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Dearest Nano

Today’s post is specially dedicated to the birthday girl today [24th September] who goes by the name Meow Nano Wei Qi!! :D

Nano says hie! :D

Wei Qi and I had never been in the same class at all ever since Year 1 till Form 5. Yea I know, what a thing to happen. I only remember seeing Wei Qi and Wei Sy [Yes Nano's twin!!] in primary school tying two ponytails together to school and everywhere they go, they hold hands [Aww!] but at that time, I don’t know their names [Sorry la =P, we are not in the same class and I was just in Year 1 =P So I'm so shy haha!!]

Nano’s twin, Wei Sy.

The only memory that I remember about Wei Qi in primary school is that we only know each other because of Moral class and after that, I remember talking to her in Year 4 and then, I don’t remember anything anymore because at that time, she is insignificant in my life.

Look at her waist!! :D :D

The next thing I knew was, we are in secondary school and this is when Ee Jane and I officially became inseparable and this is when, Ee Jane and I created our own world and are officially stuck in our own world and no one else exist anymore to the extend I only realized that I was in the same Moral class [We went over to their class] as Wei Qi and Wei Sy and they both sat in front of Ee Jane and I in FORM 3 [That's like the 3rd year we are in the same class for Moral].

Woof and Meow.

So Ee Jane and I obviously did not bother about the existent of Wei Qi and Wei Sy but we refer them as THE TWINS so we never actually call them by their name =P. And so, we went on to Form 4 and Wei Qi, Wei Sy and I are in different class again. Their class is just next to mine but the thing is, I never wanted to bother them. If I see them anywhere, I’ll just wave or say hie and then just walk away.

Nano rajin-ing in class.

The only thing that I remember about Wei Qi and Wei Sy is, when I pass by their class to go to the toilet, they are ALWAYS SLEEPING! Yes, I pass by the class 100 times, 100 times also they are sleeping! Yes, yes, facing the same direction and with the same pose and it’s amazing how they still score in exams and until today, Wei Qi is still the same [Not sure about Wei Sy though =p] and come, I show you my collection of her sleeping photos.

In Lower 6.

During karaoke. Don’t ask me how can she sleep there ah.

During boring Monday assemblies.

Sleeping on the way back to school from the PA Seminar here. Photo by Jason Sim.

Sleeping during the PA Seminar break. And that’s my muka bangun tidur -____- SIN YEE! HOW CAN YOU!!!

Sleeping while playing bowling.

There are more photos [I'm sure of it:D] but I think I’ve overlook them in my folders so never mind! Those photos above are already enough to prove that she sleeps EVERYWHERE at ANYTIME! :D

Nano playing UNO in class while copying Maths 2 notes.

And then in Form 5, this is when Wei Qi and I got closer a little bit [Yes, a little bit] to each other. Because she asked me to find her a pen pal [Some Queen's Guide exam] and I suggested my cousins who were at Singapore and later I figure out that my cousins would not have the time to bother actually so I offered to be her fake pen pal from Singapore and that is when we started E-mailing each other [HAHAHA!] and I remember I was so lazy to reply her because I don’t know what to write about la [I only know Singapore got the nice mega sales =P]

Muka Nano masa bercakap =P

After that, blah blah blah, I don’t remember talking to her anymore. Ah I REMEMBER ALREADY!! She was the ERT Club President and then Ee Jane and I quitted ERT Club because of some unfair stuffs that happened in the club. No, it has nothing to do with Wei Qi at all and I don’t think Wei Qi even knows about it =P [Yea, she's gonna ask me now! Haha!]

From L-R: Wei Sy, Wen Yin, Wei Qi. Her old life back in Convent as one of the Girl Guides Committee Member.

So, after SPM, I didn’t bother about her anymore and in fact, I don’t even remember her actually because of some personal reasons [So don't ask but it has nothing to do with Wei Qi or Wei Sy or any of my close friends]. In fact, I never expect to see her again on the first day of orientation.

Hahaha! :D

After orientation, I went back to National Service for two weeks and after two weeks, when I came to KHS officially for Form 6, I remember she was smiling and waving to me and deep down in my heart, I was very [Yes, very] reluctant to talk to her and layan her actually because of the same aforementioned personal reasons.

I still remember our first conversation ever in KHS is this:

Wei Qi: Eh!! You also come Form 6 ah?! *Excited face*

Me: Yah :) Haha…

Wei Qi: Which class you wanna enter?

Me: Physics.

Wei Qi: I’m in Physics class also *Excited smile* My class is 6BE, Sim also same class as me. Remember ah, tell the teacher you want 6BE la if possible!

Me: Sim?! As in SIM SIN YEE?! [Was on super bad terms with Sin Yee at the end of Form 5 till early Form 6] And  Physics got how many classes ah?

Wei Qi: Ya. Sim Sin Yee. Why? Got 2 classes.

Actually deep down I was making a mental note like this :

Tell the teacher I don’t want 6BE if I am put into 6BE.

Me: Oh nothing la haha… Okay, will try to but I don’t think so la. Hey, gotta go find the teacher in charge. See ya…

Wei Qi: Ah okay la. Hopefully same class la! *Happy smile*

And deep down I was thinking:

God save me. Different class please!!

True enough, my wish was granted and I was put in a different class [Which I thanked God that day itself!] and God knows how I was transferred to their class and then blah blah blah [We'll save this for some other day, or else we are gonna off topic for sure].

*Nano is gonna go ->  CIS! EARLY KNOW AH, I DON’T LAYAN YOU AT ALL!

I was just plainly pissed off on my first day of being transferred out of 6BF to 6BE because of the aforementioned personal reason and Wei Qi was happily striking up a conversation with me and actually, I don’t really want to talk to her. In fact, when I see she and Sin Yee, I am just plainly very annoyed and made up my mind to never talk to them or anyone else at all.

Later on, I realized that Wei Qi is uhh, quite nice :D… So that’s when I began to change my point of view towards her and in fact, she was the one and only  sole reason why I did not change stream =) [Yea, you can be proud of this! :D]

Hahaha! She looks so cuteee! :D

And so, we aren’t exactly very close to each other last year but then, okay la. We only became super close in Upper 6! :) When we are in Upper 6, it was only then I felt really, really close to her =) Before that, it was just this acknowledgment that I am close to her but there wasn’t this feeling you know =P Haha!

Upper 6 is the year where I really, really enjoyed myself with her. You know, I’ve never once expect myself to be close to her and to feel attached to her as well and what’s more, I don’t even expect her to be one of the best-est friend that I ever had in life.

Aww… What a loving sister! :D

Wei Qi is this girl full with smiles and laughter and is a very friendly girl as well :) She doesn’t give up easily [In fact, I've never seen her giving up] and she always try to DO HER BEST in whatever she’s doing and would want it to be fruitful and beautiful. Even if people don’t appreciate it, she’ll just let out a sigh and say, never mind la and then she’ll forget about it.

She is very hardworking and enjoys saving the environment by squeezing all her work into tiny tiny handwriting that you have to squint your eyes to read -_- Oi, write and draw bigger la LIKE ME, BIG and CLEAR!

See how she squeeze her handwriting!!

Wei Qi is also the smallest size and smartest girl in our class [Hence the name Nano- Inspired by Praki Boy presentation on nanotechnology] and also the second blurest person after Ai Leng. Wei Qi has always been there for me through all my ups and downs and I ensured that she is in every competition that I represented the school so that we can both work together and go to the same place together and not feel bored :D


I remember vividly that we both joined the blog competition for the PRS this year and we stayed up late night till 2am just to get it done [And not being appreciated somemore!!!]. We went through the desperate moments of sticking photos of our friends on the missing AJK-s photos [HAHAHA!] and I desperately created reports and posted up fake photos [Photos which are not PRS activities but class/school activities] and pretended as if the PRS in our school are super active [Thank God for my super crapping ability].

