Hello World! :D

Hello world! D

Today’s my blog birthday, 1st of December 2007 D Hehehe! Feel free to drop me a comment and don’t worry, I don’t bite or burn D



7 responses to “Hello World! :D

  1. = = It’s the same thing isn’t it not?

    I’m prepared…to skewer you =)

  2. heyyyy!
    congratulation and celebration~ la la..
    hehe, happy birthday to your blog! 😀
    and.. do update k?

  3. hello! happy birthday to ur blog!
    update more pic for me to see k?
    hehehe =)

  4. Ee Jane: different sikit la hehe 😀

    Ferlynne: thank u! -hugs- 😀

    Ching Yin: thank you!! -hugs-! 😀 will upload more photos! 😀

  5. although a bit late….but still sincere wish that…

  6. Hi, i guess i will spend more time at your blog than surfing to no where. =.=
    Well you have a nice blog there, it’s nice to read and it’s quite interesting. I hope there will be photo’s soon. So keep it up. 😉

  7. Leon: Thank you! 😀 there will be a lot of photos as soon as tmnet decided to fix my internet 😀

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