im a good sifu 😀 wa, too much influence from chemistry. i dunno they allow me to put or not =p. why? u wanna date them? 😀 😀 wait till i get my gaji 1st! hopefully i dont short so much money la 😀

    Ferlynne: 😀 thank u for leavin a comment. okay la, bye bye woman. remember to always leave a comment 😀 hahaha!

  15. hellloooooo!
    hehe, im not going to forget u guys larh =)
    especially my mummy XD
    oh ya, how many times u can take leave in a month ?
    bcoz everyone is asking me when is the mesyuarat msn. hahahaha
    they tak sabar2 wanna go jalan2 together =D
    have fun when working ya!

    miss ya 🙂

  16. Ee Jane: eh. i forgot. i baru teringat!! 😀 u r still 1st. as in 1st 1st 😀 11 ma right? 1st 1st = 11. hahahahahaha! this should be in our syllabus! 😀

    Ching Yin: im not gonna forget every single one of u too! =( especially all my darlings! 🙂 lovable and unforgettable! 😦 my leave is one week once! tomo i’ll check which day 😀 hehehe! i also tak sabar-sabar lehhhh! 😀 i wanna goooooo!! not the gardens anymore! coz its boring! yeap, i had alot of fun! dont worry! 😀 -hugs!- 😀

  17. listen 2 ur sifu n look at d screen la.. i know u cant multitask n sumtimes ur attention is limited n sumtimes, u repeat d same mistake we ask u not 2 do.. hehe 😛 but i believe u hav d patience 2 learn… so can Xiao Lan predict me 2??? dats not easy u know.. its hard 2 predict me :P… but dat predicting business is not new.. dats called biokinesis. but atributing a persons facial features 2 his/her personality is not proven yet 2 b science as biokinesis itself is questionable as a pseudoscience (fake science)….. hmmm.. could b pondered upon…

  18. Helen: BIOLOOOOGGYYYYYY!!! noooooooooo *runs away* !! its a bye bye bio for me. foreverrrr =p

  19. 0.0 biokinesis?! Apa itu?! OMG! Person face and personality *stares* Samantha, come come i stare at your face awhile *grinz*

  20. Whakakaka!!!! My description take like 1/4 of the page liao………..
    Forgot to introduce myself.
    Watashi no namae Kwan. Like ppl 2 call me Kira(as in gundam seed)
    Age is 16 as of the time im writing this.
    The things that i like best is ANIME!!!!!!!
    Any1 got same hobby like me pls feel free 2 msg or chat wit me.
    Thx 😀

  21. Ee Jane: Jom! 😀 *stares at Ee Jane*

    Kira: jangan prasan sangat! no one calls u kira at work also. HAHAHAHAHAHA! 😀 btw, kira, sorry, kwan 😀 see u tomorrow! haha! 😀 and thanks for leaving a comment! 😀

  22. owh, one week once?
    ok wad.. hehehe
    but we will be going out on january.
    i wanna take LOADS of pic..
    yeap, i went to the garden also
    nothing’s special and its empty =.=
    so i would prefer to go to pavilion
    i wanna try the donuts there!! =)
    have u heard about the donuts there? =D

  23. Ching Yin: yeap, one week once. yeaaa, lots and lots of photo! sigh! i miss, miss, miss all of you so much! =( nope, never heard of that donut before. is it nice?! if it is, and the price is reasonable, then WE MUST TRY!! 😀 haha! :D-hugs!-

  24. haha, make sure u’ll bring ur camera out! =)
    i miss you too 😀
    is not famous.. it is darn famous!
    u have to queue up for at least more than 30 minutes oni can get a chance to buy it. the price is very reasonable! rm11.50 for 6 pieces. around rm2 for one piece =)
    same price with dunkin donuts =)


  25. Ching Yin: wa! then must try leh!! okay, i so wanna go out!! =( yeap! will bring along my camera!! i hope to get my ixus soon!! 😀 can’t wait, can’t wait! yeap, my camera name will be baby ixus or ixus baby! aih, mana-mana je la! im feeling hungry now and im wanting my ixus so badly =( !!

  26. haha, we take donut as lunch, is tat ok with you ? =)
    yeah, baby ixus is soooo ke ai =)
    u will get it soon! no worries =)

  27. Ching Yin: no problem! 😀 haha! ke ai lehhh!! 😀 ahahaha, i can’t waitttttt!!! 😀

  28. cik, anda kad bintang tak? haha. omg! im a part of th bintang family too now ! =)

  29. Ching Yin: welcome to the star family!! 😀

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