Her table.

When I got into trouble in school, she was there constantly supporting me and asking after me and even offered to help me which I am extremely grateful for because she is the only one who offered to. She turns up to school everyday after 7.20am and is the slowest one to walk to the canteen/toilet/pack her bag.

The Nano!! :D

Wei Qi had made my life in KHS much more meaningful, happier and better :) I cannot imagine life in KHS without her at all, life’s gonna be so unbearable!! :D Wei Qi is definitely a friend that everyone would love to have [NO! SHE'S MINE! :D]. She is jovial, caring in many ways and very honest as well! :) She will always to be fair in her judgment but she is a very indecisive person =|…

Her kangaroo keychain that everyone loves to kidnap =p

The song No Matter by Angel will always remind me of Wei Qi because she used it as her handphone ringtone and is crazy over that song for a period of time :D She is also the one in school whom I confide all my secrets to and she is also the one in school, who understands me the most :)

Among all my girl friends in KHS, she is the only one who is willing to do crazy poses in public with me and pose for my Baby Ixus so that I can have something to blog about =p And she is the one, whom I have tonnes of her random photos in my camera to plot up a scandal [One day you are gonna thank me for all the photos okay!] :D Hahaha!!

Wei Qi is definitely one of the friend whom I would want to hold on to my whole life/next life and she is also one of my best-est friend whom I’ve held closely to my heart and life. Though I know we’ll never end up in the same university and course [We have different interest], but I know, we’ll always be best-est friend and remember each other and all the sweetest memories that we’ve shared together in Form 6 [Though life's hell in Form 6].

She is mystery gift from God to me, because I’ve never once wanted to take her as my close friend but now, I know why am I in Form 6 :) And Wei Qi is also like a sister to me [They say best friends are siblings that God has forgotten to give us] and she is one of the friends that had filled my life with sunshine and rainbow and will always be the one I’ll keep closely to my memory, life and heart forever :)

The cartoon version of Nano and I!! :D I edited until very susah one okay!

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me! :) I hope, I’ve been a wonderful friend to you too! [Albeit, causing awkward moment for you on the 10th September 2009] =p

And here I am, with all my heart, full with love and care, I wish you a very…

Happy 19th Birthday! :D

~HUGS~! :D

P/S: Yay! I’m the FIRST to wish Nano Happy Birthday on the phone and SMS!! =D :D =P


This is the second time I am typing this out because the first one was somewhat crappy so I decided to write a brand new post! =) Actually there is another friend of mine [Yes, this IS Samantha!] who is supposed to blog for me but then he told me that he can’t do it today ’cause he’s busy [*Kicks*].

So, of course la I’m not gonna leave all of you without a nice post =P And here it is, about friendship! =)

But before I go on, I would very much like to explain that this post is not dedicated to anyone and is not related to anyone in anyway. If you are offended or terasa by some words of mine, then, I’m sorry but I’m not sorry for what I’ve typed because they are all my own opinion [Sorry, I'm just very sick of people telling what should I do lately].


For me, friendship is something very valuable and precious =) It can NEVER be replaced by anything else in this world and most of all, it is fragile and one should always handle it with care.

I know the title of this post had been posted up elsewhere on another friend’s blog but then, this is not a post to argue about that particular friend’s point no matter how many times I roll my eyes when I read that post.

To me, friendship is something that I hold very close to my heart and it is something that plays a very big part of my life in many aspects. In my life, I’ve met many type of friends and I am very grateful for meeting the good friends and the bad ones [You know who you are].

Friends are also people who accept you for you are and loves you for who you are although you may appear to be super annoying to someone else. I am just very grateful for all the best friends who have walked into my life =) and had never once walk away but had always stood beside me, holding my hands.

People say, best friends are people who lift up your spirit and give you full encouragement when you need it and best friends are also people who will never leave you when trouble comes around.

Generally, all my friends are good friends [As for the bad ones, you KNOW who you are] and I hope, I’ve been a good friend to all of them as well =) For me, good friends and best friends does have a difference [Please NOTE the BEST and GOOD friends in this post].

But I am not going to talk about good friends today. I am going to talk about BEST FRIENDS.

Best friends are very, very [to the power of infinity] important people in my life. I’ve always tried my best to send them a forward SMS once in a while to let them know that they are not forgotten by me and they are also the people whom I hold very close to my heart and I’ll never, ever let them go.

Yes, I admit, I’ve let one of them go early this year because I cannot stand the way I was mistreated, insulted and taken advantage of to the extend there is nothing that the  friend can do to convey his/her apology and how sorry he/she is [If there is any intention to do so].

Most of my best friends are girls [99.99999%] and it’s sad to know that one or two of them had changed for the worst but still, I love them all the same =). And well, since in the previous post, Mysterious Blogger wrote about me from A-Z, so now, I shall write about BEST FRIENDS from A-Z in my opinion:

a) Best friends are people whom you treasure them a lot in life and put them ahead of other friends.

b) Best friends are people who knows you inside out.

P/S: Most of my best friends had met my parents and had dinner with my family =P

c) Best friends are also people who randomly pop up outside your house just to say hello! [Aww! Porkieeee! -MWAHHH!- =D]

d) Best friends are also people whom you know, if they need your help in any aspect, you will want to be the first to help them and even if you can’t, you will in any way, try to find a solution or stay by their side.

e) Best friends are people who give you their full moral support from the back and will NEVER back off.

f) Best friends are also people whom you pakat with to cheat together in games =P[*Hint: UNO UNO!]

g) Best friends are also people who are always beside you in every photos and when both of you view the photos together, instead of looking at yourself first, you will first look at your best friend.

h) Best friends are also the people who knows what are you most afraid about, what do you love the most and they know what annoys you the most and what do you hate the most.

i) Best friends are also people who will send you encouraging SMS to give you the courage and bravery to do something that you thought you couldn’t. Trust me, the power of it is infinitely strong =).

j) Best friends are also people who think on what to buy for your birthday and will take hours picking the present, the wrapper and will try to think up of a way to surprise you and watch you smile! :D

k) Best friends are also people whom you talk with for hours on the phone in the middle of the night  and when you see each other the next day in school or anywhere and you see the same puffy eyes, you will smile at each other because you know, what a great conversation you had.

l) Best friends are also people whom you give your full trust to.

m) Best friends are also people whom you are working with together in almost every experiment and project and are people who go everywhere wherever you go.

Buku Chit Chat/Windows Live Messenger

n) Best friends are also people who feel bored in class together with you and find the need to talk or else they will also die of boredom just as how you felt at that point of time =P

o) Best friends are also people whom you will lend them your stuffs [Even the most precious one] because you know, they will treat your stuffs as theirs.

p) You have AT LEAST one of their stuffs with you at home that you know, they are not using it and you can return it when they ask back for it [Hahaha!]

q) You will go shopping together and if both of you fell in love with the same item, all the better because you can make wonderful plans the next time to wear the same one out together :D

r) Your best friends will be as excited as you are if you have a new boyfriend and they will very much love to meet your boyfriend and then give concrete comments about your boyfriend to you [So that you will know whether he is really, really good or good for nothing].

s) You share your food and whatever you can share with them.

t) They will use up all their credit just to SMS you just because you told them that you are sad…

u) You have the ups and downs of friendship with them and in every fights, you learn and understand more about them and will accept them again as who they are.

v) You know can be as honest as you want to be with them because you know, they’ll appreciate your sincere comment.

w) They will commit crime together with you [Breaking school rules etc =P ] and will advise you against doing stupid things which will harm yourself :D

x) Best friends are people whom we know, who will always be there even if we don’t see them. By sending a simple message saying that you are sad, they will move mountains and swim across the sea, just to cheer you up again.

y) Best friends are people whom you had laugh with together till your tears came out and you are still laughing over it.

z) Best friends are also people who are important in your life and you know, you too, have a place in their life =)…

In this post, most of the photos are from my Convent days :D It is not because that I do not appreciate my KHS friends, I appreciate them all the same but it’s just that, I realized how little photos of my Convent close friends I have posted up, so I’ve decided to put them up in this post =).

Afterall, I’ll still be in KHS and there will be a lot more post about KHS eh? :D So yea, in a nutshell [From Praki or Kamal or whoever], if you are my friend, you will always and forever be my friend no matter what people say about you and you will forever be close to me =).

Happy Times In KHS Part II

Note: This post is pre-typed on the 19th of August 2009

This is a continuation from the previous post here!

Things That We Do During Our Free Time

Play football and then proceed to break more windows [Who is the current record holder of 6AE to break the class windows?!]

Read comics/magazines. Kok Yaw!! Are you reading about my horoscope to understand me better?! :D

Eat and throw the rubbish under your own drawer [Okay, NOT me!] and then proceed to take a photo of it when your friend asks you to because you are proud that no one else would ever want to steal your table :D.

Solve Rubric’s cube when you are supposed to solve Mathematics/Physics questions.

Chess!! :D LeiKen, put a few sets in the cupboard then we can play them as and when we want =P

Play pick up sticks. Look at Wei Qi Meow Nano, Kean Jie and Michael enjoying the game =|

*Cough* :D

That’s me! :D Having fun with my Kuih Lapis/Lollipop [Umbrella =P]

Praki is learning his ABC well before exam :D

Meow is cleaning the board because she has nothing better to do.

So I decided that the whiteboard look too empty =P Therefore, I decided to give life to the whiteboard by writing a story entitled:

There Is A Rainbow Among The Stars

It’s a title given by Ee Jane for my blog post a long time ago! When I don’t have anything else to blog about, I’ll post it up :D But I might put a password to it.

My Masterpiece :D + Ooi Jie’s drawing.

Ooi Jie’s drawing :D

Random Happy Stuffs In School

You know, my class is on the second floor and if you look out of the window, you can see the class of 6BG and 6BH clearly. And you know la, don’t know who la right, ask me to use my camera to ZOOM in just to look at the Lower 6 girls :D

This is the second last Chemistry practical [Separation] and it’s also my first time doing the titration until it’s SOOOO ACCURATE to ONE DROP :D And the whole process was so annoying.

Look at my Lower 6 “Boy”friend and I!! :D We are so loving! :D

Meow’s Nano’s House

Everytime, when I go to my best friends house and if we have to cook our own lunch, rest assure, I am the one walking in and out of the kitchen while snacking around and laughing and making silly jokes because…

I don’t know how to cook la.

Okay, don’t talk about it already :D :D Last Friday, Sin Yee and I went to Nano’s house while waiting for 3pm to collect our chromatography results [And Praki, MINE is nicer than yours].

Sin Yee cooks! :D

One of my favourite maggi mee! :D

Nano prepared the drinks! :D

And I snack on Honeystars :D…

Lunch + Snacks + Drinks + TV + Air cond + Best friends = Priceless :D

You know… I just notice that there’s this thing on Nano’s coffee table =|

Watch TV also need timetable one you know!

Colour coded one somemore! Nano! This must be your secret of success in PA!! :D

I saw this on Nano’s bed. I think she misses Kamal too much =|…

Aww! So Cute!! =D

Nano and I played chess while waiting for 3pm :D

And yea… that summarizes up some of the happy times in KHS! :D And ohhh, I love PLC! :D

Happy Times In KHS Part I

Life in KHS has been a happy one for me! Sometimes, in school, I laugh and smile too much till my cheek actually aches! :D Haha! So, here… I bring you, the Happy Times In KHS! Sorry, all events are outdated =P

Seminar Pengajian Am

This wasn’t exactly fun or interesting. We went there to learn about teknik menjawab and sorry, no photos of us studying hor :D You know la, study time MUST concentrate ma. So, I’ll show you our happy photos during our free time!! :D

That’s me and Meow’s rubber band!! She was telling me that the rubber band was good and tight enough! So I decided to try it out and then I realized that I’ve tied my hair nicely already so I can’t possible remove and retie all over again. So I tie my front hair and I looks so cute :D…

See this door, apparently, there are many dumb people who don’t know the meaning of CLOSE THE DOOR!! >=( It’s soooooooooooo annoying when they come in or out and NOT close the door properly because they think that the door is gonna close back automatically. YES I KNOW it’s none of my business BUT I’m sitting near the door and it’s soooooo noisy outside!! >=(

See see ah, some girls sitting behind us also cannot tahan, until they write this message and stick it on the door and then it didn’t work. So, they removed it and then it gets worse than ever!

Then I cannot tahan so I asked for the paper back from them and added the pink and yellow lines of highlighter [You know la, they will only see if the colour is bright enough] and then IT WORKS!! *Cheers*

These girls are from I don’t know which school but then you see their bags, handbags you know! You know what’s inside?! Cosmetic :D Yea I’m sure, we saw them taking out powders and all :D…

And I tell you what, I sacrifice myself for this photo okay T.T Oh, it’s like this, Meow, Sin Yee and I finds it fascinating of them to bring their handbag with cosmetic inside and are actually applying powder in front of us.

So I decided that I want their photos so that I can blog about it. Then ah, I tell you what, I have to run to an empty space to snap their photos and then they heard my camera click I think then I have to purposely POINT THE CAMERA to MYSELF and act cute a bit to looks more convincing that I am snapping my own photo T.T

Kesian saya, memburukkan nama baik saya sendiri =( Dei, faster say thank you!!

L-R: Pebaraj, Viven, Michael and Yohen [Hantu Besar]

Michael is doing the signature BALIKLAH KAU sign :D.

Students from another state.

See that girl, she is sleeping with a very cute pose actually =| Then again! My camera sound woke her up!! Then this time, I’m smarter already!! I pretended to be fascinated by the carpet and pretended to take a photo of the carpet and then proceed to run away! =P

Kesian, he’s so tired =P

Economy must be really, really bad! =|

Met Sin Mun and Chee Yee at the seminar as well!! :D I miss them a lot!! :D We work together at the same place and complained and gossiped about the same people!! Haha!! :D

Eh, forgot to mention. The seminar was held at the same place as MOSTI. See, go to the same place for the second time still have to picnic around!

Hungry receptionist- Inspired by Ooi Jie! :D

We found a place to eat where we have to stretch our neck and stand on our toes to eat =|

The chicken rice above is Meow’s and the one below is mine. Kok Yaw [Lao Gong] gave it to me and I gave Meow the bigger one :D See! I’m so kind!! And oh, I feel so bahagia that my husband cares for my friends and I!! :D Haha! :D

L-R: Sin Yee, Nano [Meow's new name!], LeiKen and Sam! :D

The Hantu Family!! :D Come I tell you!!

Nano/Meow = Hantu Kecik

Yohen = Hantu Besar

Ooi Jie = Hantu Lapar

Sam = Penangkap Hantu

We are a happy family :D!

Positive gradient :D

L-R: Nano, Peec Chien, Sam, Sin Yee

The Physics students: LeiKen, Nano, Sin Yee, Ooi Jie, Sam! :D

Love Birds.

Meow/Nano, Love BirdS, LeiKen, Sam, Sin Yee

Jason!! This photo is so nice! Why didn’t you use it as your handphone wallpaper!!

Look at LeiKen and Prakash, they are both staring at something. I think it’s a… bra :D…

No la, they are probably looking at the black colour thingy. Okay, whatever you call that! :D

Tell you what, this photo is best for Upper 6 and Lower 6 students. When we’ve finish STPM, we’ll be jumping and the Lower 6 students will be waiting for their turn =P

Us! Chatting with Ee Jane using Sin Yee’s phone and Meow’s account! :D

I caught the Big Ghost!! :D

I just looks extra happy that’s why I put up this photo =P And ohhh, that’s me, Yohen and Michael!! :D

Bukan salin nota!

Buat Maths homework.

Ghost A

Ghost B

Who is scarier! Place your vote here!:

Tell you what, at the end of the seminar, they actually had this maljis penutup which is sooooo boring as usual and then they get a representative from every class to collect the certificates and see see ah, inside the folder only got this piece of paper!

Oh ya hor, that reminds me :D We haven’t get our certificates yet! *Makes a mental note to remind LeiKen!* :D

Ooi Jie! How can you jump like that without telling Nano and I!!

I saw… Wei Siang looking at Sin Yee :D… Nano and Sin Yee looks so happy in this photo!! But Praki looks so angsty!! :D

Praki, Leong and Jason! The 3 KHS boys!!

Sam, Pui Yee, Ai Wei and Sutha! :D

Nithiyaa and I!! I looks so pretty here!! :D Hahahahahahahaha!! :D


Kok Yaw [Lao Gong] and I!! Hahahahahaha! :D

Okay! Moving on!! That’s the end of the seminar! :D

Bowling Practice

Initial score… and final score I didn’t snap a photo okay. Don’t ask!!

I don’t know whose one is that!!

Play halfway right, no electric. Aiseh, so of course la, we make good use of the time by snapping more photos :D

Sam, Caitlynn, Sin Yee!

See! She’s naturally cute! Don’t need to try so hard to act cute and yet fail.

We are happy!! :D

Nano dance! Haha! :D

Okay that’s all! Will update on Part 2 next week!! :D

Tan Kean Jie

Tan Kean Jie is currently heartbroken, single and available. To whoever who broke his heart, kindly un-break his heart by giving him a kiss.

But if you don’t want him anymore, all younger, single and lonely girls are most welcome to kiss him to make him a happy person again!

There Kean Jie! As requested! :D Actually Kean Jie is uhh… kinda cute! Come! I show you!! *Cough*

He don’t looks cute here actually but I think he looks cute here because he’s sitting on my chair and in front of my table that’s why I say, you must see whose table and chair is that! :D

Muka nak seduce perempuan.


The OMG I FAILED CHEMISTRY! face expression.

Act cute.

When he refuse to look at you and you wonder why, it is because you are not wearing a bright pink bra and not because he refuse to look at the camera :D…

I think some girls are wearing some bright pink bra over there! :D

Haha! I don’t want to say anything about this face expression! He is watching uhh… well, faham-faham la! :D

The Kean Jie’s signature quote: Don’t care, don’t bother, go die.

Wa, so hardworking! :D

Kean Jie! You can use this photo as a Valentine’s Day card with the caption written [Edit yourself la =p]:

No matter where you are, I’ll still find you even if it takes eternity. I’ll never ever let you walk away. You’re always mine.

If you are gonna use that, pay first ah I tell you :D

Replying SMS-es in class. Not pressing calculator or referring to other reference books ah.

Impatient face while waiting for the girlfriend to arrive. Hahaha!

His signature face.

But he smiles too! :D

Okay, that’s all about Kean Jie :D Haha! :D


Meow! Look!! I’m still keeping this name card that you gave me eversince eh… I forgot!! :D Maybe one day I should blog about my collections eh?! :D


The Lower 6 “Boy”friend as mentioned here.


There will be a better post next week! :D

The MOSTI And Parliament Trip

This post will be about my MOSTI and Parliament/Tugu Negara trip!! :D We went to MOSTI on the 17th June 2009 and Parliament on the 23rd June 2009. So… this post will be something rather recent =p Haha! Okay, we’ll first start off with MOSTI!! :D



Okay, STOP, I know what you want to ask!!


Is that what you want to ask?! [For those who went, of course you won't ask. I know!!]



OKAY! COME! I TELL YOU!! MOSTI stands for Ministry Of Science, Technology And Innovation OR Kementerian Sains, Teknologi Dan Inovasi.

*Beams at self* Ceh, thank you thank you, I read my Pengajian Am well that’s why so you should too!!! :D

*Realizes that Meow will probably be slapping her forehead and intend to bocorkan my prank in the comment*

Okay, fine, I saw it here, that’s why I know *pouts*

So what exactly did we do there? Actually I would say the main reason why we went was because it’s free and we get to skip school [killing two birds with one stone :D]! Come, I’ll tell you what we did there!

MOSTI was located at Putrajaya and uhh… sorry, I forgot my Geography already.

The opening speech by the pengerusi maljis.

Before the talk about satellites and all begin, we are actually given breakfast!! Some kuih-s and a packet of very diabetic inducing drink [Why does everyone pick chrysanthemum tea and not winter melon?!]

Sorry ah, no photo of the breakfast because I ate them up before I even remember that I have to snap a photo of them. I don’t know the name of the kuih but it wasn’t that bad but I remember there was curry puff and kuih ketayap, the rest… it’s some kinda kuih that I don’t know the name :D… Someone enlighten me?! :D

Look at the screen, that’s a satellite and Kamal was saying this:

Eh, what is that?? Terminator ke?

And all of us burst into laughter and the person who was giving the talk was looking at us and we have to HOLD our laughter and try our very, very best to not laugh because no one else is laughing.

IF you think that’s the end of his joke, NO, there’s somemore!! When the person was talking about QuickBird satellite, this is what happens:

Kamal: Eh Ooi Jie, yours is QuickBird ah??

Ooi Jie: Mine is ExpressBird. Prakash one is SlowBird.

Prakash: -.-…

All: *Starts laughing*

And they go on and on… Until Kean Jie calls all of them BlueBird.

This is Kamal and I before the talk. Initially I wasn’t sitting beside him, but then I changed place because I cannot stand some people at the place where Meow and the rest are sitting :D.

And trust me, if it wasn’t for Kamal’s constant joke [intentional or unintentional], this is what we are doing during the talk:

Snap photos of your friends who are sitting far away from you. That’s Sharon and Neo posing for my camera!! :D

You kick your friend’s chair/kick your rubbish under your friend’s chair. Okay, NOT ME =D.

You act gay when you are not. Look at Kamal’s hand on Michael’s!

You act cute when you are not cute! Hahaha!

You go to toilet in groups and snap a group photo in front o the mirror because huge mirrors are fascinating and useful .

You chit chat with your friends with nothing concerning about the talk at all and probably will not even know what the talk is all about if you didn’t see the main title in the first place.

You are bosan and everyone else is except those who are interested. Eh, don’t just because I/the photos describe until like it’s super boring, there are still people who still finds it interesting.

Let me give you a real example :D…

I received a SMS from Meow which goes like this:

Hey, Prakash didn’t switch on his phone ah??

Me: *Turns behind* Prakashhhhh!

Prakash: Shh! *Points to the front*

Me: You are actually listening?! -___________-

Prakash: Ah yes, what??

Me: Wei Qi ask me to ask you, did you off your phone?

Prakash: Yes I did. Why??

Me: Because she tried to miss call you .

You know why? Because Meow is so bored until she starts miss calling Prakash and I and God knows who else :D.

You sleep while your interested friend listens.

You really, really fell asleep and your friend [Okay. Me in this case :D] snaps your photo and proceed to laugh about it :D

Finally, the last part was the most meaningful part, for me that is :D… Because there was this speaker talking about job interviews and what you should say and all and how you should be dressed up etc.

Photo from Farid’s camera! :D Why do I looks like as if I’m singing a sad song?! =|

The thing is, the speaker asked representatives from each school [Kajang High School, Kajang Utama, Convent Kajang and bla bla... I forgot] to give a speech about what to say during interview [Something like that la].

So the points are, to first introduce yourself, then speak about your education background, job prospect and what do you think is your winning attitude :).

Initially, I wasn’t interested at all so I actually didn’t even listen to what the guy from Kajang Utama was saying.

The reason why I went up to say something was because of just a simple SMS from Wei Qi [after reading her message, I immediately went up] and a lot of encouragement from my friends [Kamal, Prakash, Ooi Jie, Farid, Kean Jie and did I miss out anyone?! Sorry if I did!! =( Still, I thank you a lot okay!! -Hugs!- ] =).

I’m not telling you what I said [There is a full video taken by Kean Jie. Thank you Kean Jie!! -Hugs!- :D] but I’m telling you this, before I went up for the speech:

Me: Eh, what is job prospects??!

Prakash: Bla bla bla…*Elaborates*

Me: +_+… Right… So what’s my best quality?!

Prakash: Disturbing other people =)…

Me: … -________________- Fine, Prakash. Fine.

So, you can guess what I said about my best quality :D… Thank you Prakash for the inspiration . Hahaha !! As for the rest, don’t ask and you don’t need to know either!!

Prakash and I! I don’t know why he is always not smiling in every photo! =|

Then we are brought to another hall to see the exhibition on spacecrafts and some coral reefs thingy and this is a mini buoy and don’t ask me what does it do because I don’t know either :D…

Top, L-R: Sin Yee, Sam, Li Suet

Bottom, L-R: Camilla [New hairstyle!], Meow Wei Qi

Lunch [Chicken rice] was provided as well!! =D

Chicken rice + water + apples. That’s Yohen [Hantu] with all the apples! :D

I don’t know whose car is that!

And then we picnic-ed at MOSTI. Wa, such a meaningful trip wei I tell you!!

The cap inside the paper bag along with a pen after I gave the speech :D

A banyak warna highlighter inside a bag that was given to everyone!! LeiKen, SEE, NOW I ALSO GOT! :D

So, that’s the end of my MOSTI trip. Moving on!


The Parliament Trip

Before we went to the Parliament, we visited and had our breakfast at Tugu Negara! It has been years since I last went there with my family!! :D And it’s such a beautiful place too!!! :D

Sorry for this senget photo, it was taken inside the bus when the bus is moving with a velocity of… Oh sorry, you are not here to learn Physics!!

When Meow saw this building and told me that it’s Putrajaya when it’s Palace Of The Golden Horses =|

Just trust me, Meow and I are soooooooo bored in the bus [other than listening to music] to the extend we started taking photos of people during the jam =p And we took turns miss calling Ooi Jie, Sin Yee and Prakash!! :D

Sin Yee and Genesis. My Plan A worked!! :D

Tugu Peringatan… Something like that =S Looks like the RO clock tower to me though =p Hehe!

Meow carrying the packet of foods and that’s Kok Yaw with the box of mineral water! Reminds me of NS where we have to do the same thing too =|

Tat Joon, Ken Hew

So cute!! :D

Alaggendran and Farid!

The way to Tugu Negara!! :D

Can consider this place to direct a movie!! :D Haha! :D Looks very palace like!! :D

Kok Yaw and I !! =D

Sin Yee and Wei Qi!! :D

Beautiful isn’t it?!

Tugu Negara. Simply beautiful :).

Leng lui! =D

And we tried to make our own version of Tugu Negara.

=| I’m speechless!! =D…

Top, L-R: Sage, Ooi Jie, Yoge, Kean Jie, Pebaraj

Bottom:, L-R: Viroshan, Viven, Farid.

Our Tugu Negara version tak jadi-ed because the floor was wet and furthermore, people are filling up the place =|

Students/friends waiting for their turn to take a photo with the Tugu Negara.

The more jadi-ed version of Tugu Negara by the accounts class :D

Fountains!! :D

Wei Qi intends to commit suicide by jumping into the fountain hahahaha! :D No la, no la! Actually she’s very happy that our PLAN A went on smoothly!!

Lullaby and goodnight! :D


Kamal and I!! :D

Look! Kean Jie wore his necktie in the proper way!! Hahaha!

Sage and I! Sorry, we are not potential couples. That’s the last thing ever on Earth that’s gonna happen. Okay ah, don’t ask anymore.

Ooi Jie and Kamal!!


The three of us! =) This photo quality is really terrible because the ISO setting was wrong [it was an accident] and no one realizes it =(… So I’m not gonna post up the rest of the group photos though I really, really love them.


Some building at Parliament.

The entrance to Dewan Negara and Dewan Rakyat.

The clock! And yes, it’s working!! :D

Sam, Wei Qi and Sin Yee at Parlimen Malaysia!

Cameras and handphones are not allowed inside the Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara. Therefore, there are no photos of the Dewan-s :D But, overall, it is a very useful and nice experience to the Parliament and all of you should go at least once =).

The design of the Dewan-s are really beautiful and royal like and well, the chairs are more comfortable than the cinemas one =P Haha! I’ve enjoyed both trip a lot but I love the Parliament trip more than the MOSTI trip! =) Of all, I would want to do it all over again! :D


And as promised in this post, my drawing, and NO, YOU CANNOT LAUGH!!

The happy sheep!! Eh, quite cute right?! :D


Before I end this post, to people who thinks that I am going to date any of these guys whom I’ve taken a photo with [and looks very close] or anyone whom I wrote about in my scandal. I’m sorry but you are indeed very wrong. It’s the last thing ever on Earth that I’m going to end up dating with either one of these guys.

The reason? It’s simple, we are not meant to be together and we are just so different in so many ways and I feel that we are better off as friends =| So please, no more questions about it anymore and don’t send me E-mails asking about it again!! =|

KHS Scandal Part 2

Have you waited for a long time?

So you have waited for a long time! :D

Don’t worry! It’s now more than just news! :D

Anticipated? :D

Why! Yes you areeee!! :D

Okay then, come in and start reading! :D


KAJANG: The hot sizzling news from Part 1 will now continue here! The scandal of the students at the Upper 6 Block is getting more and more complicated. Some strive to be out of the scandal, some try to fit into the scandal and some is giving us more news than ever! Part 2 of this scandal promises you a whole lot of superstar like interviews and juicy news!

After the marriage of Sin Yee and Kamal, Wei Qi was feeling rather lonely actually but she decided to just keep it to herself [They have a lot of reputation to keep]. One day, someone in school overheard about a conversation on HONEYMOON. Oh, what HONEYMOON is that?! :D

During an interview, it was told by Kamal that he was planning a honeymoon to Paris with Wei Qi to compensate the Singapore trip which he ended up marrying Sin Yee at a church. But later on, the plan was put off.

In another interview:

Question: What happen to the honeymoon plan?

The gossip that Wei Qi meant was that, she doesn’t want anyone else to go around talking about she going on a honeymoon with someone else husband though she is very well aware that she was voted as Kamal’s True Love in the previous scandal and collected a number of 15/21 votes [71%].

Question: Can you actually trust Kamal with the put off honeymoon plan with you?

Question: Do you mind that the honeymoon plan was put off?

In the previous scandal, it was rumoured that Prakash was in a relationship with Sin Yee and Li Suet. Prakash traversed the fact that he was in relationship with Sin Yee and Li Suet. The rumour of Prakash and Sin Yee eventually died off for Sin Yee then left for a honeymoon to Paris with Kamal.

Li Suet, Prakash, Sam.

Li Suet was often seen with Prakash during recess. Li Suet then said that it was because she has questions to ask Prakash about Chemistry, but oooohhhhh, what Chemistry?! Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry or Relationship Chemistry?

In the previous scandal poll, Prakash was voted as The Loyal One with a total number of 10/17 votes [59%]. He was interviewed on National TV:

In The Greenroom

During The Interview

During the whole interview, Prakash clearly stated that Jason is currently going after another girl for he too, has found true love! LeiKen couldn’t be bothered much about it anymore, he was too fascinated with his new love, Physics.

Prakash too, told the press that he was blessed to have know a girl like Samantha. Though Samantha was voted as The One Having An Affair in the previous scandal poll with a number of 9/18 votes [50%], Prakash said that he believes that no matter what, the one whom she loves is just and only him alone and so will he.

After the interview, Prakash was approached by The Famous & The Rich magazine to be interviewed on his current relationship with Samantha. And right here, we are including the page of the interview from The Famous & The Rich magazine just for you to read!

The Extract From The Magazine

Prakash was ranked as the Top 3 student in 6BE/2008 and is very proud of it. He told the press that his past doesn’t matter anymore no matter what the gossip magazine says as long as he has Samantha.

Jason and his new girlfriend, Jeslynn.

Jason refused to be interviewed on his relationship with Jeslynn for he would like it to be private and confidential. But from another source, someone once said that, all KHS Gay Club members/former members motto is that:

Once A Gay, Always A Gay.

So, we are still unsure if Jason is really over Prakash yet. Why not you have a say by placing your votes here:


On the other hand, Wei Qi was seen SMS-ing Kamal while he was on a honeymoon trip with Sin Yee. When asked what did she send to him, she walked away and refused to answer the press.

One day, Wei Qi called up the press and decided that she wanted an interview to be held and many thinks that she wants Kamal to know how she feels about her cancelled honeymoon plan for Sin Yee.

Question: So… How do you feel?

Question: But I thought you said that it’s okay even if you don’t have a honeymoon with him?

Question: Do you want a honeymoon with Kamal then? Since he went on a honeymoon with Sin Yee, do you think that he still loves you?

The people and teachers of KHS are then interviewed:

One day, Prakash was found reading the diary of Samantha.

Part of the diary was written:

Dear diary,

Today I talked to him!! I just feel that we are indeed matchmade in heaven. But diary, what if he doesn’t feel that way? I don’t want to let him know about this until I am sure of his feelings towards me.

He is like hot and cold. Sometimes he’s really warm and nice but sometimes, he doesn’t even bother me or to look at me. Diary! Can you please tell me how he feels towards me?! I really, really need to know…

Wei Qi is right… Answers and explanations are that we ever needed. But, where do I seek them right now?

Another part of the diary:

Dear diary,

I think the happiest moment that one could ever have is to have a wish come true! Diary, if only wishes do come true… Sigh! Diary, I don’t even know why am I in love with him. And most of all, I don’t even know why I don’t want him to know about it…

I’m afraid if what he feels for me is just a mere infatuation. Diary, that wouldn’t happen would it? I don’t know what to say anymore diary, I feel so lost. Each time I see him, I wanted to talk to him so much but when I look at him, my tongue froze!

I need something to defrost the frozen tongue of mine each time I look at him. Diary, is there any way that he will cognize my love towards him one day? Even if it’s forever… I’ll wait… No matter what happens…


When Kamal return from Paris, the first person whom he finds is Wei Qi.

Later on, Kamal went for a press interview and explained about the whole honeymoon plan with Sin Yee. With that, Wei Qi was satisfied.

Another side of the story, Samantha was accused to be having an affair with Kok Yaw for everyone knows that Kok Yaw has a major crush on Samantha.

With that, Kok Yaw was then interviewed:

Question: Why are you in love with Samantha?

Question: How did the both of you met?

Kok Yaw too claims that he thinks that Chee Yang and Wei Qi are having an affair for he saw them at the bowling alley together lately very frequently.




At a High School Superstar Oscar Award:

During the interview:

Question: What is your relationship with Kok Yaw?

Question: Don’t you think that Prakash will be jealous?

Question: Is this where Prakash first proposed to you?

Question: What about Kamal?

Question: How do you feel being voted as The One Having An Affair?

Samantha then confess her true love for Prakash alone:

Prakash and Samantha’s current computer and handphone wallpaper

Samantha was once seen sitting at the stairs of the Lover Bridge… Thinking about life and Prakash:

She then tells the story of her love with Kamal and Prakash,

She wants to seek for her true love and so she asked the flowers but the flowers gave her no answers.

She then made a suggestion at the Suggestion Well. And so she says:

I suggest that I must find my true love soon…

Then she asked the “Honest” Magic Mirror and the answer lies in the mirror itself.

Until one day, where she realized that Kamal was not the one for her. She then first fell in love with Prakash because of his eyes and his eyelashes.

She then walks away and decided to not comment anymore.


Meanwhile, it was rumoured that Jason Chin, the ex-boyfriend of Prakash has return…

But he refuses to comment.

Go away! Nah! See this Maths book! Shoo! Shoo!

The Angel

As promised, today I will blog about myself [Ee Jane: Finally something about yourself!] :D. So… where shall I first start off?! :D

Okay, hello!! My name is Samantha and I am 19 this year. The love of my life is Prakash The Group 1 Element.

Prakash and I yesterday [Photo is still fresh and hot from the camera! :D]

I wish I could post up my drawing but then I couldn’t find my drawing anywhere so benda buruk kita jangan cakap yea! :D


Why do I feel like you are all not gonna let me go with my drawing? =( Okay la, like this, either I draw a sheep or a crab or I draw Powerpuff Girls. Which one you want?! Place your vote here:

The Mysterious Writer has actually written almost everything about me here so I’ll just add on a little :D Okay, here we go:

I love disturbing people whom I’m close to or people who give funny responses like Kok Chun, Kok Yaw, Yohen and Ee Hahn.

Ee Hahn and I. Trying poking him and watch him jump! :D

If I plait my hair or tie pigtails, I will brush my hair like a blusher brush to my close friend’s face to annoy them or I brush them on my own face and say, I’m so cute >.<, which will definitely work if I do that in front of Sage and Prakash :D.

Yes like this and then you brush it up and down! :D

There are many things in life that I wish I could learn but I never had the chance to. I would very much love to learn ballet [too old for it now over-age], Latin dance, singing and learning all the different languages in the world! :)


Ballet! :)

And I would very much love to continue my piano lessons too of course. I love writing, talking, disturbing my friends, reading good books, watching movies, listening to music, watching a good stage play, being involve in a stage play, contributing ideas for something fun, shopping, trying new food, travelling  and many others but most of all, I love STUDYING!

Eh, siapa yang curi ambil gambar saya?! Haih! God knows why am I so famous :D…

Ahem ahem!

I am super prasan to the extend I have to be charged under the Law Of Kean Jie which states that:

Anda boleh didakwa kerana prasan lebih.

I love smiling and everywhere I go in KHS, people MEOW to me because I used to meow to them whenever I see them [Quote Ai Wei & Pui Yee: All your konco-konco Meow] :D

Wei Qi is The Real Meow.

Some of my nicknames are Sam, Drama/Drama Queen, Ah Ma [Only Ching Yin calls me this!], The Mastermind and Polar Bear :D. I am perpetually running and jumping around the school [Miss Tan: You never sit still! Miss Heng: Why are you running here and there again?!] for err, no reason :D Exercising is good anyway =p

My muka excited over some weird stuffs :D

I get excited over the smallest thing ever and I’ll start smiling brightly and jumping around happily whenever I am excited although I was claimed to have this excited smile on my face everytime I see my friends.

I am the girl who tie a lot of ribbons on my hair because it’s just ME! :D Hehe! I can talk for hours without feeling tired unless I have nothing to say at all [Which is rare]!

… I don’t know what else to say =| I shall post up some photos and write about it :D

This is Ee Jane, my bestest bestest bestest to the power of infinity best friend! :D

This is Wei Qi [Meow], my another bestest bestest bestest bestest bestest bestest bestest bestest bestest bestest… best friend! :D

This is Ching Yin my Ah Lui :D Spread the cuteness!! :D

This is Zaharah, one of the most paranoid person who spread her paranoid-ism to me.

This is Ai Leng my ex-husband whom I’ve left for good =p

This is Helen, The Talented Camel :D, my gossip partner in … :D

This is Prakash, the love of my life, my current husband and I. We are dancing and we are happy :D

This is Porkie Carson, my second husband after Ai Leng :D… Still my current husband hor! :D

This is Show Ling, my busmate this year! :D Wong Weng Keong FFK-ed me! =( Soon Peng calls us Dutch Ladies because we plaited our hair =|

This is Sage, my another best friend :D.

This is Sin Yee! Another best friend of mine! :D

This is my Lao Gong. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Ah Lui! Regardless of how many husbands I have, CARSON is your only Daddy! =P

This is Kamal!! My another best friend in school!! Yes! We are that close but can never be lovers!! :D

Chen Wai and I! He has the same birthday date as me! DATE only, not month :D.

Everyone, meet my favourite chemical solution, Silver Nitrate :D Why silver nitrate. Because for me, silver nitrate is like a silent stainer.

When its first drop reaches your skin, you will never see the effect of it, but after a few moment, the area where the it was dripped will be stained with a grey/black stain :)…

So for me, silver nitrate is like words of our mouth, we don’t realize how much our words affect one person until we see it.

*Realizes that I’m out of photos* So okay… now it’s time to answer off all the questions that you people have asked me :D !

My weirdest dream ever is that, I dreamt that I was sleeping in school and after a few moments, I felt my body being cut into two and the two separated part of my body was being slided up and down against each other and it was a horrible sleeping experience =|.

I’ve always believed that dreams bring a lot of meaning but I am yet to find out the meaning of my recent dream :D Haha!

This is my muka mengantuk.

I have a love-hate relationship with umm… Physics! Because if you can solve it, you’ll love it and when you can’t solve/understand it, you’ll hate it. With people, I don’t usually have a love-hate relationship, it’s either I love them, I don’t like them, I hate them [the same person as Meow hates] or I have no comment about them :D…

But I love Prakash! Hahaha! Look Prakash! You are gonna be more famous than ever after the holidays!! :D :D

My craziest ambition is to marry Lee Hom!! Okay don’t laugh or gawk! I dream of becoming his wife and then I’ll go shopping [Chanel and LV here I come!]. And we’ll [Yes, WE] both go on a holiday together and take a lot of photographs together [So that I can shove them into Zaharah's face] and have dinner together and… T.T

It’s not coming true isn’t it? =( … *Sits at a corner and cry*

I know I do a lot of gila stuffs =p But the gila-est attempt that I wanted to do was to stick papers around the school and classes with the HUGE WORDS in BOLD written THE BITCH for this person stated in this post. No la, I didn’t do that :D…

So the gila-est thing that I ever did was when that person so-called threatened me in school and I jeng jeng jeng-ed back! :D [OoPs!] You wanna know more?! :D Ask me when you see me! :)

*Stares* Well, I guess that is all you need to know about me!! :D

This Is Someone You Know

Today, I’m on a mission to write about a very special girl by the name of Samantha Quek. Don’t be shock.. Yeah, I’m not the owner of this blog that you guys visit every week. This week post will be a little special as this is not Samantha blogging.. *Excited*

Let’s start off.. -deep breath-

First Impression:

Those who met Sam for the first time would have two possible thoughts:

1) “This girl is extremely… WEIRD!!” (The perfect word huh? Most of the guys would think of that)

2) “This girl is extremely fun! I like her.” (Most of the girls think like that)

Attempt to fly fail.

The word WEIRD pops up because she’s so different from others.

~She can talk non-stop for the first time she meets someone (even she know you don’t know who she is).

~Some of you might have experience this, she talks too much on MSN till you regretted giving her your MSN and to the extend, you decided to block her for a moment.

~She goes around bugging your life by jumping around, running around and disturbing you which makes you restless (guys or girls).


Stay away!!!

~You just can’t think of another word to describe such girl.

You know she is FUN because:

~She pranks you every single day of your life till you don’t know what she say is true or false. Of course, she never jokes with serious things.


~She talks about things which makes you listen to her for hours.

~You never met someone as fun as her before.

AND.. as you get to know her.. you realise, the word UNIQUE/ EXTRAORDINARY would be a more appropriate word to describe her.

In your days with her, you will realize that:

~She will do anything to help you IF she likes you.. If you annoy her, you better stay far far away from her.

~She is such a great friend that you will miss her if she doesn’t bug or disturb you for a day.

~She knows when to give advice and when to keep quiet by your side if you go to her when you’re sad.

~She will find a way to get the things you ask from her.

Some facts about Sam that each of you knows:

~She laughs and cries easily.

~You love her words (the way she express thing).

~She is a great writer which is why you visit her blog so often.

~She says “I hate you” directly to those she dislike.

~She tells you her secret when she trusts you.

~She gets excited easily over the smallest thing ever.

~You can tell her just about anything.

~She has her baby Ixus with her everywhere she goes.


Yea, everywhere..=.=

~She doesn’t do her homework.

~She is not a good artist.

~She sleeps in class.

~She is good at playing online games.

~Self-proclaims herself as Lee Hom’s wife and God’s best creation [Female version]




Too much to write.. You shall find out more about her by yourself XD

Personally, I think Sam is a great friend that brings sunshine to everyone. I am so glad to have her as my friend (Don’t kembang Miss Samantha).

Everyone out there, I know, most of you are her very best friends who agree or disagree, who nodded or shook your head all the way when you read this post. Some of you knows her through online games, some of you knows her in school, some are her church friends, NS friends, childhood friends, some are her relatives or even her family members..

No matter how you know her, I’m sure you agree that she is a very very nice, sweet girl that you don’t want to lose. You might know more about her. So I hope to see more things about her that I missed out in your comments :D

~Big big HUGS~

Written by,

Myterious Writer :-P

Snow White And The 7 Nerds

The class of 6AF/2009 proudly presents:


The 7 Dwarfs Nerds

This skit was done by my class, 6AF for the Form 6 Association Inter-Class Skit Competition. And so, the title was Snow White And The 7 Nerds, because, 6AF love studying [with the exception of me of course!]. And this is how the story goes!

Note: Dialogues and narration may differ from the actual skit.


Scene 1

Once upon a time, there live a beautiful girl name Snow White with her evil stepmother, the Queen.

Each day, the vain Queen consulted her Magic Mirror until the Magic Mirror was bored with the Queen.

The magic quotation from the Queen will be:

Slave in the Magic Mirror, come from the farthest space. Through wind and darkness, I summon thee. Speak! Let me see thy face!

Waltz Disney version.

6AF version.

Magic Mirror: Haihz! Sien ah! What do you want to know my Queen?

Queen: Magic Mirror on the wall, tell me now, who is the fairest one of all!

Aiyo, everyday also the same question! Fame is thy beauty Majesty. But hold, a lovely maid I see. Though without a crown, her gentle grace was not hidden. Alas! She is more fair and beautiful than thee!

Queen: Alas for her! Reveal her name!!

Magic Mirror: Who else?! Lips as red as rose, hair black as ebony and skin as white as snow!

Scene 2

Snow White was supposed to sweep the floor. But instead, she danced with the broom, imagining that she was dancing with her Prince Charming.

The real prince came and danced with Snow White.

I love their dance! And I’m listening to the dancing song right now! :D :D

Oh my gawd! I love this photo a lot!! :D :D

This scene was ended when it began to rain.

Scene 3

The Queen then ordered her huntsman to kill Snow White.

The huntsman was very reluctant to kill Snow White as he has the biggest crush ever on her. But then, if he doesn’t kill her, the Queen will then kill him.

Snow White is negotiating with the huntsman to not kill her.

The huntsman then told Snow White to use her talent to convince him to not kill her. And so… Snow White ran away… Far, far away into the forest until she saw a quaint little cottage.

Scene 4

The 7 Nerds [Physics Nerd, Chemistry Nerd, Mathematics Nerd, Sexy Nerd, Pretty Nerd, Lazy Nerd and Sleepy Nerd] came back and was shocked to see their house lighted up.

They then began to make hypothesis based on Ohm’s Law and Aufbau’s Principle.

And they used Faraday’s Law and the Pascal Triangle way of expansion to actually conclude that someone is indeed in their house.

The 7 Nerds then decided that Snow White could stay and be their servant if she could guess their names, answer some chemistry questions, know about Newton’s Law, solve matrices, calculate the Earth’s magnetic field, pour silver nitrate out of the bottle without staining herself, do the washing and ironing and most of all:

To calculate the angle of rotation of the broom so that she could sweep the floor well. The reason? Brooms are very expensive nowadays!! :D

Scene 5

Queen: Magic Mirror on the wall, who now is the fairest one of all?

Magic Mirror: Over the 7 jeweled hill, beyond the 7th fall, in the cottage of the 7 nerds, dwells Snow White; fairest one of all!

Queen: Snow White lies dead in the forest. The huntsman has brought me proof. Behold, her heart!

Snow White still lives… The fairest in the land… It is a heart of a pig you hold in your hand YOU STUPID QUEEN! WUAKAKAKA!

The heart of a pig?! Then I’ve been tricked!!

The Queen was furious that she was tricked by the huntsman. She then decided to disguise herself in order to kill Snow White.

The Queen drank a magic potion which tortures her upside down.

The Queen the fainted.

Scene 6

Snow White leads a happy life with the 7 Nerds. The 7 Nerds love her and she loves them! One fine day, when the 7 Nerds are leaving to school to learn the determinant of matrices, Snow White was alone at home.

She was warned by the Sexy Nerd to not sit on his chair and to not let anyone in. When they are away, Snow White was thinking about what she should prepare for dinner and she thought of pasta and pizza.

The fainted Queen woke up and prepared a Sleeping Death curse for Snow White. Will it be a rose or an apple?

Scene 7

Here’s the twist! The Queen did not transform into an old hag but a younger girl.

The Queen in disguise brought along the Poison Rose and talked Snow White into sniffing the rose and that, her wish will come true.

No apple and old hag hor.

Snow White wished that her prince will come day and the Queen rolled her eyes, for, how could her prince will come one day when her eyes will be close forever in the Sleeping Death.

Sleeping Death. No apple hor! :D

The 7 Nerds returned from school and was shocked to see Snow White sleeping on the table and the Queen poking Snow White. The 7 Nerds then ran after the Queen.

The Queen was the shot to dead by the Nerds.

The curse was then broken by her true love kiss!

Prince Charming, Snow White and The 7 Nerds then live together, happily ever after…


The moral of the story is [3 of them, got somemore one, lazy to upload=p]



Actors & Actresses:

a) Snow White: Chui San

b) The 7 Nerds

~Lazy Nerd- Thevin

~Sleepy Nerd, Choreographer- Pui Yee

~Pretty Nerd, Audio and Choreographer- Ai Wei

~Sexy Nerd- Wei Siang

~Physics Nerd- Sathiya

~Chemistry Nerd- Kee Yow

~Mathematics Nerd- Tiam Foo

c) Main Narrator: Nithiyaa

d) Second Narrator & Board Holder: Kumar

e) Huntsman: Nick Leong

f) Prince Charming, Audio: Soon Peng

g) Magic Mirror: Soon Seng

h) The Queen &  Scriptwriter- Samantha

Special Thanks To

a) Wei Qi and Kaitlyn for the crown! :)

b) Ai Wei for bringing the laptop

c) 6AE for the Poison Rose

d) Jien Sin, Genesis, Kok Yaw and Alma for the photos and videos

e) Kean Jie for the PA system set-up!

f) Ferlynne for helping out with the props.

g) Sin Yee for the camera

h) Puan Vasantha for going through our script

i) Cassandra for the dance song and steps

And here, I would like to express my gratitude to those who have given us their support and help but if I did not mention your name here, I’m really sorry! :(

I hope all Form 6 of KHS has indeed enjoyed our play! :)



Best Actress: Chui San [Snow White]

Chui San and I [Please excuse me, I looks bongkok and I'm not bongkok and tired here but she looks pretty right?! :D]

The best actress award goes to Chui San because she acts really, really well! :) I’ve never thought that she could act until so real on stage as most of the time, she’s always doing homework =p ! You all should’ve heard how the crowd cheered and clapped for her! :D

The dance was awesome and her voice and intonation was perfect in every scene! :) She definitely make the crowd laugh and happy the whole time! :D My mother who watched the skit from the computer too praised Chui San! :)

Best Actor: Soon Seng [The Magic Mirror]

Soon Seng, Ai Wei and I.

The best actor award definitely has to go to Soon Seng! His voice was great! He has the ability to speak like a real Magic Mirror and he is a naturally talented guy on stage! :)

Though he is not the main actor [Got no main actor actually la], but still, he is very, very deserving of this award!! :D Watch and listen how the crowd pay extra attention when he is laughing at the Queen for being stupid! I remember someone telling me that a teacher in school said that Soon Seng imitated the Magic Mirror’s voice really well! :D

Audience Favourite: Soon Peng [Prince Charming]

He is not that dark la actually! The place got not enough light!

I tell you all what, he only came out twice, once in the beginning and once in the ending and yet, the audience love him. From the video, I heard the audience cheered super loud each time he made his appearance.

And the best thing is, Miss Heng couldn’t believe her ears when we told her that Soon Peng actually danced with Chui San! Haha! Miss Heng, believe it la!! :D

Best Narrator: Nithiyaa

She narrates the story well with the correct and perfect intonation! :D Her voice was loud and clear and pronounciation was perfect as well! :) Nithiyaa, and you come and tell me that you are paranoid!! Haha!

You did very, very well my dear!! :) -Hugs!!-


Dearest all 6AF/2009,

I’ve never thanked all of you properly. This play, means a lot to me in many ways. It is something that I’ve never done before in my whole life. It has been such an honour to write the script and to work with all of you in this skit! :)

I’ve enjoyed it very, very much and will definitely treasure it for the rest of my life! :) Thank you to all of you who sacrificed your time for practices and preparing the props!

No matter what, this will definitely be one the best memory that I ever had in my whole school life and would never want to trade it for anything else! To all of you out there who have supported my classmates and I in various ways, thank you.

And Kumar, I’m really sorry ’cause I couldn’t give you a role as the script was written a few days before you join us but still, thank you for your full cooperation and you are a good board holder! :) Nice timing and well, simply perfect! :D

Kumar and I.

To all 6AF/2009 again, I thank all of you sincerely from the bottom of my heart and all of you have did a great job! :) I hope all of you have enjoyed this play as much as I do! :D

-HUGS!!- :D